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20230510Added YouTube-links to trailers for several productions.
20230510Updated info for the Egyptian animated series "Yahya and Knouz" (Egypt, 2022).  
20230510Added the episode "Cleocatra" (USA, 1991) from the Tom & Jerry Kids Show animated series.  
20230510Added the animated series "Nefertine on the Nile" (Italy/France, 2021).  
20221224Several minor updates and corrections.
20221224Added "Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again" (USA, 2022).  
20221223Added "Sacrée Momies" (France, 2023).  
20221023Several minor updates and corrections.
20220803Added the Egyptian animated series "Yahya and Knouz" (Egypt, 2022).  
20220404Added the episode "Orb of the Gods" (UK, 2022) from the YouTube series "World According to AJ".  
20220404Added the miniseries "Moon Knight" (USA, 2022).  
20211112Added "Boss level" (USA, 2020).  
20210630Added the 1000th entry on this website: the animated children's tv-series "Rupert and The Nile" (Canada, 1994).  
20210529Added "Mummy Reborn" (USA, 2019).  
20210529Added "The Mummy Rebirth" (USA, 2019).  
20210321Added the episode "Thief in the Museum" (India, 2021) from the animated children series "Lamput".  
20210321Added the episode "Ancient Egypt Day" (Australia, 2020) from the children tv-series "For Real".  
20201004Added the low-budget horror movie "Unearthed: The Curse of Nephthys" (USA, 2018).  
20201004Added the episode "Pyramid-Life Crisis" (USA, 2018) from the animated tv-series "Legend of the Three Caballeros".  
20200930Added "Hereje: el último Akhenatón" (Spain, 2020).  
20200930Added "K3: Dans van de Farao" (Belgium, 2020).  
20200918Several minor updates and corrections.
20200715Added "O Artefacto" (Portugal, 2021).  
20200215Added the tv-series "Blood and Treasure" (USA, 2019).  
20200215Added the children's animated series "Cleopatra in Space" (USA, 2019).  
20191203Added the episode "Picture This" (USA, 2009) from the animated tv-series "Franny's Feet".  
20191203Added the episode "The Eye of Rom" (USA, 2003) from the animated tv-series "Cyberchase".  
20191203Added "Fünf Freunde 4" (Germany, 2015).  
20191203Added the episode "Exodus: Let My People Go" (USA, 2011) from the animated series 'Superbook'.  
20191117Added the 3D animated short "Curse of the Pharaohs" (Germany, 2017).  
20191116Added the animated tv-series "Egyxos" (Italy, 2014).  
20191022Added the episode "Ollie Ollie In-Come Free!" (USA, 2019) from the animated tv-series "Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?".  
20191022Added the episode "Queen Hatshepsut" (USA, 2016) from the animated tv-series "The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show".  
20191022Added the low-budget short "Inside the Notebook" (USA, 2020).  
20191022Added the animation short "Nez en moins disait Cléopatre" (France, 2016).  
20191022Added the animated tv-film "Ramses" (Italy, 2007).  
20191022Added the 3D animated short "Pharaoh" (USA, 2018).  
20190814Added "Death Comes as the End" (UK, 2023).  
20190316Added "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" (UK, 2018).  
20190316Added the movie short "The Dance of Orion" (USA, 2019).  
20190116Added "Pharaoh" (USA, 2015).  
20190116Added "Neferneferuaten" (UK, 2015).  
20181124Several minor updates and corrections.
20181119Added the Egyptian animated series "Faragna" (Egypt, 2018).  
20180912Added "Death on the Nile" (USA, 2022).  
20180720Added "The Beautiful One" (UK, 1938).  
20180720Added "La Daga de Rasputín" (Spain, 2011).  
20180720Added the episode "The Case of the Risky Relic" (USA, 2000) from the television series "Daring & Grace: Teen Detectives".  
20180718Added the episode "A Pink in Time" (USA, 2010) from the animated television series "Pink Panther and Pals".  
20180718Added the episode "Rise of the Black Beetle" (Australia, 2009) from the animated telefivsion series "Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist".  
20180620Added the spisode "Meurtres à Grasse" (France, 2016) from the television series "Meurtres à...".  
20180620Added "Le Temple Oublié" (France, 2005).  
20180429Added "Only the Sphinx Nose!" (USA, 2013) from the animated tv-series "Bubble Guppies".  
20180429Added the episode "20,000 Leagues Under the Street" (USA, 1991) from the animated tv-series "The Real Ghost Busters".  
20180429Added the episode "On the Fence" (USA, 2011) from the tv-series "White Collar".  
20180429Added the episode "Lost in Translation" (USA, 1981) from the tv-series "Darkroom".  
20180429Added "Appointment with Fear" (USA, 1985).  
20180425Added "6. episode" (Norway, 1982) from the tv-series "Brødrene Dal og spektralsteinene",  
20180425Added the episode "Quem Roubou a Minha Pirâmide?" (Brazil, 2016) from the children's tv-series "A Mansão Maluca do Professor Ambrósio".  
20180425Added the episode "De Novo Não!" (Brazil, 2011) from the children's tv-series "A Mansão Maluca do Professor Ambrósio".  
20180422Added "The Treasure, part 1" (Egypt, 2017).  
20180422Added "Blood of the Mummy" (USA, 2018).  
20180228Added the web-series "Stargate Origins" (USA, 2018).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation" (USA, 1939).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "Charlie Chan in Egypt" (1935).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "Return of Chandu" (USA, 1934).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "Cleopatra" (USA, 1934).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "Egyptian Melodies" (USA, 1931).  
20171208Added the 'Mutt and Jeff' animated short "Egyptian Daze" (USA, 1973).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "Made for Love" (1924).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ" (USA, 1925).  
20171208Added a YouTube link for "She" (USA, 1925),  
20171208Added a YouTube video "Die Sklavenkönigin" (1924).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "Felix Gets Broadcasted" (USA, 1923).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "Beyond the Rocks" (USA, 1922).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "Das Weib des Pharao" (Germany, 1922).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "The Man from Egypt" (USA, 1916).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "Intolerance" (USA, 1916).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "The Cook" (USA, 1918).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "Romans and Rascals" (USA, 1918).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "The Trail of the Octopus" (USA, 1919).  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "Die Augen der Mumie Ma" (Germany, 1918)  
20171207Added a YouTube link for "Filibus" (Italy, 1915).  
20171206Added the Spanish tv drama "Al César lo que es del César" (Spain, 1973).  
20171130Added "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" (USA, 2017).  
20171106Added "Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story" (USA, 1995).  
20170929Added "Cleopatra" (USA, 2019).  
20170927Added "Night Ferry" (UK, 1976).  
20170924Added "Kid Millions" (USA, 1934).  
20170924Added "The Shepherd King" (USA, 1923).  
20170916Added the comedy "The Man Who Came to Dinner" (USA, 1942).  
20170621Added "Lawful Larceny" (USA, 1923).  
20170621Added the Russian animated short film "The Riddle of the Sphinx" (Russia, 1985).  
20170528Added the episode "The Pyramid at the End of the World" from the tv-series "Doctor Who".  
20170222Added "The Chosen Guard" (USA/Egypt, 2019).  
20170125Added the episode "The Pyramid of Trouble" (UAE, 2015) from the animated series "Mansour".  
20170118Added "The Alchemist" (USA, 2018).  
20170118Added "Anubis" (USA, 2018).  
20170111Several minor additions and corrections.
20161215Added the animated cartoon "An Egyptian Gyp" (USA, 1929).  
20161203Removed all movie thumbnail galleries for copyright reasons.
20161202Added the Mickey Mouse animation "Entombed" (USA, 2016).  
20161026Added "El Erótico y Loco Túnel del Tiempo" (Spain, 1983).  
20160928Added the episode "Eau De Cobra" (USA, 1985) from the animated tv series "G.I. Joe".  
20160928Added the episode "Talk Like an Egyptian" (USA, 2005) from the tv series "Zixx: Level Two".  
20160928Added the episode "That's My Mummy" (USA, 2004) from the animated children's tv series "Grim & Evil".  
20160918Added "József és Testvérei" (Hungary, 2000).  
20160916Added the television miniseries "Tutankhamun" (UK, 2016).  
20160720Added the episode "Curses Foiled Again" (UK, 2010) from the children's television series "Scoop".  
20160720Added the children's television series "Teacup Travels" (UK, 2015).  
20160706Added "Caesar in Egypt" (France, 1910).  
20160706Added the Syrian epic tv-drama "Cleopatra" (Syria 2010).  
20160706Added the episode "Grief" (USA, 1995) from the animated series "Gargoyles".  
20160706Added "The Nine Ages of Nakedness" (UK, 1969).  
20160516Added " Time and Time Again" (USA, 2006).  
20160501Added "Os Dez Mandamentos: Filme" (Brazil, 2016).  
20160417Added "Imposters" (USA, 1979).  
20160413Added the episode "La Momie" (France, 2014) from the animated tv-series "Baskup: Tony Parker".  
20160413Added the episode "Le Mystère de la Pyramide" (France, 2014) from the animated tv-series "Baskup: Tony Parker".  
20160412Added the episode "Crafty Cleopatra" (UK, 2015) from the comic children's history television series "Horrible Histories".  
20160412Added the biblical tv mini-series "José do Egito" (Brazil, 2013).  
20160127Added the television series "Legends of Tomorrow" (USA, 2016).  
20160120Added the episode "The Pharaoh" (South Korea/France, 2015) from the animated series "Miraculous Ladybug".  
20160106Added the episode "Once We Were Gods" (USA, 2014) from the tv series "Grimm".  
20151216Added "Dummie de Mummie en de Sfinx van Shakaba" (Netherlands, 2015).  
20151108Added the animated film "Moses and the Ten Commandments" (USA, 1950).  
20151028Added the upcoming horror movie "The Mummy" (USA, 2017).  
20151028Added the movie World War III (Egypt, 2014).  
20151028Added the BDSM porn movie "The Rise of Cleopatra" (USA, 2012).  
20151028Added the horror movie "Frankenstein vs. The Mummy" (USA, 2015).  
20151021Added the Egyptian movie "Love in Karnak" (Egypt, 1967).  
20150918Added the low-budget web-series "Cleopatra" (USA, 2015).  
20150901Added the upcoming television series "Cleopatra" (USA, 2019).  
20150819Added the animated series "La Princesse Du Nil" (France, 1998).  
20150813Added "Lupin III" (Japan, 2014).  
20150813Added "Minions" (USA, 2015).  
20150610Added "Joseph and the Pharaoh's Dream" (Japan, 2013) from the Christian animated series "Superbook".  
20150610Added the short horror film "Kitty Kitty" (USA, 2013).  
20150610Added the episode "Pyramids of Panic" (USA, 2006) from the animated tv series "The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers".  
20150610Added the Brazilian soap opera tv series "Os Dez Mandamentos" (Brazil, 2015).  
20150328Added "The Egyptian Treasure" (USA, 1960) from the animated series "Felix the Cat".  
20150328Added "Day of the Mummy" (USA, 2015).  
20150328Added "Desert Explorer" (UK, 1988) from the animated series "Huxley Pig".  
20150225Added "Tut" (USA, 2015).  
20150114Added the episode "Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb" (USA, 2014) from the animated series "Jake and the Never Land Pirates".  
20150107Added the episode "The Curse of Amenhotep" (UK, 2015) from the tv-series "Father Brown".  
20150107Added "Caesar en Cleopatra" (The Netherlands, 2014).  
20141015Added "The Pyramid" (USA, 2014).  
20141006Added "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (USA, 2014).  
20141005Added the tv-series "Penny Dreadful" (USA, 2014).  
20140806Added "Dummie de Mummie" (Netherlands, 2014).  
20140806Updated the movie info for "Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb" (USA, 2014).  
20140731Tv-series "Hieroglyph" (USA, 2014) has been CANCELLED.  
20140618Added "Cleopatra" (USA, 2016?).  
20140528Added "L'Oracle de Delphe" (France, 1903).  
20140528Added "The Mummy Resurrected" (USA, 2014).  
20140312Added "Night At The Museum 3" (USA, 2014).  
20140312Added the animated short "Как казаки невест выручали" (Soviet Union, 1973).  
20140305Added the episode "My Pharaoh Lady" (USA, 1987) from the animated series "Foofur".  
20140305Added the episode "The Pill Of Smartness" (USA, 1958) from the animated series "Tom Terrific".  
20140305Added the upcoming movie "X-Men: Apocalypse" (USA, 2016).  
20140226Added "Tatman 2" (USA, 2010).  
20140226Added "My Wife's Best Friend" (USA, 1952).  
20140223Added the sketch "Cops in Ancient Egypt" (USA, 1992) from "The Ben Stiller Show".  
20140223Added the upcoming tv-series "Noble Soul" (USA, 2015).  
20140112Added "Exodus: Gods and Kings" (USA, 2014).  
20140107Added "Cleopatra ya Lalla" (Marocco, 2013).  
20140105Added "House of Anubis" (UK/USA, 2011).  
20140105Added the tv-series "Hieroglyph" (USA, 2014).  
20140105Added "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" (USA, 2014).  
20131107Added "Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones" (Spain, 2012).  
20131107Added "Enchantment" (USA, 2010).  
20131107Added the gay porn movie "Escravos do Egito" (Brazil, 2004).  
20131106Added "Episode 2687" from the children's television series "Sesame Street".  
20131106Added the episode "Dog Called Wonga" (UK, 2004) from the sitcom series "All About Me".  
20131106Added the episode "Shadows from the Past" (USA, 1994) from the animated sci-fi series "Phantom 2040".  
20131106Added the episode "Johnny Chan and the Treasures of Tutankhamen" (Canada, 1979) from "The Wayne and Shuster Show".  
20131106Added the episode "The Copper Ring" (USA, 1953) from the television series "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars".  
20131105Added the episode "Terror! The Phantom Fighter Appears" (Japan, 1994) from the Anime series "Mobile Fighter G Gundam".  
20131105Added the episode "Lower Berth" (USA, 1990) from the television series "Tales from the Crypt".  
20131105Added the episode "The Smile of Cleopatra" (Japan, 1989) from the Anime series "City Hunter".  
20131104Added the Anime series "Ōgon Bat" (Japan, 1967).  
20130929Added "Baby Geniuses and the Treasures of Egypt" (USA, 2013).  
20130925Added the episode "Cleopatra" (Spain, 1994) from the animated cartoon series "Las Tres Mellizas".  
20130810Added "Site 146" (USA, 2013).  
20130810Added the episode "Ancient Egyptian Mashed Potato" (USA, 1995) from the children's comedy programme "Bodger and Badger".  
20130731Added "Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ" (USA, 1925).  
20130619Added the upcoming movie "Gods of Egypt" (USA, 2016).  
20130609Added the tv-movie "Destruction: Las Vegas" (USA, 2013).  
20130530Added "Scarab" (Spain/USA, 1983).  
20130529Added the Egyptian television series "Napoleon wal Mahrousa" (Egypt, 2012).  
20130529Added the episode "The Quilt of Hathor" (USA, 1988) from the horror television series "Friday the 13th".  
20130525Added the episode "Tut Tut" (USA, 2005) from the animated series "Time Warp Trio".  
20130523Added the episode "Set in Stone" (Australia, 2011) from the animated series "The Davincibles".  
20130521Added the episode "King Memses' Curse" (Australia, 2012) from the television drama series "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries".  
20130520Added the episode "That Darn Katz!" (USA, 2010) from the animated sci-fi series "Futurama".  
20130427Added "La Mano de Nefertiti" (Spain, 2012).  
20130424Added "The Trail of the Octopus" (USA, 1919).  
20130420Added "Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase" (USA, 2001).  
20130420Added "K3 en het Magische Medaillon" (Belgium, 2004).  
20130420Updated the info for "The Shadow of Egypt" (UK, 1924).  
20130414Added the low budget internet series "The Journeys" (USA, 2010)  
20130414Added the short film "Ani" (UK, 2013).  
20130309Added the episode "Tutankhamen's 3000-Year Curse" (Japan, 1977) from the animated series "Lupin the Third".  
20130309Added the episode "Hercules and the Romans" (USA, 1999) from the animated series "Disney's Hercules".  
20130309Added the episode "Topper's Egyptian Deal" (USA, 1955) from the television sitcom "Topper".  
20130309Added the episode "Der Fluch der Mumie" (Germany/Austria/Switzerland, 2010) from the television series "Tatort".  
20130309Added the episode "Schneetreiben" (Germany/Austria/Switzerland, 2005) from the television series "Tatort".  
20130309Added "The Power of Adamcos" (UK, 1970).  
20130308Added the cartoon "Felix in Egypt" (USA, 1959)  
20130308Added "Searching for Tut Ankh Amun" (Egypt, 1996).  
20130227Added the Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon "Three's A Crowd" (USA, 1932).  
20130227Added "Gidget goes to Rome" (USA, 1963).  
20130219Added the episode "The Race against Time" (USA, 1967) from the television series "Speed Racer".  
20130218Added the episode "One Mummy Too Many" (USA, 1957) from the television series "Matinee Theatre".  
20121114Added the sci-fi series "Warehouse 13" (USA, 2010).  
20121111Added the internet series "Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs" (USA, 2011).  
20121103Added "Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy" (USA, 2013).  
20121024Added the episode "The Pharaoh's Curse" (Japan, 2002) from the animated tv-series "Cyborg 009".  
20121024Added the episode "The Mummy's Curse" (UK, 1984) from the animated tv-series "Bananaman".  
20121024Added the episode "Twilight" (USA, 1998) from the aminated tv-series "The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs".  
20121023Added the episode "Mind Games" (USA, 2012) from the tv-series "Body of Proof".  
20121022Added "Filibus" (Italy, 1915).  
20121016Added "10 voor 12" (The Netherlands, 2012).  
20121014Added the episode "The Wrath of Rahm" (USA, 1995) from the tv-series "Stick with Me, Kid".  
20121014Added the episode "Fifth Element" (Canada, 2001) from the tv-series "Beastmaster".  
20121014Added the Flash animation series "The Methos Chronicles" (USA, 2001).  
20120921Added the animated tv-series "Clone High" (USA, 2003).  
20120921Added "Matinee Idol Popeye" (USA, 1960) from the animated tv-series "Popeye the Sailor".  
20120921Added the episode "The Sittaford Mystery" (UK, 2006) from the tv-series "Marple".  
20120921Added "Death from Beyond" (USA, 2006).  
20120803Added the episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" (UK, 2012) from the tv-series "Doctor Who".  
20120704Added the short sketch "Egyptian Statues" (UK, 1868) from the comedy series "Marty".  
20120630Added the porn movie "The Mighty Cleopatra" (USA, 2012).  
20120629Added "The Edison Death Machine" (USA, 2006).  
20120601Added "Liz and Dick" (USA, 2012).  
20120601Added "Highlander" (UK/USA, 1986).  
20120504Added the Egyptian movie "Ahib el Ghalat" (Egypt, 1942).  
20120420Added the episode "The Tomb of the Cybermen" (UK, 1967) from the cult sci-fi series "Doctor Who".  
20120420Added the episode "The Boone Identity" (USA, 2007) from the mystery series "The Dresden Files".  
20120419Added the television series "The Nine Lives of Cloe King" (USA, 2011).  
20120419Added the episode "Past as Prologue" (USA, 2002) from the sci-fi television series "Mutant X".  
20120419Added "Catwoman" (USA, 2004).  
20120415Added the episode "Panique dans les Sarcophages" (France, 1995) from the animated series "Mot".  
20120415Added the episode "Prehistoric Perils" (USA, 1952) from the animated cartoon series "Mighty Mouse".  
20120318Added the episode "Evil Eye of Egypt" (Canada, 2012) from the detective tv-series "Murdoch Mysteries".  
20120221Added "Romans and Rascals" (USA, 1918).  
20120204Added "Treasure Buddies" (USA, 2012).  
20120128Added the porn movie "The Pharaoh's Curse"(USA, 2000).  
20120128Added the porn movie "Cleopatra Sadistica" (USA, 2010).  
20120118Added the Czech silent comedy "Tu ten kámen…" (Czechoslovakia, 1923).  
20120115Added the porn movie "Yasmin Lee as Cleopatra" (2011)  
20120115Removed "The Barbarian" (USA, 1933) for lack of ancient Egyptian content.
20111216Added the episode "Secret of the Sphinx" (USA, 1981) from the animated sci-fi series "Ulysses 31".  
20111216Added the episode "Peril in the Pyramids" (USA, 1982) from the animated sci-fi-series "Battle of The Planets".  
20111216Added the made-for-internet animated series "Ammut's Angel" (USA, 2011).  
20111215Added the episode "Don't Wake Mummy" (USA, 1997) from the horror fiction series "Goosebumps".  
20111215Added the episode "Return of the Mummy" (USA, 1995) from the horror fiction series "Goosebumps".  
20111215Added the episode "Johnny vs. The Mummy" (USA, 2010) from the animated series "Johnny Test".  
20111215Added the episode "Are You My Mummy?" (USA, 2008) from the animated comedy series "Phineas and Ferb".  
20111206Added the episode "Defending Your Life" (USA, 2011) from the tv-series "Supernatural".  
20111120Added the episode "Anthony and Cleopatra" (USA, 1992) from the children's television series "Take Off with T-Bag".  
20111113Added "Hazreti Yusuf" (Turkey, 1973).  
20111105Added an image gallery for "Yousef Payambar" (Iran, 2008).  
20111028Added "Love and Monsters" (UK, 2006) from the science-fiction series "Doctor Who".  
20111026Added "The Wedding of River Song" (UK, 2011) from the British sci-fi series "Doctor Who".  
20111026Added "The Big Bang" (UK, 2010) from the British sci-fi series "Doctor Who".  
20111026Added "The Pandorica Opens" (UK, 2010) from the British sci-fi series "Doctor Who".  
20111026Added "City of Death" (UK, 1979) from the legendary British sci-fi series "Doctor Who".  
20111020Added the low budget film "Super Solar Sisters: Strike Squad Supreme!" (USA, 2011).  
20111020Added the episode "The Red Box" (USA, 2010) from the television series "The Mentalist".  
20111020Added "The "Fate of All Dreams" (USA, 2011).  
20111016Added "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot" (Japan, 1967).  
20111016Added "Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still" (Japan, 1992).  
20111016Added the television series "Big Bad Beetleborgs" (USA, 1997).  
20110826Changed "The Vengeance of Egypt" (France, 1912) to the original French "L'Anneau Fatal".  
20110810Added D.W. Griffith's "Intolerance" (USA, 1916).  
20110808Added the episode "Yummy Mummy" (UK, 2010) from the children's televisions series "Bear Behaving Badly".  
20110724Added the animated short film "Egyptian Holiday" (USA, 2011).  
20110722Added the episode "Glyph Hanger" (USA, 1997) from the animated series "Power Rangers Turbo".  
20110722Added the episode "Egypt" from the animated television series "The World of Commander McBragg".  
20110722Added the animated cartoon "Peek-A Boo Pyramids" (USA, 1961).  
20110531Added new YouTube link option for entries that can be viewed on YouTube, for instance "The Chair Carrier" (Egypt/USA, 2010)  
20110531Added "The Chair Carrier" (Egypt/USA, 2010).  
20110513Added the episode "The Mystery of Ancient Egypt" (USA, 1952) from the early sci-fi television series "Space Patrol".  
20110513Added the episode "Walk Like an Egyptian" (Canada/USA, 2010) from the animated television series "Total Drama Island".  
20110425Added the episode "Cleo Trio" (USA, 1964) from the animated children series "Peter Potamus and So-So".  
20110425Added the episode "The Spoilt Prince of Egypt" (UK, 2001) from the children animated series "Vampires, Pirates and Aliens".  
20110423Added the episode "Egypt" (UK/Germany, 1989) from the animated television series "Ric The Raven".  
20110423Added the episode "Treasure Of Sesemar" (Canada/France, 1990) from the animated series "C.L.Y.D.E.".  
20110310Added the television movie "De Dief" (The Netherlands, 1974).  
20110210Added "OSS 117: Le Caire, Nid d'Espions" (France, 2006).  
20110120Added the episode "De Vloek van de Mummie" (Belguim, 2001) from the chrildren series "Samson en Gert".  
20110120Added "Il Plenilunio delle Vergini" (Italy, 1973).  
20110120Added the episode "Conquerors of the Future" (USA, 1978) from the animated superhero series "Challenge of the SuperFriends".  
20110102Added "Ben-Hur" (USA, 1959).  
20110102Added the episode "In the Time of the Pharaohs" (UK/France, 2008) from the animated television series "Eliot Kid".  
20110102Added the episode "Throw Mummy from the Train" (USA, 1989) from the animated television series "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers".  

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