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Simpsons Bible Stories
USA, 1999  TV  

TV-series The Simpsons

It is a scorching hot Easter at church, and no one is interested in Reverend Lovejoy's sermons. When the collection plate is passed round, Homer puts in a chocolate Easter bunny ("Relax, I found it in the dumpster"), enraging Reverend Lovejoy and provoking him to read the Bible from the beginning. The Simpsons all fall asleep and start to dream. In the sequence called "Lisa's Dream", Lisa imagines she and all the other Springfield Elementary students are Israelites in ancient Egypt, with the pharaoh (Principal Skinner) making them build a pyramid. Only Moses (Milhouse) can liberate the Israelites. When Bart defaces the pharaoh's Tomb, supposedly incited by the burning bush, he gets the other students punished. Lisa helps Milhouse produce plagues to scare off the pharaoh, but they fail. This in turn gets Lisa and Milhouse banished to a Pyramid prison. When they escape, Milhouse gathers all the students and attempts to leave. When they reach the lake, Lisa has an idea to get across: They simultaneously flush all the Egyptians' toilets to drain the lake. As they cross, the pharaoh and his guards follow, but the water fills the lake back up and swallows them. They enjoying splashing each other, and then return to the shore. Pleased that they have escaped, Milhouse asks Lisa if it is clean sailing for the Israelites, but Lisa disappoints Milhouse with the truth. Lisa focuses on the moment and satisfies the kids' hunger by seeing manna and says that can feed them, to which everyone cheers his leadership.

This eighteenth episode of The Simpsons' tenth season features biblical stories in four dream sub-plots called Marge's Dream, Lisa's Dream, Homer's Dream and Bart's Dream.

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