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USA, 1987

James Spader, Kim Cattrall
Directed by Michael Gottlieb


A time travelling Egyptian princess is never quite content with her situation until she reaches present day America in the form of a department store mannequin.

USA, 1987

Elyssa Davalos, Richard Hamilton, Ben Masters
Directed by Alan Smithee (and John Frankenheimer)


Former secret agent Kelly unwillingly has to solve the mystery behind the killing of several of the service's employees he's been in contact with. Somewhere along the line there develops a subplot with gangsters trying to steal a valuable Egyptian object from archaeologist Grayson and his daughter, and Kelly finally ends up in rather fake Egyptian surroundings to unmask the bad guys behind it all.

Alternate title: "The CIA Secret".

USA, 1987

TV-series Tales from the Darkside

Robert Bloch


An Egyptologist working on a sarcophogus ignores a curse and meets a horrific fate when he ignores it.

Episode 71 (season 4) of the 30-minute horror/fantasy anthology tv-series "Tales from the Darkside" (1983-1988).

The Grave Robber
USA, 1987

TV-series Tales from the Darkside

Robert Bloch


Two treasure hunters discover a lost Egyptian tomb and accidentally revive a mummy. The mummy, Tapok, doesn't try to strangle them, but rather challenges the male explorer to a game of strip poker. The explorer loses, and with each piece of clothing he loses he takes on more of Tapok's wrappings until finally Tapok transfers his curse and leaves with the other explorer.

Episode 76 (season 4) of the 30-minute horror/fantasy anthology tv-series "Tales from the Darkside" (1983-1988).

My Pharaoh Lady
USA, 1987

TV-series Alvin and the Chipmunks

A mummy, said to come to life in the presence of the most beautiful girl, must arrive at Brittany's house or she will be forced to forfeit a beauty contest.

Episode 91 of the animated television series "Alvin and the Chipmunks", which ran for 118 episodes between 1983 and 1990. This show focuses on three superstar chipmunks who have their own band and the crazy adventures they get into.

Sphinx For The Memories
USA, 1987

TV-series Ducktales


While on vacation in Egypt, Donald Duck is spotted by two locals who think he bears a huge resemblance to an ancient pharaoh known as “The Garbled One”. He is kidnapped right before Scrooge, Huey, Dewey and Louie can meet up with him and is brought to the Palace of Garbabble. The present ruler, Sarkus, fears his position will be taken over by Donald and sends a living mummy by the name of Ka-hoo-fo to destroy him. Can Scrooge, Huey, Dewey and Louie save him in time?

Episode 40 from the first animated Disney series for television "DuckTales" (1987-1990), in which Scrooge McDuck and the nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie find themselves in all sorts of adventures.

My Pharaoh Lady
USA, 1987

TV-series Foofur


When Fencer falls for a beautiful female cat named Cleo, whose master is a famous archaeologist, she becomes convinced that he is descended from an ancient Pharaoh's cat. To help Fencer win Cleo's heart, Foofur and the gang go along with the act, which goes to Fencer's head. But when the archaeologist's mummy cat is destroyed and he also sees the resemblence, Fencer's nine lives may just be up! (source: dailymotion.com)

Episode from the animated television series "Foofur", made by Hanna-Barbera from 1986 to 1988. It centers around a blue dog named Foofur who has inherited his late master's wealthy estate.

4.50 from Paddington
UK, 1987

TV-series Agatha Christie's Miss Marple

Joan Hickson, David Horovitch
Directed by Martyn Friend


This television film, based on the 1957 Agatha Christie novel by the same name, contains a scene in which the body of a murdered woman is found in an ancient sarcophagus in a room housing Egyptian and Etruscan art treasures.

Crown of the Scarab King
USA/Japan, 1987

TV-series Bionic Six

Directed by Osamu Dezaki


In Egypt professor Sharp and his team discover a solid gold casket bearing a seal in the shape of a scarab. They find a papyrus inside. When presenting the 'ancient Scarab scroll' to the Cairo museum, to the horror of all present one of the sfinx statues comes to life and breaks apart, revealing the mad scientist Dr. Scarab who immediately steals the scroll. Professor Sharp calls in the help from the 'Bionic Six' to salvage the situation. The papyrus, it appears, contains a map which reveals the secret location of the 'Crown of the Scarab King', which promises unknown powers. On the spot marked 'X' on the map Dr. Scarab discovers a new pyramid rising from below the sands. Inside he finds a labyrinth and the sarcophagus of the Scarab King, with the crown on top. When Dr. Scarab tries it on, the scenes on the walls come to life warning him of the approaching Bionic Six. Scarab uses the power of the crown to scare them off by making the labyrinth statues come to life and chase them. Believing himself now to be invincible he commands to conquer all. This causes Egyptian statues from museums all over the world to come to life and cause havoc. Bionic Six manage to trap the statues from the labyrinth in quicksand and confront Dr. Scarab. Feeling cornered, he calls for the Scarab King to awaken and serve his master. The mummy, however, turns against him, takes back the crown and then goes back to sleep again. This makes the pyramid sink back into the sands. Dr Scarab and Bionix Six just barely manage to escape.

Episode from the American/Japanese animated television series "Bionic Six" whose main characters are a family of machine-enhanced human beings possessing unique powers after being augmented with bionic technology. Renowned Japanese animation director Osamu Dezaki was involved as chief supervising director. The series ran for 65 episodes in 1987.

Twin Pyramids
Canada, 1988

Directed by Wild Bill


Two enormously chested Egyptian slave girls, called the Twin Pyramids, are waiting for daring adventurers to have their tombs of love plundered.

Porn movie produced by Big Top Digital studios for the video and DVD market.

No Sax Please: We're Egyptian
UK, 1988

TV-series Count Duckula

Count Duckula, Igor, and Nanny travel all over the world in their castle, which can travel through time and space. In this episode Duckula travels to Egypt to look for an ancient saxophone that will help him to become a rock star.

This is the pilot episode of the "Count Duckula" series, quite noticable from the same producers as "Danger Mouse". The series ran for 65 episodes from 1988 until 1993.

Garfield: His 9 Lives
USA, 1988


Animated story about the 9 lives of the famous cat Garfield. In his second life Garfield is the beloved pet of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh! Based on a book by the same title revised for television. The animated version differs from the book, which has much harsher language and somewhat bloody content.

USA, 1988

TV-series Turn On To T-Bag

Diana Barrand


Our heroine Holly arrives in Egypt near a pyramid where she meets up with Scoop Shuttleworth, a journalist, who is looking for the tomb of the Nile Queen. They enter the pyramid to look for this episode's hidden magical item, but when T-Bag and T-Shirt follow them into the pyramid they get lost and end up back at the start. When Holly finally finds the item, a crystal, it gets stolen by a walking mummy!

T-Bag (Tallulah Bag) is a witch-like character who appears in a number of television programmes which ran from the mid-80's to the early 90's. A total of 12 series were produced, one of them being "Turn On To T-Bag". The premise of each series involves various items hidden across time and space, with a race between T-Bag and a host child presenter as the heroine trying to find them. The setting in which the magical item is hidden is usually a historical period or is taken from folklore or literature. The historical episode "Pyramids" is set in ancient Egypt. This heroine in this series is a girl named Holly.

Daughter of the Nile

Japan, 1988

A young girl named Carol is transported back to ancient Egypt by the evil Queen Isis. There she falls in love with Isis's brother, the pharaoh Memphis. Carol marries Memphis and becomes his Queen. This inadvertedly creates a new timeline in which the history as she knew it is radically changed.

Anime based on the popular Japanese Manga 王家の紋章 or "Crest of the Royal Family" by Hosokawa Chieko (細川知栄子). This original Shôjo or Girls' Manga (53 volumes since 1976 and still ongoing) loosely uses the history of the Ancient Mediterranean (Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia) as a backdrop. The Anime version consists of image clips with music and narration in the background.

My Mummy Lies Over The Ocean
USA, 1988

TV-series Police Academy: The Animated Series

To put an end to a curse, a museum curator seeks the help of the Academy grads to escort the mummy of an ancient Egyptian king back to its rightful resting place. Our heroes also have to deal with not only a group of thugs who are trying to steal the mummy, but when the mummy itself who comes to life the panic really starts.

Episode from "Police Academy - The Animated Series", based on the first five "Police Academy" films. The series ran for 64 episodes from 1988 to 1989.

Spanning in Slagharen
Netherlands, 1988

Directed by Anneke Hoog Antink


Back in ancient Egypt the meeting of Caesar and Cleopatra generated a magic that made the gods lose their powers. In a bid to regain their powers, two thousand years later the gods send the mysterious Fator on a mission to prevent the reincarnations of Caesar and Cleopatra from meeting each other. A group of Dutch friends are caught up in this adventure and try to find out who these reincarnations are before the Fator can get to them. The center of the mystery seems to lie in a well-known Dutch attraction park called 'Ponypark Slagharen'.

Thirteen part Dutch television youth series.

The Quilt of Hathor
USA, 1988

TV-series Friday the 13th

John D. LeMay, Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins
Directed by Timothy Bond


The cursed 'Quilt of Hathor', which allows the person underneath it to dream their enemies to death, finds its way into an Amish-like community.

Episodes 19 and 20 from the horror television series "Friday the 13th", which ran for 72 episodes between 1987 and 1990. It is listed here because the featuring cursed quilt's name suggests it may somehow be linked the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, but otherwise there is no clear reference to anything ancient Egyptian in this episode.

Desert Explorer
UK, 1988

TV-series Huxley Pig


Practising his First Aid bandaging technique reminds Huxley Pig of mummies and ancient Egypt. In a daydream he and his friend Sam find themselves at a souvenir stall in modern day Egypt. There they acquire a supposedly secret map to an undiscovered tomb from con man Horace and set off to explore. Eventually they reach the mummy's tomb where Horace tries to scare them off, but Sam gets even by dressing up as a mummy and thus scares the wits out of Horace.

Episode 21 from the stop-motion animated children's television series "Huxley Pig", based on the picture picture books by Rodney Peppé. It follows a pig who is always is dreaming of exciting professions and adventure.

The Man in the Brown Suit
USA, 1989

Stephanie Zimbalist, Tony Randall
Directed by Alan Grint


An American woman gets involved in a diamond theft in the Middle East.

Based on a novel by Agatha Christie. Also known as "Agatha Christie's 'The Man in the Brown Suit'".

Out of Time
UK/Egypt, 1989

Jeff Fahey, Camilla More
Directed by Anwar Kawadri


Archaeologist Jake finds a buste of Alexander the Great during diving in the Aegean. An amulet from the same find holds part of a key to the possible location of Alexanders tomb somewhere in Egypt.He soon finds he isn't the only one interested in tracing this treasure.

Also known as "The Serpent of Death".

Mummy Dearest
USA/Belgium, 1989

TV-series The Smurfs


Gargamel's Egyptian incarnation puts the Smurfs to work on building a monument for his cat pharaoh Azra when they wake up a mummy that saves them.

Episode 387 (season 9; 1989) of the long running NBC animation series "The Smurfs", produced by the legendary William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

The Mystery of the Golden Lotus
USA?, 1989

Victoria Paris, Jon Martin, Sharon Kane
Directed by Jean-Pierre Ferrand, Peter Davy


Phaedra, a beautiful Egyptian princess, lies dead in her pyramid tomb mourned by her lover, the handsome Aramata, a captain of the guard. With help from the gods, some ancient scolls, and the secret of the Golden Lotus, he is able to bring her back to life. Our story takes us from the ancient era of the Pharohs to the 1940s where we find Dr. Roberts, an archeologist, searching for the secret, and a separate group of foreign spies also after the magic formula, all for their individual purposes. Join this group of good and bad on a journey of intrigue and sexual adventure culminating in the discovery of the mystique of the Golden Lotus.

Hardcore porn movie.

Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep
USA/Belgium, 1989

TV-series The Smurfs


In ancient Egypt, queen Hogapatra suffers from insomnia and it is up to Lazy to do his thing: sleep so she will get the idea.

Episode 386 (season 9; 1989) of the long running NBC animation series "The Smurfs", produced by the legendary William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

The Riddle of the Pyramid
Netherlands/Germany/Japan, 1989

TV-series Alfred J. Kwak

Directed by Dennis Livson, Hiroshi Saitô


Episode from the animated television series "Alfred J. Kwak" (a.k.a. "The Adventures of Alfred J. Quack") which follows the adventures of a children's cartoon character from a Dutch theatre show by Herman van Veen. Compared to other children's television series, Alfred J. Kwak features exceptionally mature and often difficult themes. Episode 34, "The Riddle of the Pyramid", is about the quest for a cure for professor Ramses, who is critically ill. The only curse seems to be an ancient medicine known to have been buried with pharaoh Tut-cat-cammon. Alfred and his friends set out to find his pyramid, but once there get trapped in a room without exit. The storyline is continued in the next episode 35 "The Labyrinth" (not listed here).

The Stolen Pan
Netherlands/Germany/Japan, 1989

TV-series Alfred J. Kwak


Episode from the animated television series "Alfred J. Kwak" (a.k.a. "The Adventures of Alfred J. Quack") which follows the adventures of a children's cartoon character from a Dutch theatre show by Herman van Veen. Compared to other children's television series, Alfred J. Kwak features exceptionally mature and often difficult themes. In episode 40, "The Stolen Pan", Cleo, queen of the Great Pyramid, has come to see professor Ramses. She wants him to persuade her king that the proposed building of a high dam in the river Nile is a foolish idea. Ramses thinks solar energy might be a better idea and makes a new design, but the plans are stolen before he can travel to Egypt.

57 Varieties
USA, 1989

TV-series The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad, Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Directed by Chuck Vinson


Theo wants to go on an archaeological dig in Egypt, but he is afraid his parents will not allow him to go.

Episode 124 of the long-running and popular quintessential 1980's sitcom television series The Cosby Show (1984 to 1992), which centers around a wholesome upper-class family.

The Smile of Cleopatra
Japan, 1989

TV-series City Hunter (シティーハンター)

Directed by Kenji Kodama

A diamond called 'The Smile of Cleopatra' gets stolen from a museum.

Episode 40 from the Anime series "City Hunter" (シティーハンター) based on the a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo. It follows the exploits of Ryo Saeba, who is always found to be chasing beautiful girls. At the same time he is a private detective who works to rid Tokyo of crime. The original series lasted for 51 episodes, later followed by three further series. Apart from the diamond's name referring to Cleopatra, there are no further links to the queen or to ancient Egypt in this episode.

Mummy Dearest
USA, 1989

TV-series Garfield and Friends

At an Egyptian museum exhibit, Garfield has an accident and becomes unconscious. He dreams of being the pharaoh's beloved cat. A plot unfolds in which one of his servants plans to kidnap the revered feline.

Episode from the animated series "Garfield and Friends", based on the comic strip 'Garfield' by Jim Davis. The series features Garfield, a fat, lazy Orange tabby cat who wants nothing more out of life than to eat and sleep. The series ran for 121 episodes from 1988 to 1994.

Puppet Master
USA, 1989

Paul Le Mat, William Hickey, Irene Miracle, Jimmie F. Skaggs
Directed by Charles Band


André Toulon is a puppet maker and the best of the kind. One day he happens upon an old Egyptian formula able to create life, so he decides to give life to his puppets. The Nazis seek to use this knowledge to their advantage and in desperation, Toulon commits suicide. Some years later four psychics get on the trail of a former colleague who suddenly commits suicide, and they decide to investigate the mansion he killed himself in. Along with his widow, they uncover the secrets of the Puppet Master.(source: IMDb)

Throw Mummy from the Train
USA, 1989

TV-series Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers


In the pyramid of king Nutun-Khamun, an archeologist finds the ring to unlock the diamonds of the Sphinx of Inka-dinka-do. His greedy assistant Wexler steals the ring and eludes the mummy assigned to guard it. The Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers agree to help the mummy get the ring back.

Episode 28 from the Walt Disney Television Animation series "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" featuring the established Disney characters Chip and Dale, two chipmunks with a nose for trouble, who run a detective agency called Rescue Rangers.

UK/Germany, 1989

TV-series Ric The Raven

Directed by Leo Nielsen

Ric The Raven goes to Egypt to see the sights. As things go with Ric, everything takes some degree of trouble.

Episode from the animated series "Ric The Raven". The series ran for 51 episodes in 1989 and 1990.

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
USA, 1990

Christian Slater, Robert Sedgwick, Steve Buscemi
Directed by Michael McDowell, John Harrison


Based on the popular TV series, this film is a compilation of three short horror stories told in an amusing wraparound sequence. A young boy has been kidnapped by a maniacal woman and tries to prevent her from cooking him alive by telling horror stories from a book called Tales From the Darkside. The first of these stories entitled "Lot 249" tells the story of an abused college student who steals an Egyptian mummy and brings it back to life to exact revenge on his tormentors. Loosely adapted from the 1892 short story "Lot No. 249" by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Mummy Dearest
USA, 1990

Nina Hartley, Lynn LeMay, Cameo, Jacqueline
Directed by Duck Dumont

The tomb of Akasha, a sexually voracious vixen who lived in ancient Egypt, has just been uncovered by some adventurous archeologists who don't suspect what it is they've found. Akasha's mummy comes back to life and unwraps herself one night, only to be spotted by a plumber. Akasha treats him to a fiery tryst that ends up killing him, and then escapes into the night. An inspector starts looking for the missing mummy, assisted by a host of professors and detectives. Needless to say, along the way there is plenty of action.

Hardcore porno version of the Hollywood mummy flick. Originally issued as a 3-part porno series.

DuckTales: The Movie
USA/France, 1990


Scrooge McDuck takes his nephews to Egypt to find a pyramid that contains a magic lamp.

Tut Tut
UK, 1990

TV-series T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom

Georgina Hale, John Bluthal, Andree Melly


Osiris, a servant girl, makes plans with T-Shirt, who looks exactly like prince Tutenkhamun, to sack the High Priest to get his chain with the next pearl on it.

Episode 7 of the 10-episode television series "T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom". T-Bag is a character who has appeared in a number of ITV children's television programmes. Both T-Bag and her friend T-Shirt have magical powers. The premise of the shows is that there are various items hidden throughout the world, which T-Bag either wants to carry out some evil plan or which can be used to defeat T-Bag. The series "T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom" features a number of pearls which Sally must acquire before T-Bag does. Episode 7 is the only episode with an Egyptian theme.

USA/Canada, 1990

TV-series MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar


While waiting to fly home to his ailing grandfather, MacGyver pursues a thief who's stolen an Egyptian artifact tied to ancient beliefs about the afterlife. (source: www.macgyveronline.org)

Episode 104 from the adventure television series "MacGyver", which ran for 139 episodes between 1985 and 1992.

The Sands of Seth
USA, 1990

TV-series Mission: Impossible

Phil Morris, Peter Graves, Jane Badler
Directed by Colin Budds


Several high officials in the Egyptian government have been found murdered by strangulation. It is believed that Horus Selim, the director of the Egyptian Museum, is somehow involved. Selim firmly believes that Egypt should try its hardest to return to its glorious and powerful past ruled by Pharaos, and has criticised the government's policy of negotiating with foreign countries. Jim Phelps and his team of agents are sent to Egypt on a mission to determine whether or not Selim did have something to do with these murders, and to make the killings stop before they interfere with impending peace talks in the Middle East.

First episode of the "Mission Impossible" series remake, which ran for 3 years and a total of 35 episodes. The original series was aired television between 1966-1973.

Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario
USA, 1990

TV-series The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3


Hip and Hop steal the sarcophagus and mummy of prince Mushroomkhamen. His mummy mother seeks to retrieve it, but mistakenly identifies Mario as her lost son, drags him back to the pyramid and mummifies him. The situation can only be resolved by bringing her true son back.

Episode from the animated series "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3", based on the hugely successful 'Super Mario Bros. 3' video game. The series is also known under the name "Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" and lasted for 26 episodes.

Giulio Cesare in Egitto
France/Belgium/Germany, 1990

Jeffrey Gall, Susan Larson
Directed by Peter Sellars


Television film based on the Georg Friedrich Haendel opera, produced by Defa-Film in Babelsberg (Germany) with the same actors as on stage.

Alexandria Again and Forever
إسكندرية كمان وكمان

Egypt, 1990

Youssef Chahine, Yousra, Hussein Fahmy, Amr Abdel Galil
Directed by Youssef Chahine (يوسف شاهين)

This film is the third part of director Youssef Chahine's semi-autobiographical “Alexandria Trilogy”. The hero Yehia, now in his middle age, is played by Chahine himself. Yehia is revising Hamlet for screen adaptation, and considers casting Amr in the title role. Regrettably, Amr has no interest for the part, and prefers to star in a crass TV soap sponsored by an oil tycoon. Even the union is on the tycoon’s side, which becomes the catalyst for a strike among film industry professionals. However, there is a silver lining to the cloud – Yehia meets the beautiful and ebullient actress Nadia, and decides to cast her in his screen adaptation of Cleopatra.

Lower Berth
USA, 1990

TV-series Tales from the Crypt

Lewis Arquette, Mark Rolston, Stefan Gierasch
Directed by Kevin Yagher


Enoch, the two-faced man, an attraction at a sideshow, falls in love with a 2,000 year old Egyptian mummy, eventually leading up to the conception of their bastard child, The Crypt Keeper.

Episode 20 from the horror anthology television series "Tales from the Crypt" that ran from 1989 to 1996 for 93 episodes.

Episode 2687
USA, 1990

TV-series Sesame Street

Jeff Goldblum

Archeologist Minneapolis tells about his quest for the 'Golden Cabbage of Snuffertiti', and ancient Egyptian queen Snuffertiti's search for perfect favorite food for her Snuffle-subjects.

Sketch from episode 2687 of "Sesame Street", the popular children's educational television series starring Muppets characters created by Jim Henson. This sketch is one of several featuring ancient Egyptian characters or elements.

Revenge of the Pharaohs
USA, 1990

TV-series G.I. Joe

Cobra's leader Night Creeper Leader thinks he is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh and has his sights set on staff sergeant Lady Jaye.

Episode 7 from the animated series "G.I. Joe" (the 1989-1991 DIC Series, or Operation Dragonfire mini-series) based on the successful toy series by Hasbro. G.I. Joe is the code name for an elite strike force with the primary purpose to be a counterforce to the huge terrorist organization called Cobra which is gunning for world domination.

Treasure Of Sesemar
Canada/France, 1990

TV-series C.L.Y.D.E.

Directed by Chris Randall


Matt and Sam enter the world of computer circuits and battle the Egypto-Bugs while on their way to the lost tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh pyramid. They also encounter Glyph, a hieroglyphic that comes to life in the circuits. Glyph knows where the secret traps are and tells the kids all about them. (source: bcdb.com)

Episode from the animated series "C.L.Y.D.E." about a computer brain in another galaxy who was banished from his own planet and eventually landed on Earth and is taken care of by two kids named Matt and Samantha. The series ran for only 26 episodes.

Les Cigares du Pharaon
France/Canada, 1991

TV-series Tintin

Colin O'Meara, David Fox (voices)
Directed by Stéphane Bernasconi

After promising to assist a befuddled archaeologist locate the missing tombs of an ancient pharaoh, Tintin and Snowy make a dangerous discovery and end up following a secret society of desperate diamond smugglers from Egypt to India.

Two-part animated adaptation of Hergé's classic comic book adventures of Tintin. "The Cigars of the Pharaoh" are the 6th and 7th of a total of 39 episodes in the series named "The Adventures of Tintin".

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh
USA, 1991

Jake Dengel, Joe Sharkey, Susann Fletcher
Directed by Dean Tschetter


Will a secret Egyptian ritual lead detectives Joe Blocker and Sweeney Birdwell to a serial chainsaw killer terrorizing Pittsburgh. A series of clues leads them to Little Egypt, where they confront a bizarre collection of homicidal zanies, eccentric kooks, and tempting beauties.

Hysterical satire on those silly big-studio cop-buddy movies and ridiculous no-budget horror flicks. Despite the intruiging title there is very little of Egyptological interest in this film. Also known as "Picking Up the Pieces".

Het Zingende Nijlpaard
Belgium, 1991

TV-series Suske en Wiske

Prinses Banylon, the daughter of pharaoh Tutankoffi, has been turned into a singing hippo by a sphinx. It appears the spell can only be undone by another singing hippo, which can can only be found by means of a golden trumpet. Our heroes Willy and Wanda set about solving this problem together with Aunt Sidonia, Lambik and Jerom.

Episode from the Belgian animated series "Suske and Wiske", based on the in northern Europe very successful Suske and Wiske comics series created by Willy Vandersteen. The series focuses on the adventures of Suske and Wiske, who are known as Bob et Bobette in French and Willy and Wanda in English (later renamed Spike and Suzy).

The Eye of Osiris
USA/Canada, 1991

TV-series MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar


Mac helps out on an archeological dig for the tomb of Alexander the Great and the legendary Eye of Osiris, but the expedition seems to be followed by bad luck. Several incidents nearly cause a shutdown. Then Mac finds clues leading to Alex’s tomb. Unfortunately, the accidents are not coincidental, and they meet a very vengeful man who traps them inside the grave... (source: www.tv.com)

Episode 118 from the adventure television series "MacGyver", which ran for 139 episodes between 1985 and 1992.

The Mummy's Curse Mystery
USA, 1991

TV-series Father Dowling Mysteries


While visiting the Chicago Museum to take in a pharaoh's burial chamber, Father Dowling and Sister Steve encounter an ancient Egyptian curse. Father Prestwick almost becomes a victim himself when he attempts to uncover the tomb's deadly secrets.

Episode 38 from the hit television series "Father Dowling Mysteries" (1987-1991) about a Chicago parish priest with a knack for solving crimes.

The Theft of the Royal Ruby
UK, 1991

TV-series Agatha Christie's Poirot


A fabulously valuable ancient Egyptian ruby gets stolen. Colonel Lacey, a well-known Egyptologist, was one of the few people who knew the ruby was in England. Poirot, who happens to be his guest, starts an investigation. He learns that the colonel is having financial difficulties and also that one of the house guests, Desmond Lee-Wortley, may not be of the soundest character. Poirot sets a trap for the thief with the help of the children in the household.

I Know the Way to the Hofbräuhaus
Germany, 1991

Bettina Hauenschild, Herbert Achternbusch, Barbara De Koy
Directed by Herbert Achternbusch


Kick, the guardian of an Osiris statue in a Munich museum, wanders about the city of Munich with a Hollywood-type mummy from the museum that has just come alive. Along the way they encounter a number of tourists whom they give useful guidance, only to finally end up in the famous Hofbräuhaus (a brewery-pub) where all the tourists go.

Dreamy movie with a lot of walking about in Munich and environs. Filmmaker Herbert Achternbusch was inspired by the titlesong "What Makes a Man to Wander" from the 1956 John Ford movie "The Searchers". The Egyptian connection in this movie is rather thin.

Shifting Sands
USA, 1991

TV-series James Bond, Jr.

Directed by Bill Hutten

Our heroes travel on a field trip to the Egyptian ruins to witness Professor Giza open the recently discovered tomb of pharaoh Hiphurrah. They arrive to find the tomb being raided, and the raiders flee, leaving behind only one clue: a black scarab pendant. After examining the pendant, James Jr. Notices that it bears the symbol of pharaoh Fearo: a Egyptian tomb raider with ties to S.C.U.M. Inside the scarab is a map of the local area and what appears to be a network of pipelines. When they return to the tomb they discover that the mummy of Hiphurrah has vanished. The only witness is a security guard who claims saw the mummy walk. (source: tv.com)

Episode from the enimated series "James Bond, Jr." about the adventures of the supposed nephew of masterspy James Bond. While attending prep school at Warfield Academy, with the help of his friends he fights against the evil terrorist organization SCUM. A total of 65 half-hour episodes were produced.

A Hole in the Wall
USA, 1991

TV-series Peter Pan and the Pirates

Peter and the Lost Boys find a parallel universe in Neverland with an Egyptian theme. Will they escape or be enslaved like their Egyptian counterparts?

Episode from the animated children television series "Peter Pan and the Pirates" based on author J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan character. In this particular episode the parallel universe Captain Hook is a pharaoh (uncluding hook!) with an insatiable thirst for vengeance. The series ran for 65 episodes in 1990 and 1991.

In Search of Ancient Blunders
USA, 1991

TV-series Talespin


Baloo and Wildcat are assigned to deliver an Egyptian tablet to Aridia. The tablet has directions on how to find the lost treasure of King Utmost, but also their opponent Don Carnage is not going to let this one slip past him. Once on the track of the treasure in a upside-down pyramid they have to survive traps, pirates, an ancient curse and a mummy that is protecting the treasure.

Episode from the animated television series "TaleSpin" centered on the adventures of bush pilot Baloo the bear and his air cargo freight busines. Many characters are adapted from Disney's 1967 animated feature "The Jungle Book".

20,000 Leagues Under the Street
USA, 1991

TV-series The Real Ghost Busters


Peter gets frantic when Ray receives an ant farm through the mail. Things become worse when the spirit of the long-dead Egyptian Insect God, Apshai captures Peter (source: IMDb).

Episode from the animated tv-series "The Real Ghostbusters", a spinoff of the 1984 comedy movie "Ghostbusters". The series ran from 1986 to 1991. It followed the continuing adventures of four Ghostbusters, their secretary Janine, their accountant Louis, and their mascot Slimer, as they chase and capture rogue spirits around New York City and various other areas of the world.

USA, 1991

TV-series Tom & Jerry Kids Show


Episode 9 of season 2 from the "Tom & Jerry Kids Show" set in ancient Egypt, where Tom is a servant of Cleocatra tasked with catching Jerry.

Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal
USA, 1992

TV-series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Sean Patrick Flanery, Lloyd Owen, Margaret Tyzack
Directed by Jim O'Brien

Early 1908 Henry Jr. (Indy) accompanies his parents on a world tour after his father is invited to give lectures at various schools throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. In the first episode they head to Cairo where they meet archaeologist T.E. Lawrence (who would later become Lawrence of Arabia). Indy becomes involved with him in discussions on archaeology, mummies, and the afterlife. Together they travel to the Valley of the Kings where they meet Howard Carter and help solve the theft of a fire-eyed Jackal from a recently opened tomb.

First episode of the successful 30-episode 1992-1993 action/adventure TV-series "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles". Good historical settings. Recenty reissued as "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: My First Adventure".

Joy et Joan chez les Pharaons
France, 1992

Zara Whites, Beatrice Valle
Directed by Jean-Pierre Floran


Joy is bewildered to be able to play Cleopatra in a costume film.

I was a Teenage Mummy
USA, 1992

Joan Devitt, Mark Fucile, Janice K. Johnson
Directed by Christopher C. Frieri


After being beaten by three greasers, Egyptian transfer student Rhada Mahat will stop at nothing to enact his sweet revenge and stop the impotence and abuse. After seeing cutie cheerleader Stella stand up to a greaser, Ray think she’s the reincarnation of Isis. So he kidnaps her and turns her into a mummy. As the mummy kills the greasers, Detective Jack Boyle is hot on the trail.

Remember the Time
USA, 1992

Michael Jackson, Iman, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson
Directed by John Singleton

Egyptian theme video clip of the song from Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" album.

The Curse of Ptah-Hotep
USA, 1992

TV-series The Quantum Leap

Scott Bakula, Lisa Darr
Directed by Joe Napolitano


Time-trapped scientist Sam Beckett arrives in the year 1957 as professor Dale Conway, an archaeology professor exploring the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Ptah-hotep. The pharaoh's curse, however, kills the guides and triggers a sandstorm that threatens to bury the site of Sam's camp and the tomb forever.

Episode 72 (season 4 ) of the sci-fi television series "The Quantum Leap", which ran from from 1989 until 1993 for a total of 97 episodes. The series centers around the person of Dr. Sam Beckett, who stepped into the so-called Quantum Leap Accelerator, next found himself trapped in the past, leaping into the body of a different person in a different time period each week, driven by an unknown force to change history fo the better.

The Curse of the Mummy
UK, 1992

TV-series Take Off with T-Bag

John Hasler, Georgina Hale, Bea Julakasiun
Directed by Neville Green


T-Bag lands in Egypt where some archaeologists are searching for a tomb. T-Bag and T-Shirt pretend to be Kit Bag and Sir Paisley Shirt to try to deter them from the tomb. While waiting for the morning so they can all search inside the tomb some tricks are played on them and they blame each other.

Episode 4 from the children television series "Take Off with T-Bag". T-Bag was originally a witch-like character involved in various good vs. evil tensions and who appeared in a number television series which ran from the mid-80s to early 90s. In the "Take of with T-bag" series the sinister elements of the original T-Bag character were removed, becoming a purely comic character and better suited for younger children. For further Egyptian content, see also the episode "Anthony and Cleopatra" (1992) elsewhere in this list.

Mummy Dearest
USA, 1992

TV-series Doogie Howser, M.D.

Neil Patrick Harris, Lawrence Pressman, Belinda Montgomery
Directed by Charles Haid


When an Egyptian mummy arrives at the hospital, its examination brings rumblings of a curse from the staff and has Doogie contemplating the limits of modern medicine.

Episode 65 of the television series "Doogie Howser, M.D." about the coming of age of a teenage genius who at the age of 16 is already board-certified surgeon.

Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still
ジャイアント・ロボ - 地球が静止する日

Japan, 1992

Directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa


Animated series of seven episodes created between 1992 and 1998, based on the original Giant Robo (ジャイアントロボ) manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. The series features characters and plotlines from the entire manga, but presented in an all-new story. The events take place in the near future and follow 12-year old Daisaku Kusama, master of a giant robot, and international police organization Experts of Justice in a battle with a secret society aiming to gain world domination. The titular Giant Robo wearing a nemes-like headdress has clearly Egyptian features, but the storyline itself contains no references to any ancient Egyptian origin. Also entitled "Giant Robo - The Animation". See also the earlier (1967) live-action adaptation of the same manga entitled "Johnny Soko and His Flying Robot".

The Curse
USA, 1992

TV-series Swamp Thing

Dick Durock, Mark Lindsey Chapman, Carrell Myers
Directed by Chuck Bowman


A couple of crooks search the swamp where Swamp Thing lives, looking for an old crashed plane that contains Egyptian artifacts with magical powers. They unearth a cursed mummy in the process.

Episode 54 from the television series "Swamp Thing" (USA, 1992) about a swamp being with supernatural power over nature and humans, based on the DC comic by the same name. A total of 72 episodes were made from 1990 to 1993.

Anthony and Cleopatra
USA, 1992

TV-series Take Off with T-Bag

Georgina Hale, John Hasler, Murray Melvin
Directed by Neville Green


T-Bag, T-Shirt and Tow-Ling land in ancient Rome, where Tow-Ling immediately gets caught by a slave trader and is promptly sold off to Marc Anthony. T-Bag decides to go and get him back. Dressed as Cleopatra she is delivered to Anthony's house in a rug. She starts flirting with Anthony and eventually wins him over to return Tow-Ling and abolish slavery at the same time.

Episode 6 from the children television series "Take Off with T-Bag". T-Bag was originally a witch-like character involved in various good vs. evil tensions and who appeared in a number television series which ran from the mid-80s to early 90s. In the "Take of with T-bag" series the sinister elements of the original T-Bag character were removed, becoming a purely comic character and better suited for younger children. For further Egyptian content, see also the episode "The Curse of the Mummy" (1992) elsewhere in this list.

Cops in Ancient Egypt
USA, 1992

TV-series The Ben Stiller Show


Two ancient Egyptian guards at the Red Sea coast try to arrest Moses for not having a permit to part the Red Sea, for littering by his people and for causing a fire by a burning bush. Moses warns that the wrath of god will be upon them and makes one guard disappear, causing the other one to flee and fetch a backup unit.

Short comedy sketch from the 4th episode (entitled "On Melrose Avenue") of "The Ben Stiller Show" that aired on MTV and subsequently Fox from 1990 to 1993. Each episode features a number of filmed comedy segments, many of which parody various aspects of pop-culture.

The Mummy Lives
USA, 1993

Tony Curtis, Leslie Hardy
Directed by Gerry O'Hara


"Bound by destiny. Consumed by sin. His vengeance is eternal."

An ancient Egyptian is returned from the dead when his tomb is opened. He reeks havoc and devostation in his quest to reunite with his lost love, who is now incarnated in the form of a living woman.

TV-adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's 1845 novel "Some Words with a Mummy".

The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb
UK, 1993

TV-series Agatha Christie's Poirot

David Suchet, Peter Reeves
Directed by Peter Barber Fleming


Hercule Poirot and his aide Hastings consider whether a curse from the Egyptian tomb of Men-her-Ra was responsible for the deaths of several members of an archaeology team.

Episode of the popular UK tv-series "Poirot" starring David Suchet. Based on Agatha Christie's "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb", published in the 1924 short story collection "Poirot investigates".

The Mummy's Dungeon
USA, 1993


Innocent Models become human sacrifices in order to bring a 2000 year old mummy back to life! One by one they die, either by the blade or by the hands of the mummy!

Released only on video, this movie features bondage and topless nudity.

Mummy A.D. 1993
USA, 1993

David Nelson
Directed by David Nelson

A mad suburbanite (Nelson) thinks he's an Egyptian high priest. He has a real mummy sequestered in his backyard tomb (a garage), and raises it from the dead to get revenge his enemies and "show the world that you are here!" The mummy (Nelson) attacks the house of Nelson and many relatives and neighborhood acquaintences are killed. A detective (Nelson) is called in, who battles the mummy with toy pistols, swords, ping-pong ball guns, smoke bombs, and pepper spray.

Oddball 20 min. independent video production by David "The Rock" Nelson, who specializes in crazy monster movies shot and edited by extremely cheap means. Not in any way a serious production, but popular in certain circles and therefore worth mentioning here.

Home on De-Nile
USA, 1993

TV-series Animaniacs

Directed by Rusty Mills, Dave Marshall


Rita and Runt think they are in Palm Springs to visit Sonny Bono, but actually arrive in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra is looking for a cat, but can't find any suitable ones until Rita is brought to her. Runt helps to build a temple for Cleopatra, while Rita is being prepared to be sacrificed to the gods of harvest. (source: www.bcdb.com)

Episode 106 from Animaniacs animated series by Warner Bros. Studios featuring characters Rita and Runt.

Pink Sphinx
USA, 1993

TV-series The Pink Panther

Matt Frewer (Pink Panther's voice)


In ancient Egypt, the Pink Panther's novel design of a pyramid helps him win the order for building the pharaoh's daughter a new tomb. Much to the dismay of the court architect, who tries everything to stop the project from succeeding.

Episode from third incarnation of the popular animated TV-series "The Pink Panther" which ran from 1993 to 1995. Earlier, animated series starring the Pink Panther ran as "The Pink Panther Show" from 1969 to 1978 and as "Pink Panther and Sons" from 1984 to 1985. The Pink Panther Ultimate Guide (2005) by Jerry Beck apparently list this episode as "Cleopanthera", but I haven't been able to confirm this from other sources.

Professor Dig and his Egyptian Mummy
USA, 1993

TV-series The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Mummy Professor Dig makes a great discovery, an Egyptian mummy, and hurries to bring it to the Cairo museum.

7 minute cartoon. One of three that form episode 7 of the series "The Busy World of Richard Scarry", based on the characters that inhabit Richard Scarry's "Busytown" books. Each episode in this series (65 episodes) consists of 3 cartoons with short musicals in between.

Uncle Jack and Cleopatra's Mummy
UK, 1993

Paul Jones, Fenella Fielding, Roger Hammond
Directed by Jeremy Swan


An archeologist called Uncle Jack goes to Egypt with his niece Helen to work with Sir Humphrey Morton at his dig, the tomb of El Wadi Whant. Once there, strange things start to happen. Sir Humphrey disappears and shortly after someone tries to murder Jack. Then it appears the 'missing' Sir Humphrey is now working together with the evil Vixen to try and find queen Cleopatra's treasure…

BBC children's comedy drama in six parts (A Dig at el Ninny; The Camel's Breath; Meet the Mummy; The Legend Comes Alive; The Tomb of El Wadi Whant; Treasure of Cleopatra). Last of a short lived series of four similar programmes about archaeologist Uncle Jack and his adventures that aired on BBC television between 1990 and 1993, each episode having an environmental message.

Creep Course
USA, 1993

TV-series Tales from the Crypt

Nina Siemaszko, Julius Carry, Anthony Michael Hall
Directed by Jeffrey Boam


Stella Bishop is full blown geek taking a course on Egyptian mythology led by the pompous Prof.Finley, who also happens to be a collector of Egyptian antiquities including one undead mummy. Little does Stella know that she is the intended sacrifice for his living collectible!

Episode from the American horror anthology TV series "Tales from the Crypt" that ran from 1989 to 1996 for a total of 93 episodes on the premium cable channel HBO. It was based on the 1950s EC Comics series of the same name.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Japan, 1993

Directed by Hideki Futamura

A deadly feud rages between Jotaro Kujo's family and the malevolent, extremely powerful vampire Dio. Jotaro and his companions embark on a dangerous and long journey to Egypt to save the life of one of their group and finally put an end to the 100-year battle. When finally in Egypt, they are facing one of Dio's assassins N'Dool and the supernatural "God Geb". One by one the companions fall prey to N'Dool's sudden and violent attacks. After some considerable difficulties, Jotaro and his companions finally arrive at Dio's lair and find their way to the room where his coffin resides. Just as they prepare to strike the fatal blow, Dio appears more powerful than ever...

Anime based on the popular Manga series by Hirohiko Araki (荒木 飛呂彦), published in the magazine "Weekly Shōnen Jump" between 1987 and 2004. The original Japanese version of this Anime consists of six episodes that were released in 1993 and onother seven (actually intended as an explaining prequel series) in 2001. An English version with the total thirteen episodes was released on DVD between 2003 and 2005, with the episodes ordered by its fictional chronology.

Dead Man's Mirror
UK, 1993

TV-series Agatha Christie's Poirot

David Suchet
Directed by Brian Farnham


Detective Hercule Poirot is outbid at an auction for an antique mirror by a dislikable man called Gervase Chevenix . The man then offers Poirot the mirror if he agrees to investigate a possible fraud by one of his business associates. At his house Poirot learns from Mrs Chevenix that her spirit guide, an ancient Egyptian called Saphra ('a servant of Amenhotep'), has warned her of an imminent death and that she is never wrong. The prophecy comes true when her husband is murdered. Poirot's investigation leads him to matters of the occult, but not everything is as it seems.

Episode from the television detective series "Agatha Christie's Poirot" starring David Suchet. The popular series started in 1993 and new episodes are still being made today. The current episode is an adaptation of the sort story by the same name from the short story collection "Murder in the Mews and Other Stories" that was first published in 1937. In the original short story Chevenix's wife Vanda believes she is actually a reincarnation of an Egyptian woman, while in the television episode she has an ancient Egyptian spiritual guide.

Moses: From Birth to Burning Bush
USA, 1993

TV-series Animated Stories from the Bible

Ray Porter (voice), Tony Larimer (voice), Vicki Eccel (voice)
Directed by Richard Rich


Animated recount of the early years of Moses' life, from the privileged youth in Pharaoh's household to the moment when God speaks to Moses through a burning bush to tell him he is the one to free the Hebrews. Made for the video market.

Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme
USA/France, 1993

TV-series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's opponent Robotnik heads to ancient Egypt to get the Emerald of Immortality and to ensure Sonic's ancestors never meet so that he will never be born. Sonic and Tails go after him, prevent Robotnik from interfering with his ancestors' meeting, and then race to the crypt of Robotnik's ancestor Robotnikhotep, where the Emerald is kept. Robotnik successfully obtains the Emerald, but, Sonic steals it back with help from his ancestors and sends him, Scratch, and Grounder forward in time to a dogfight during World War II.

Episode from the animated slapstick comedy series "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" that ran for 65 episodes in only one season. It follows the escapades of the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog, and his sidekick Miles 'Tails' Prower as they attempt to stop the evil Doctor Robotnik and his array of vicious robots from taking over the planet Mobius.

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