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The Uninvited
UK, 1964  TV  

TV-series The Thunderbirds

Directed by Brian Burgess, David Elliott…


Thunderbird 1 with Scott at the helm is shot down in the Egyptian desert by unidentified fighter planes. Scott is soon found unconcious by two archaeologists, who provide first-aid and radio International Rescue. Virgil, Brains and Tin-Tin arrive in Thunderbird 2 and take him back to their home base. Meanwhile, the archaeologists continue their search for the lost pyramid of king Khamandides. Disaster strikes as their supply trailer breaks loose from their jeep and explodes, leaving the pair stranded without water. Their SOS call is picked up by Alan on Thunderbird 5 and Scott is soon on his way again in Thunderbird 1. Then the archaeologists discover the pyramid of Khamandides. They find a door and go in, but suddenly the door closes behind them. Lying next to it they see the skeleton of the tomb's last guest. However, the pyramid isn't what it appears to be, and the archaeologists find themselves in trouble from the same creatures that shot Scott down!

Episode 5 of the popular 1960's science-fiction puppet series "The Thunderbirds" (1964-1966).

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