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The Nine Ages of Nakedness
UK, 1969

George Harrison Marks, Charles Gray, Bruno Elrington, June Palmer
Directed by George Harrison Marks


Erotic movie in which an impotent photographer is sent back in time by his phychiatrist to explore the sexual habits of his ancestors, all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.


Japan, 1970

Chinatsu Nakayama, Kotoe Hatsui
Directed by Osamu Tezuka, Eiichi Yamamoto


In the future three friends gather over whether Cleopatra was really as great a lover as her legend. They send their spirits back in time to ancient Egypt to find out for themselves.

Funny, sometimes burlesque erotic parody in a somewhat Playboy-style of the well-know history of Cleopatra and her lovers Caesar and Marc Anthony, by Japanese Manga legend Tezuka Osamu. In a twist of history Cleopatra even tries to seduce Octavian, but discovers he happens to be homosexual, and has to endure some attempts at bestiality by a slave. The original Japanese running time of 112 minutes was cut down to 100 minutes for the American market. English title: "Cleopatra: Queen of Sex".

The Notorious Cleopatra
USA, 1970

Sonora (Loray White), Johnny Rocco, Jay Edwards
Directed by A.P. Stootsberry


"The Soul Queen of the Nile Who Ruled the World…The Black and the White! "

A sexually voracious, and fat slob Caesar sends Marc Antony to bring the notorious Cleopatra back to Rome. Though he's ordered to keep his hands to himself, Antony quickly falls under the Queen's spell, leading to a virgin sacrifice, an Egyptian orgy, the Ides of March, and a shocker of an ending in this wacky sex comedy. (source:

The "adult" version of the Cleopatra story from the director of "The Secret Lives of Romeo and Juliet" which won at Cannes in 1969. Produced by the notorious Harry Novak.

El Secreto de la Momia Egipcia
Spain/France, 1974

Frank Braña
Directed by Alejandro Martí


Despite the title, the mummy in this film does not look Egyptian with his longish black hair, golden quarter shirt and matching skirt. He appears more like an Aztec or other Central/South American Native priest. He's also not bandaged like the traditional Universal Pictures mummies, but rather perfectly preserved when brought to a mad Egyptologist. The scientist uses an a-typical electrical stimulation device to revive the mummy. The very first action the mummy takes is to suck the blood of a wound the doctor's brutish assistant has just suffered. The rest of the film is basically a series of recapitulations. See the mummy torture a beautiful peasant woman with a hot poker, sexually molest her, suck her bloodless and send out for the next victim… Alternate titles for this film: "Love Brides of the Blood Mummy" (USA) and "Perversions sexuelles" or "Le Sang des autres" (both France).

El Erótico y Loco Túnel del Tiempo
Spain, 1983

Directed by José A. Rodríguez


Young nerdy and horny Perico invents a time machine and uses it for sex tourism. He visits the cavewomen, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and a Turkish harem, but also the future. However, his real test is in the present. (source: IMDb)

Blonde Heat
USA, 1985

John Leslie, David F. Friedman
Directed by Tim McDonald


"In 36 B.C., Julius Caesar of Rome paid tribute to Cleopatra of Egypt, by giving her a jeweled dildo endowed by the high priests with magical erotic powers… But invading hordes sacked Alexandria, carrying off this priceless token and the fate of the Maltese dildo remains a mystery to this day…"

Hardcore porn movie featuring (among others) Cleopatra and Caesar. Also known as "The Case of the Maltese Dildo".

Cleopatra's Bondage Revenge
USA, 1985

Michelle Bauer


An archeologist and his female assistant have dug up a mummy, but they didn't open the sarcophagus yet. The archeologist is constantly sexually harassing the female assistant, but she resists his advances. He leaves the tent and leaves the assistant in charge of watching the mummy. But she decides that she's going to open up the sarcophagus and unwrap the mummy. It turns out that Cleopatra herself is the mummy. When the assistant accidentally burns one of the scrolls found in the tomb, Cleopatra comes to life. Well, Cleopatra, being used to having servants, makes the pretty blonde assistant her handmaiden and shows her the meaning of discipline by stripping her, and then spanking her with a paddle. Cleopatra then shows the handmaiden a little love and affection. When they're done, the handmaiden tells Cleopatra about the lecherous archeologist. Cleopatra tells the handmaiden to go retrieve the guy so they can exact some revenge. She retrieves him. They strip him, put some bondage gear on him, and then take turns paddling him. After that, they tickle him with some feathers. Then morning arrives and the archeologist opens up the tent flap, and the sunlight causes Cleopatra to melt into a pile of what looks like beads.

Porn movie.

Sogni erotici di Cleopatra
Italy, 1985

Laura Angeli
Directed by Rino Di Silvestro


Fresh from Egypt, Cleopatra is left in a big villa somewhere around Rome, courtesy of Caesar. She spends her time dreaming of, and having, many varied sexual adventures.

Also known as "The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra".

Twin Pyramids
Canada, 1988

Directed by Wild Bill


Two enormously chested Egyptian slave girls, called the Twin Pyramids, are waiting for daring adventurers to have their tombs of love plundered.

Porn movie produced by Big Top Digital studios for the video and DVD market.

The Mystery of the Golden Lotus
USA?, 1989

Victoria Paris, Jon Martin, Sharon Kane
Directed by Jean-Pierre Ferrand, Peter Davy


Phaedra, a beautiful Egyptian princess, lies dead in her pyramid tomb mourned by her lover, the handsome Aramata, a captain of the guard. With help from the gods, some ancient scolls, and the secret of the Golden Lotus, he is able to bring her back to life. Our story takes us from the ancient era of the Pharohs to the 1940s where we find Dr. Roberts, an archeologist, searching for the secret, and a separate group of foreign spies also after the magic formula, all for their individual purposes. Join this group of good and bad on a journey of intrigue and sexual adventure culminating in the discovery of the mystique of the Golden Lotus.

Hardcore porn movie.

Mummy Dearest
USA, 1990

Nina Hartley, Lynn LeMay, Cameo, Jacqueline
Directed by Duck Dumont

The tomb of Akasha, a sexually voracious vixen who lived in ancient Egypt, has just been uncovered by some adventurous archeologists who don't suspect what it is they've found. Akasha's mummy comes back to life and unwraps herself one night, only to be spotted by a plumber. Akasha treats him to a fiery tryst that ends up killing him, and then escapes into the night. An inspector starts looking for the missing mummy, assisted by a host of professors and detectives. Needless to say, along the way there is plenty of action.

Hardcore porno version of the Hollywood mummy flick. Originally issued as a 3-part porno series.

Joy et Joan chez les Pharaons
France, 1992

Zara Whites, Beatrice Valle
Directed by Jean-Pierre Floran


Joy is bewildered to be able to play Cleopatra in a costume film.

3 Chains o' Gold
USA, 1994

Directed by Parris Patton, Prince


In Egypt, princess Maytes father is assassinated by 7 men, leaving her with the sacred three chains of gold. She decides to seek out the help of Prince in the USA, and sends him a tape of her dancing. The prince immediately falls in love with her, but is frightened by the commitment. He tries to escape through having sex with others, but his heart isn't in it. His heart belongs to Mayte... Prince's namechange into O)+> is also addressed; a scene depicts him killing off old versions of himself (the 7 killers).

USA, 1994

Nancy Clifton
Directed by Simone Devon


A villainess plots to steal a valuable jewel. For her evil plans to succeed she requires the services of a woman with super-strength. She orders the kidnapping of an innocent girl and, using ancient Egyptian techniques - and plenty of tight bondage - forces the captive to arouse her secret strength that has been locked in the subconscious. Unfortunately for the villainess, the superheroine, now named Shizzandra, escapes once she realizes her own super-strength. The tale is continued in "Shizzandra: An Overthrow of Power". Following the superheroine story is a series of bondage vignettes starring demure brunette Danielle Simone.(source: IMDb)

Slave of Dreams
USA, 1995

Edward James Olmos, Sherilyn Fenn
Directed by Robert M. Young


An Egyptian executioner's wife tries to seduce Hebrew slave Joseph to fulfill an erotic dream they are experiencing simultaneously.

Antonio e Cleopatra
Italy, 1996

Olivia Del Rio, Hakan Serbes, Francesco Malcom
Directed by Joe D'Amato


Advertised as "History's hottest couple in an orgy of wine, women and debauchery. A big budget adult movie spectacular!". Made for video.

Justine: In the Heat of Passion
France, 1996

Daneen Boone, Jennifer Behr, Timothy Di Pri


A young student dreams of various erotic adventures with her Egyptian archaeology professor: they are kidnapped by a mysterious ancient cult for strange sexual sacrifices.

Episode from a series of soft porno movies starring Daneen Boone as Justine, loosely based on Marquis De Sade's novels.

The Pyramid
USA, 1996

Tania Russof, Nikky Anderson, David Perry
Directed by Pierre Woodman

"Sex orgy in Egypt!"

Archaeologists digging at Abu Sir discover an ancient stone with information about a secret treasure hidden inside a piramid. Having gained access to the pyramid, the treasure is found inside the sarcophagus of a princess. However, according to the Egyptian authorities the find was illegal and the archaeologists end up in all sorts of trouble. Each time they manage to bail themselves out by having luscious sex with various officials, including the minister of culture.

3-part hardcore porno movie. Interesting is the fact that the outdoor scenes without nudity were all filmed on location in Egypt. The sexually explicit scenes were obviously shot elsewhere in a studio. Only one sex scene appears to have been actually shot on location, which, judging from the scenery, probably took place on a remote spot in the Sinai mountains.

The Erotic House of Wax
USA, 1997

Yvette Lera, Rob Lee, Blake Pickett
Directed by Sybil Richards


A hot babe inherits a wax museum and enlists some friends to help her restore it. They soon discover it has hidden secret: an ancient amulet that turns wax figures into horny carnal creatures. When the amulet is placed on the figures of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, they miraculously come to life and make hot passionate love. Can the amulet's powers attract new visitors and financially save the museum? Indeed it appears the visitors are impressed by the startling wax figures which come to life and have sex in front of their eyes.

Legally Exposed
USA, 1997

John La Zar, Kim Dawson
Directed by Hamilton Lewiston

A very powerful sexual device is found by scientist Dr. Fez in an Egyptian tomb. After losing possession, he chases it to Hollywood and on to Hawaii where it has become an Erotic catalyst for everyone who wields it! Is comes across several new owners, including top notch lawyers and a very beautiful, unexpecting artist.

Episode from the made-for-cable porn mini-series "Click". Also known as "Erotic Curse of Cairo". Adapted from the comic book series by Milo Manara.

Teenage Catgirls in Heat
USA, 1997

Gary Graves, David Cox, Esmeralda Huffhines
Directed by Scott Perry


An Egyptian cat god in the form of a statuette commands all local felines to surrender their nine lives so they can transform into beautiful women to mate with human males and terminate them.

Mummy Dearest
USA?, 1999

Carmen, Anne Howe, Phyllisha anne, Julianna Sterling

A young intern at a museum discovers just how real an ancient Egyptian curse is as she experiences the sins of a mummy.

Porn movie made for the video market. Issued as one of 4 stories in edition number 24 of the video series "Perverted Stories".

Cleopatra: The Dream of Any Farao
Brazil?, 2000

Daniel Flyt, Denise Braga, Leonardo Martins

A young man completely in love with the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra asks the "Oracle of Bes" the Egyptian God, to help him realize his dreams, and take him back in time and into the pyramid to be with his beloved Cleopatra, and then he discovers that for everything there is a price.

Hardcore porn movie.

Mummy Raider
USA, 2000

Misty Mundae, Esmeralda DellaRocco
Directed by Brian Paulin


The sexy and diabolical Doctor Humboldt schemes to build an indestructible Fourth Reich, but for that she requires the wisdom and magic of ancient Egypt, and the resurrection of evil king Thotep. To that end, she kidnaps Professor Kleve and his beautiful daughter Kristen who holds the secret to resuscitating the Thotep mummy. When Humboldt's seduction of Kristen fails, she forces Kristen to recite the incantation that brings the monstrous, ages dead mummy back to life. But little does Humboldt know that Misty Mundae "Mummy Raider" is hot on her trail and even hotter in her tight leather outfit. Misty battles Humboldt's henchmen and the rampaging mummy with big guns blazing, lethal fists flying, and silky skin baring! The mummy destroyed and Humboldt safely in chains, Misty and Kristen get down to the real action, sinfully partaking of each other's luscious bodies with a lust so intense it can raise the dead! And when Humboldt promises to be a good girl, Misty sets her free, thus turning the ultra-erotic two-way into an even steamier menage-a-trois.

One of a whole series of Misty Munday video porno movies. See also "Lust in the Mummy's Tomb" (2001).

The Pharaoh's Curse
USA, 2000

Jon Eric, Luke Savage, Rick Chase
Directed by Thor Stephens


Pharaoh has a hunger for sex and has brought to him peasants which will turn out to be his sex toys. His hunger is more heightened when he is wearing his 'sex suit', or with any who come in contact with it. When the suit comes up missing the pharaoh puts a curse on it and vows to return to avenge himself. (source: adapted from

Gay porn movie made for the DVD and video market.

Sex Files: Ancient Desires
USA, 2000

Regina Russell, Jenna Bodnar, Daniel Anderson, Steve Curtis
Directed by Clinton J. Williams


An archaeologist accidentally unleashes an ancient goddess of sexual slavery ("Queen Mummy"). She instantly uses her powers of passion to make him her slave, and then she discovers his wife. Now armed with two slaves, her long-dormant powers are stronger than ever, and she begins her reign of desire. Searching for more and more victims to quench her insatiable lust, it becomes more apparent that the world can not survive her sexuality and she must be stopped and forced into her lonely tomb.

Episode from the 14-part video-series "Sex Files" (1998-2001), a series of feature-length softcore movies involving aliens, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. The film's setting contains some Egyptian elements, without really committing to an Egyptian context.

The Dark Side 3
Sweden, 2001

Claudia Singer, Lynn Stone, Mandy, Sophie Evans
Directed by Antonio Adamo


The search for the Dark Side continues as Virtualia and a host of horny harlots take us on a sizzling sexcursion to the Sahara. Shot on location (?) among the deserts and pyramids of Egypt, we are presented by the frenzied hardcore sex action. Not a single opportunity is missed to show exactly what the girls are capable of.

Lesbian porn movie made for the video market by Private. Fifth episode from the " Virtualia" video series and the third in the Dark Side sequence.

Lust in the Mummy's Tomb
USA, 2001

Misty Mundae, Patty Perturbed
Directed by William Hellfire


Delectable nymph and university student Misty Mundae is on holiday at her father's estate. Following a sensual and luxurious morning shower, Misty makes a shocking discovery. There, in a secret study, is the remains of the mummy I-Hop-Shank, recently stolen from the City Museum. Unable to curb her naughty girlish curiosity, Misty begins caressing the ages-dead mummy hoping that her young and lustful vigor will bring it back to life. Soon Misty is aroused to the breaking point, but she cannot believe her eyes when I-Hop-Shank awakens, drawing his first breath in millennia. Revived by the virginal, pleasure-flushed beauty before him, the mummy musters his strength and lumbers after Misty. He must have her! Barely escaping his clumsy advances, Misty learns that the study also hides a voluptuous Egyptian princess - 100% alive and 110% in need of Misty's scrumptious body. Always wanting to study Ancient Civilizations in a more intimate and hands-on way, Misty "jumps" at the opportunity, and female eroticism has never been explored so thoroughly. (source:

One of a whole series of Misty Munday video porno movies. See also "Mummy Raider" (2000).

Cleopatra does Hollywood
USA, 2002

Cheyenne Silver
Directed by Ralph Parfait

Due to a freak accident the ancient queen Cleopatra is dropped right in the middle of the 21st century with a lust that is hundreds of years old.

The Mummy's Kiss
USA, 2002

Ava Niche, Sasha Peralta, George Thomas
Directed by Donald F. Glut


An ancient Egyptian princess comes back to modern times, unwrapped, mystically transformed into a moden-day babe... using her sexuality and supernatural powers in an erotic quest to claim the reincarnation of her time-lost lover.

Soft porn film produced for video. Interestingly, the film opens with the same fragment from the ballet "Swan Lake" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky as was used in the 1932 production of The Mummy. It contains many further references to that film. Followed in 2005 by "The Mummy's Kiss - 2nd Dynasty".

Raiders of The Lost Arse: The Mummy's Hand
USA, 2002

Bryce Pierce, Jeff Allen, Simon Cox
Directed by Chris Ward, J.D. Slater

Gay porn movie by Raging Stallion Studios. Super-stud Jeff Allen leads a team of sex-crazed explorers on a search for the long lost tomb of a pharaoh.

Attack of the Virgin Mummies
USA, 2003

Violet Blue, Hanna Harper, Nikki Love
Directed by Daryl Carstensen, Andrew Schrom


In ancient Egypt, the three young and beautiful daughters of the pharaoh are murdered and mummified by a maniac. But when the criminal returns in the 21st Century as a mummy on a path of destruction, the three princesses are the only ones who can stop him. Reincarnated as go-go girls in a strip club, they are only too happy to extract justice for the fate that befell them long time ago.

Comic porn B-movie with lots of mummy nudity, featuring porn stars Violet Blue, Hanna Harper and Nikki Love.

Sweden, 2003

Julia Taylor, Bobbie Eden, Jessica May
Directed by Antonio Adamo


A group of archaeologists excavating in modern day Egypt raise rather more than just a cloud of dust from the tomb they are investigating. We are sucked into a sexual sandstorm of the most ardent sex action imaginable as the ancient queen Cleopatra bewitches all those she meets with her extraordinarily potent sexual powers.

Hardcore sex movie made for the porn video market by Private. The chaste outdoor scenes were shot on location in Egypt, but all nude scenes were recorded in a studio. The Egyptian elements are not the best we've seen in this type of production… DVD collectors edition contains documentary material showing the lead actresses and actors visiting various sites in the Luxor area. Also a tourist shop is visited where statues of Min-Amon are admired.

Cleopatra 2: The Legend of Eros
Sweden, 2004

Julia Taylor


Following the discovery of mummy of the ancient queen, genetic wizardry is put into play in a secret laboratory hidden in the depths of the sinister "Astrick Corporation" in order to bring her back to life.

Hardcore sex movie made for the porn video market by Private. Sequel to "Cleopatra" (Sweden, 2003). Continues the torrid tale of the steamy sex adventures of Cleopatra. Who else…

Escravos do Egito
Brazil, 2004

Directed by Leo Botelho

Men in (supposedly) ancient Egyptian attire perform various sexual acts.

Gay porn movie made for the video and DVD market. English title: "Slaves of Egypt".

Curse Eternal
USA, 2005

Kaylani Lei, Jessica Drake, Eric Masterson
Directed by Brad Armstrong

When Samantha reopens the tomb of Egyptian queen Neferkala first discovered 20 years earlier by her father, she releases a sexual animal that has survived for more than 3000 years.

Porn movie made for the video market. Nice settings and props, but it is doubleful whether the ancient Egyptians really had condoms!

The Mummy's Kiss: 2nd Dynasty
USA, 2005

Kylie Wyote, Elyse Lam, Mark Bedell
Directed by Donald F. Glut


"She's back… wrapped… and ready to unwind!"

Museum director Dr. Zita Furneaux, empowered by the Egyptian goddess Nephthys, regains her lost youth by dispatching a living Mummy to kidnap sexy young women from whom she steals their ka's (souls)," turning them into zombie-like love slaves. Reporter Elyse Lam, investigating the case of the missing women, also falls prey to Zita's lusts.

Soft porn movie. Sequel to "The Mummy's Kiss" (USA, 2002).

The MummyX
Spain, 2005

Mya Diamond, Ramon Nomar, Carmen Vera, Veronica da Souza
Directed by Giancarlo Candiano

Attractive archaeologist Mario is having supper in a luxurious restaurant with a beautiful girl who he tries to conquer. He tells her the 2500 year old story of Imothep, an Egyptian magician fallen in disgrace because of his forbidden love for Neferkefir, the wife of the pharaoh. Mario, however, is Imhotep and through his magic powers he wants to reincarnate Neferkefir in this girl.

X-rated version of "The Mummy".

Death from Beyond
USA, 2006

James Panetta, Trisha Hershberger, Sarah Marie Muhl
Directed by James Panetta


A number of people meet in a small apartment to film an amateur porn video. There they find an ancient Egyptian amulet and accidentally resurrect sexy Nefratis. Things turn bad when she starts killing them one by one to feed of their energies released during sex.

Low budget porn movie made for the video market.

Cleopatra Sadistica
USA, 2010

Mistress Aleana

A dominant and sado-masochistic Cleopatra whips various underlings into submission in very un-Egyptian surroundings.

Porn movie made for the DVD and video market.

Tatman 2
USA, 2010

Adam Wayne, Jody Renee

Gilded goddess Cleopatra has stolen the ancient Egyptian scrolls that could grant her the powers of the mighty Isis. But the ritual calls for a human sacrifice, and it looks like the nubile CockRobin has been added to the recipe! Of course, superhero Tatman is on Cleo's tail, but can he resist her many exotic charms?

Low budget erotic spoof of television's Batman by DynaHunk Productions, with all the characters wearing shiny lycra spandex costumes (Cleopatra a gold one), boots and high heels, stockings and pantyhose, bound in traps and perils, sometimes gagged.

Yasmin Lee as Cleopatra
USA, 2011

Yasmin Lee

Cleopatra feels quite hot in the soaking desert heat that fills her palace. It is her every wish being serviced by a hot, obedient servant. Made to worship her, the slave does his job, trying desperately not to do anything that he is not given permission to do. But as the temperature rises, things get even hotter…

So-called 'bondage and sado-masochism' (BDSM) porn movie starring shemale actress Yasmin Lee as Cleopatra. Made for internet especially for the website which features transsexual women seducing straight men. Not surprisingly for this type of production the ancient Egyptian layer is very thin indeed and only consists of suggestive exotic surroundings (including a water pipe) and Cleopatra wearing a belly dance type of headdress and costume.

The Mighty Cleopatra
USA, 2012

Kathia Nobili, Leyla Black

Cleopatra gets a new slave to play with. She gets punished if the queen of the Nile is not pleased with her services.

Sado-masochism movie made by Pressplay Entertainment for the internet pornography market. The Egyptian context is suggested by Cleopatra's belly dance like costume, golden draperies and hieroglyphic scribbles (lines rather than characters) on the wall. The slave's scarce mummy-like wrappings contribute to the exotic feel of the scene.

Superheroine Underworld: The Rise of Cleopatra
USA, 2012

Emily Addison, Jessica Jaymes

Made for video BDSM movie about a hot erotic encounter between a female Batman called Knightswoman and Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

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