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The Solar Sphinx
Canada/USA, 1968  TV  

TV-series Rocket Robin Hood


An attack by Robin, Will and Little John on what looks like a tax collecting ship owned by Prince John has an unexpected result. The trio are captured and transported to the planet Nilor, which bears a resemblance to ancient Egypt in terms of its structures. The ruler, Emperor Tut, has a proposal for the Robin and his friends with unpleasant consequences promised if they turn him down.

Episode 41 of the animated adventure sci-fi series "Rocket Robin Hood", which is about Robin Hood of Sherwood Asteroid, a space age version of the medieval outlaw who continues his ancestor's crusade against heavy taxation, despotism, and the general forces of evil. The series, which ran for 147 episodes from 1966 until 1969, uses quite a number of elements derived from the ancient classical world. "The Solar sphinx" is the only episode that plays in an Egyptian setting. An earlier episode entitled "The Dark Galaxy" (#37) features a planet with East Indian and Egyptian architecture and some mummy-robots in the service of the forces of evil, but has nothing else of Egyptological interest and was therefore omitted from this list. And contrary to what the title suggests, the episode entitled "Cleopatra Meets Little John" (#16) is about a female dinosaur with that name. It was therefore also omitted.

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