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The Undying Flame
USA, 1917

Olga Petrova, Mahlon Hamilton, Edward Mordant
Directed by Maurice Tourneur


In ancient Egypt a Princess is loved by a simple Shepherd, to the great displeasure of the King, who orders the offending lover be buried alive, for he had promised his daughter to the builder of the Temple. Breaking a double scarab in two, the shepherd and the Princess each keep a broken half and pledge that their souls will be reunited in death. Centuries later Capt. Harry Paget of the English garrison at the Sudan is enchanted by Grace Leslie, the daughter of Sir Hector Leslie, commander of the garrison. Mrs. Harvey, the wife of another officer, is also in love with the captain, and lures him to a meeting on the desert, causing him to miss a surprise drill. Grace, learning of the drill, rushes to inform Paget in time, thus interrupting the illicit meeting. Because of his disgrace, Paget volunteers for duty in a desert outpost and Grace, after learning the truth from Mrs. Harvey, falls into the captain's arms and announces that she will go to the desert with him, when it is discovered that each possesses a piece of the broken scarab. (source:

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