Production info

Peek-A Boo Pyramids
USA, 1961

TV-series The Hunter

Kenny Delmar

The world's citizens are shocked to learn that the Great Pyramids have disappeared. The Hunter flies his private plane to Egypt to investigate but makes a crash landing in the desert and has to rent a camel from the locals to make it the rest of the way. While conversing with the locals (and making fun of their accents), the Hunter learns of the Sphinx, the "one who knows all". The Hunter decides that this Sphinx fellow would be a good person to question regarding the missing pyramids, so he goes off in search of him. The Hunter is initially angered when the statue refuses to talk; he threatens to arrest it and even gives it a kick, hurting his foot in the process. The kick summons the Fox from a trapdoor at the base of the Sphinx. He is disguised as an Egyptian merchant and is peddling the stolen blocks of the Pyramids as high-quality writing tablets. He encourages the Hunter to pick one up and feel its thickness, but the Hunter stumbles under its weight and drops it on the Fox's head, knocking him senseless and revealing his identity. Officer Flanagan drops in out of nowhere in a helicopter, ready to arrest the Fox. The Hunter blasts on his horn as Flanagan sings his praises to the locals. (source: BCDB)

Episode from the animated television series "The Hunter" (a spin-off of the earlier "King Leonardo and his Short Subjects" series) about a southern-accented crime-fighting bloodhound.

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