Production info

Now You See It, Now You Don't
USA, 1964  TV  

TV-series My Favorite Martian

Ann Marshall, Bill Bixby, Ray Walston
Directed by Leslie Goodwins


In an effort to elevate Tim culturally, Uncle Martin insists Tim accompany him to the museum. At the museum, Uncle Martin reads in the mind of long-time curator Wilbur Canfield that he is very unhappy. He has just acquired a new expensive Egyptian piece for the museum, but the museum's board is questioning the authenticity and merit of this acquisition. They ask Canfield's scientific opponent Dr. Donati to have a look. Sensing a good story for Tim, Martin thinks he can certify the piece's authenticity and revalidate Canfield as an expert in the field, but only if he can get near to it. Obstacles prevent Uncle Martin from observing the sculpture, which is draped in a sheet at the museum, but he finally succeeds in levitating the piece of sculpture out of the museum. In their apartment, Uncle Martin and Tim examine the rare Egyptian work, then return it to the museum, where, by now, the old curator and the security guard are beside themselves. Through Uncle Martin's invisible voice, there are now whispered hints to the sweet old curator, who emerges, at long last, correctly as an expert in his own right.

Episode 19 from the sci-fi television series "My Favorite Martian" about a Martian who crash lands on Earth and is befriended by journalist Tim O'Hara.

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