Production info

The Big Bang
UK, 2010  TV  

TV-series Doctor Who

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston


Thirteenth and concluding episode of (new) series five of Doctor Who, following up on the story that began in the episode "The Pandorica Opens". In this episode, a mysterious box called the Pandorica is exhibited in 'The National Museum' in a room that also contains Egyptian sarcophagi. The presence of the sarcophagi is not explained, but might be inherently significant as the series contains various references implying the involvement of alien beings as Egyptian gods. One of the sarcophagi looks very similar to one seen in the earlier 1975 episode "Pyramids of Mars" which features an alien called Sutekh, known to the Egyptians as the god Seth. The Big Bang episode contains another Egyptian element at the very end when the Doctor receives a telephone call alerting him to the presence of an escaped Egyptian goddess on the Orient Express in space, a next adventure for the doctor that has not yet materialzed as an episode of the series. The storyline set in "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang" unfolds with further Egyptian elements in the episode "The Wedding of River Song" (2011), mentioned elsewhere in this list.

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