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"ThunderCats" is about a long-running battle between good, the ThunderCats, and evil, the Mutants and their leader Mumm-Ra. The ThunderCats are humanoids with distinct feline appearances, while the Mutants are a rag-tag group of uglies, all of them a form of anthropomorphs. Throughout most of the series the action is set on the planet called "Third Earth", the third age of Earth. Both visual and verbal references to ancient Egyptian culture during the series seem to indicate that the planet is a future version of our Earth. The ThunderCats dwell in a substantial fortress built in the shape of a cat, the Cat's Lair, somewhat similar in design to the Chefren Sphinx at Giza. Their opponent, the evil Mumm-Ra, was once a mighty ruler of ancient Egypt. When death called on him, so did evil. Unable to accept death, he turned to evil spirits to restore him to life. In return they demanded his immortal soul, which become twisted and dark. His once great pyramid became black and isolated, full of evil rage. Thus he became Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living. (summary adapted from Wikipedia)

Animated fantasy sci-fi tv-series based on the characters created by Tobin Wolf. A total of 130 episodes were made between 1985 and 1986.

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