Production info

Seven Rich Years and Seven Lean
USA, 1966  TV  

TV-series Great Bible Adventures

Hugh O'Brian, Joseph Wiseman, Katharine Ross, Eduardo Ciannelli


Joseph, the favorite son of his father Jacob, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, who tell his father that the young man was killed by a lion. As a slave in the house of the pharaoh (Joseph Wiseman), he gains fame for his ability to correctly predict the future. He eventually rises to become a minister for the pharaoh. Among Joseph's prophecies was a period of severe drought after seven years of plentiful harvests. He advised the pharaoh to order the building of great granaries to store wheat during the plentiful years, so that the Egyptians would have sufficient food during the lean years. Joseph's brothers suffered during the famine and brought their families to Egypt in hopes of purchasing food. When they arrived in Egypt they discovered Joseph was no longer a slave; in fact, as the pharaoh's chief minister, he had the power to sell them grain... Or order them killed. (source: IMDb)

Pilot episode for an unsold proposed television series based on various Bible stories. Shown in 1966 in ABC Television "Preview Tonight", an anthology series consisting of pilot episodes for programs ABC considered for future productions.

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