Production info

Mummy Dearest
New Zealand, 1996  TV  

TV-series Hercules: the Legendary Journeys

Michael Hurst, Kevin Sorbo
Directed by Anson Williams

The Egyptian princess Anuket commands Hercules to help her find a stolen mummy. First he refuses, but when he learns that the mummy has awakened and is hungry for human life, he changes his mind. Also on the mummy's trails is the renegade priest Sokar, who hopes to unleash its powers and use them to become pharaoh of Egypt. Sokar seizes the mummy from merchant Salmoneus, along with a pendant known as an ankh that gives him control of the creature. Knowing the mummy will become unstoppable once it consumes the life force of a human, Sokar turns it loose on Hercules. The son of Zeus traps the mummy in a tomb and riddles it with spikes, but this proves only a temporary setback to a creature already dead. After Hercules rescues Anuket from Sokar, the mummy reappears, kills Sokar, and absorbs the priest's life force. It now threatens to become all-powerful, but Hercules literally unravels this scheme as he grabs one end of the mummy's wrappings and gives a mighty yank, causing the creature to spin furiously before tumbling into a vat of boiling wax. Anuket, grateful to Hercules and to a slave who gave his life for hers, promises that on returning to Egypt she will work to free all slaves.

Season 3 episode 4 of the adventure series "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys", charting the battles and romances of the half-man, half-god, Hercules, which ran from 1994 to 1999.

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