Production info

Crown of the Scarab King
USA/Japan, 1987  TV  

TV-series Bionic Six

Directed by Osamu Dezaki


In Egypt professor Sharp and his team discover a solid gold casket bearing a seal in the shape of a scarab. They find a papyrus inside. When presenting the 'ancient Scarab scroll' to the Cairo museum, to the horror of all present one of the sfinx statues comes to life and breaks apart, revealing the mad scientist Dr. Scarab who immediately steals the scroll. Professor Sharp calls in the help from the 'Bionic Six' to salvage the situation. The papyrus, it appears, contains a map which reveals the secret location of the 'Crown of the Scarab King', which promises unknown powers. On the spot marked 'X' on the map Dr. Scarab discovers a new pyramid rising from below the sands. Inside he finds a labyrinth and the sarcophagus of the Scarab King, with the crown on top. When Dr. Scarab tries it on, the scenes on the walls come to life warning him of the approaching Bionic Six. Scarab uses the power of the crown to scare them off by making the labyrinth statues come to life and chase them. Believing himself now to be invincible he commands to conquer all. This causes Egyptian statues from museums all over the world to come to life and cause havoc. Bionic Six manage to trap the statues from the labyrinth in quicksand and confront Dr. Scarab. Feeling cornered, he calls for the Scarab King to awaken and serve his master. The mummy, however, turns against him, takes back the crown and then goes back to sleep again. This makes the pyramid sink back into the sands. Dr Scarab and Bionix Six just barely manage to escape.

Episode from the American/Japanese animated television series "Bionic Six" whose main characters are a family of machine-enhanced human beings possessing unique powers after being augmented with bionic technology. Renowned Japanese animation director Osamu Dezaki was involved as chief supervising director. The series ran for 65 episodes in 1987.

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