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Belphégor: Le Fantôme du Louvre
France, 2001

Sophie Marceau, Michel Serrault, Julie Christie
Directed by Jean-Paul Salome


In 1935, a French archaeologist discovers a perfectly intact tomb. However, there’s something unusual about this mummy... Its identity on all objects has been removed, as if someone wanted to sabotage the soul’s journey into the afterlife. When the mummy is transported by ship to the Louvre Museum in France, nearly the whole crew dies under mysterious circumstances… Seventy years later, as the mummy is run through a CAT scan, mysterious power outages begin to occur at the Louvre and throughout the neighboring vicinity, and soon guards at the museum begin to die. Could this be the mummy’s spirit returning? When a girl living across the street follows her cat into the museum, the spirit takes over her body. She begins stealing the new Egyptian relics, believing them to be rightfully hers. As the collection begins to shrink, a renowned detective is brought out of retirement to assist in solving the case.

Based on the 1965 French TV series, Belphegor, throwing in dashes of the current Hollywood Mummy movies for good measure.

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