Production info

Dark Streets of Cairo
USA, 1940

Sigrid Gurie, Ralph Byrd, George Zucco, Katherine DeMille
Directed by László Kardos


"Doomed to death by an ancient curse, they dared to solve secrets sealed a thousand years!"

Professor Wyndham, the head of the American archaelogical expedition in Cairo, is ready to return home after uncovering the "seven jewels of the seventh pharaoh" when he gets murdered. The thief is Abadi, a wily merchant and leader of a gang of thieves known as the "Secret Defenders". He plans to sell them to wealthy antique collector Baron Stephens. After the murder, Professor Wyndham's assistants discover that the original jewels have been replaced by fakes. Together with a police inspector and a niece of Baron Stephens they start an investigation. The trail leads to a well-known nightclub, where a waitor is killed after a theft. His pocket happens to contain of a map of Cairo's underground aquaduct system that the Seven Defenders seem to have been using as their hideout. The police inspector finds out that it is his old old friend Abadi who is the gang's mastermind. He enlists the aid of his secret lover Shari, who is Abadi's wife. She helps to hide one of the assistants in a mummy case in her husband's store. Upon discovery, Abadi tries to escape, but is shot and killed by the inspector.

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