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Pharaoh's Memory
Japan, 2004  TV  

TV-series Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊戯王)

Yugi is finally able to use the Egyptian god cards to discover the memories of the pharaoh, but when doing so the spirit of the pharaoh, along with the dark spirit of the Millenium Ring, is sent to the memory world. Back in ancient Egypt, the pharaoh has to re-live the past with his knowledge of the present, but so does the spirit of the Millenium Ring who turns out to be thief-king Bakura. Bakura is once again trying to obtain all 7 Millenium Items so that he can summon the Dark Ruler Zorc. The pharaoh now has to stop the evil that threatens Egypt for the second time.

"Pharaoh's Memory" or "Dawn of the Duel" is the collective name of the very last 25 episodes, numbered 199 to 224, of the Japanese animated (or Anime) television series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" (遊戯王). The series is based on the japanese printed Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon (or Manga) born in the mind of artist Kazuki Takahashi in 1996. It follows the adventures of Yugi, a young boy who possesses the Millennium Puzzle that allows him to transform into his alter-ego, the Game King, whenever he is challenged. 3000 years ago the ancient Pharaoh Yami Yugi fought against darkness and sacrificed himself by sealing his soul in the Millennium Puzzle. 3000 years later, the little boy Yugi solves the millennium puzzle, and finally Yami Yugi can again express himself sharing the body with little Yugi. Yet, Yami Yugi has lost all of his memory as Pharaoh and even his real name that is a key to open the gate to the world of death. When Yami Yugi can gather three god cards, it is time to recover his memory. His past is going to be rerun and all secrets about Pharaoh and his six priests are going to be revealed in this "Pharaoh's Memory" series.

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