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Curse of the Mummy
Canada, 2000  TV  

TV-series Angela Anaconda

The gang's on another field trip, this time to the local museum. An exhibit on ancient Egypt is clearly the most exciting. Nanette gets so excited over ancient gold, she knocks Angela into a mummy. The mummy topples onto Angela. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, except in this instance, the mummy is cursed. Since Angela touched the mummy, everyone assumes that she's cursed, too, and wants nothing to do with her. Only Johnny, Gordy and Gina believe that their pal is curse-free. They all agree to help Angela. But all too soon, Angela's hit with some unfortunate coincidences, aka bad luck, and her friends desert her, too. If her life seems like it couldn't get any worse, it does. Angela's partnered with Nanette to do a science project. Nanette gets enraged over this turn of events, and, while throwing a fit, bumps into Angela. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, except in this instance, Angela's cursed. Since Nanette touched Angela, the curse passes on to her. Now it's Nanette who everyone stays away from! (source:

Episode from the animated tv-series "Angela Anaconda", which features a unique cutout animation technique. It revolves around the pre-teen adventures of an eight-year-old girl named Angela as she combats the trials and tribulations of school life. More than 120 episodes were made.

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