Production info

Always the Woman
USA, 1922

Doris Pawn, Betty Compson, Emory Johnson
Directed by Arthur Rosson


A Cairo-bound steamer has among its passengers Reginald Stanhope, a wealthy playboy; vaudeville dancer Celia Thaxter and her manager, Gregory Gallup, who together are maneuvering Reginald into marrying Celia; Herbert Boone, a drug addict, and his nagging wife, Adele; Kelim Pasha, an Egyptian prince who attracts Adele's affections; and Mahmud, an Egyptian ascetic who insists that Celia and Boone are the reincarnations of the ancient Egyptian queen and priest who sacrificed themselves for their love and that he himself is the reincarnation of the priest who betrayed her. Upon their arrival, the group sets out across the desert in search of the queen's legendary treasure. Kelim Pasha discloses his evil designs on Celia and the treasure and brings the whole party under his power; Reginald admits that he is only an agent of Kelim Pasha, leaves for help, and dies; a rehabilitated Boone shows his love for Celia and tries to protect her. When they arrive at the queen's tomb, Mahmud reveals that there is no treasure but rather atonement for the queen; Kelim Pasha falls to his death in a pit; a grief-stricken Adele falls after him; and Celia and Boone are left free to pursue their happiness. (source: AFI)

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