Production info

The Tomb of the Cybermen
UK, 1967

TV-series Doctor Who

Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines, Deborah Watling
Directed by Morris Barry


The Doctor's TARDIS arrives on the planet Telos where an archaeological expedition, led by Professor Parry, is trying to uncover the lost tombs of the Cybermen. With help from the Doctor, the archaeologists finally manage to enter the tombs. There, two of the party reveals themselves to be planning to revive the Cybermen. They want to use their strength, allied with the intelligence of their own Brotherhood of Logicians, to create an invincible force for conquest. It transpires however that the tomb is actually a giant trap designed to lure humans suitable for conversion into Cybermen - a fate that almost befalls both Logicians. After fending off an attack by Cybermats, small but dangerous cybernetic creatures, the Doctor finally defeats the Controller and his revived Cybermen, and reseals the tombs, destroying the Controller in the process.

Set of four episodes (1.5 hrs in total) from the fifth season the British sci-fi cult series "Doctor Who" about a time-travelling adventurer known only as "The Doctor". Though the episode contains no direct references to ancient Egypt, the featured tomb of the Cybermen contains enough parallels with it, or at least with what popular culture expects such a tomb to be. It has massive ancient looking tomb doors, booby trapped to prevent those less than worthy from entering, and hieroglyphic-like cybermen depicted on the wall; the dormant cybermen discovered in the tomb are locked up in standing sarcophagus-like cases, their coming to life feels quite eerie, and even the small cybernetic creatures called Cybermats scurrying around are somewhat reminiscent of the scarabs from the more recent mummie movies. The long running "Doctor Who" series, started in 1963 and (after a short break) still running today, has various episodes that contain more direct references ancient Egypt, in particular to to aliens who (supposedly) were revered as gods by the ancient Egyptians. See elsewhere in this list.

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