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The Notorious Cleopatra
USA, 1970

Sonora (Loray White), Johnny Rocco, Jay Edwards
Directed by A.P. Stootsberry


"The Soul Queen of the Nile Who Ruled the World…The Black and the White! "

A sexually voracious, and fat slob Caesar sends Marc Antony to bring the notorious Cleopatra back to Rome. Though he's ordered to keep his hands to himself, Antony quickly falls under the Queen's spell, leading to a virgin sacrifice, an Egyptian orgy, the Ides of March, and a shocker of an ending in this wacky sex comedy. (source: visionfilms.net)

The "adult" version of the Cleopatra story from the director of "The Secret Lives of Romeo and Juliet" which won at Cannes in 1969. Produced by the notorious Harry Novak.


Japan, 1970

Chinatsu Nakayama, Kotoe Hatsui
Directed by Osamu Tezuka, Eiichi Yamamoto


In the future three friends gather over whether Cleopatra was really as great a lover as her legend. They send their spirits back in time to ancient Egypt to find out for themselves.

Funny, sometimes burlesque erotic parody in a somewhat Playboy-style of the well-know history of Cleopatra and her lovers Caesar and Marc Anthony, by Japanese Manga legend Tezuka Osamu. In a twist of history Cleopatra even tries to seduce Octavian, but discovers he happens to be homosexual, and has to endure some attempts at bestiality by a slave. The original Japanese running time of 112 minutes was cut down to 100 minutes for the American market. English title: "Cleopatra: Queen of Sex".

The Complaints of the Eloquent Peasant
شكاوي الفلاح الفصيح

Egypt, 1970

Directed by Shadi Abdel Salam (شادي عبدالسلام)

The peasant Khun-anup and his donkey stumble upon the lands of the noble Rensi. When the donkey nibbles at some corn, the peasant is accused of theft and his goods and donkey are confiscated. The peasant petitions his case with such eloquence of speech that he is eventually summoned by the pharaoh himself who wishes to hear him speak. The pharaoh realises the peasant has been wronged but delays judgement so as to he can hear more of his eloquence. The peasant makes a total of nine petitions until finally, his goods are returned.

Based on the original ancient Egyptian story of the "Eloquent Peasant" preserved on four late Middle Kingdom papyrus manuscripts. The film was restored in 2010 by the World Cinema Foundation at Cineteca di Cineteca di Bologna from the original 35mm camera and sound negatives preserved at the Egyptian Film Center in Giza. The restored version is occasionally shown at film festivals.

USA, 1970

Viva (Janet Sue Hoffmann), Taylor Mead, Louis Waldon
Directed by Nathan Zucker


The story of Cleopatra, situated in modern day Rome. The film's producer and writer Michel Auder was married to actress Viva, a former 'Warhol Superstar' who had appeared in a number of Andy Warhol artworks. She and other participants from Warhol's Factory play Romans and Egyptians, participating in orgies and freakouts in Rome. The production company did not like the end product and the film was withdrawn. Only a work copy remains preserved.

The Curse of the Mummy
UK, 1970

TV-series Mystery and Imagination

Isobel Black, Patrick Mower, Donald Churchill
Directed by Guy Verney


An archaeologist unearths the mummy of an Egyptian queen. He doesn't realize that his daughter has a strong resemblance to the dead queen, and soon the mummy awakens. Complications ensue.

Caesar and Cleopatra
USA, 1970

TV-series Shaw vs. Shakespeare

Donald Moffat, Richard Kiley, Suzanne Grossman
Directed by John Barnes


Third episode of a three-part docu-drama in which George Bernard Shaw compares his characterization of Julius Caesar, and his treatment of the Caesar and Cleopatra story, with Shakespeare's. Shaw's use of history comments wryly on the politics of his own time. This passionate interplay between the girl-queen and the wily conqueror provides the groundwork for his contention that there has been no social progress in the so-called Christian era, founded as it is upon judgment, guilt, and punishment.

Archaeology Today
UK, 1970

TV-series Monty Python's Flying Circus

John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle
Directed by Ian MacNaughton


In this particular sketch the host of "Archeology Today" quizzes his guests Professor Lucien Kastner and Sir Robert Eversley ('an expert in Egyptian tomb paintings') on the disparity of their heights. A dispute erupts when Sir Robert remarks that this is hardly about archaeology, and the whole scene ends in a fight. The host swears to avenge himself. After the caption "the story of one man's search for vengeance in the raw and violent world of international archaeology" the scene cuts to Sir Robert's expedition in the sands of Egypt... In a voice-over his assistant remarks that "the dig was going well that year. We had discovered some Hittite baking dishes from the fifth dynasty, and Sir Robert was happier than I had ever seen him", after which Sir Robert breaks into a song. After discovering a 'Sumerian drinking vessel of the fourth dynasty', Sir Robert concludes "now at last we know there was a Sumerian influence here in Abu Simnel in the early pre-dynastic period, two thousand years before the reign of Tutankhamun", and breaks into a song again. But then the BBC host appears and challenges him to a new fight. Eventually everybody on the dig gets entangled in the fight and all the finds get smashed. The host concludes with "and there we end this edition of Archeology Today".

Comedy sketch from episode 21 (second season, episode 8) of the hugely popular and influential British comedy show "Monty Python's Flying Circus". The series aired on BBC Television between 1969 and 1974 and pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in style and content.

Yusuf ile Züleyha
Turkey/Iran, 1970

Yasemin Alev, Cüneyt Arkin, Necdet Tosun
Directed by Türker Inanoglu


The story of Joseph and Pontiphar's wife and according to Quranic tradition (where she is named Zoleikha in an old Persian poem, as in the medieval Sefer HaYashar commentary on the Torah).

The Power of Adamcos
UK, 1970

TV-series Catweazle

Geoffrey Bayldon, Robin Davies

Catweazle loses his sacred witchknife ''adamcos'' which is accidentally found by mr Bennet who takes it to town to sell at the local antique shop. With the help of his friend Carrott, Catweazle manages to find the shop. Catweazle places a magic spell on the door to open it. However, there is nobody inside as the owner has popped out to buy some items. Suddenly mr Bennet arrives back at the shop, and in a panic Catweazle hides inside an Egyptian sarcophagus. When the owner returns and Catweazle opens the lid of the sarcophagus to come out, this causes the owner to faint, and Carrot and Catweazle are finally able to retrieve the witchknife.

Episode from the 1970 UK hit series "Catweazle" about an eccentric 11th century wizard who accidentally travels through time to the year 1969 and befriends a young red-headed boy, nicknamed Carrot. Catweazle mistakes all modern technology for powerful magic. The series ran for 26 episodes in 1970 and 1971.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes
UK/USA, 1971

Vincent Price, Joseph Cotton, Virginia North
Directed by Robert Fuest


A madman uses the plagues of ancient Egypt to avenge his wife's death.

Once Upon a Dead Man
USA, 1971

TV-series McMillan and Wife

Rock Hudson, Susan Saint James, John Schuck

Television movie that served as a pilot episode for the detective series "McMillan and Wife". The story involves a theft at a charity auction and the disappearance of an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Love and the Reincarnation
USA, 1971

TV-series Love, American Style

The head of an ancient Egyptian woman bears the resemblence of a young woman working with two men.

Episode from the television series "Love, American Style" that aired between September 1969 and January 1974. Each episode features different stories of romance, usually with a comedic spin, a type that would later form the basis for series like "The Love Boat". A total of 224 episodes were produced.

Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
UK, 1972

Andrew Keir, Valerie Leon
Directed by Michael Carreras, Seth Holt


Professor Fuchs leads an expedition to find the tomb of a cursed and evil Egyptian princess. When found she appears perfectly well preserved, her severed hand still-bleeding.Years later Fuchs gives the mummy's ring to his daughter Margaret, who becomes influenced by the malevolent traits of its original wearer and soon starts seeking revenge for the defilement of her tomb.

Second film adaptation of the book "The Jewel of Seven Stars" by Dracula author Bram Stoker.

Dr. Phibes Rides Again
UK, 1972

Vincent Price
Directed by Robert Fuest


The moon rises at a predestined angle and awakens the sleeping Dr. Phibes three years later. To his dismay, he finds his house has been demolished and his papyrus scrolls stolen, the scrolls he needs to find the pharaoh's Tomb in Egypt, where the River of Life flows. After identifying the source of the papyrus theft, he packs and leaves for Egypt with his assistant Vulnavia, still intent upon awakening his dead wife Victoria. The parties responsible for the theft of Phibes' scrolls suffer an attrition problem as Inspector Trout chases him across the world.

The Mummy's Tomb
USA, 1972

TV-series Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

Directed by Charles A. Nichols

Charlie Chan and his family help at an archaeological dig in Egypt where a previously undiscovered pharaoh was buried. However, it seems that there's a curse on this tomb, and that anyone who trespasses on the tomb is doomed. It's up to Charlie Chan and the kids to find out what's really going on. (source: www.bcdb.com)

Episode 11 from the "Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" animated cartoon series, season 2 (1972). Made by the Hanna-Barbera Studios. Made for television. Running Time 30 minutes. Color.

Kopf der Cleopatra
Germany, 1972

TV-series Privatdetektiv Frank Kross

Siegfried Wischnewski, Wolfgang Ammerbacher
Directed by Erich Neureuther


Episode 6 from the short-lived German television detective series "Privatdetektiv Frank Kross" about a retired policeman who solves various mysteries. This episode apparently deals with a 'head of Cleopatra'. The exact ancient Egyptian content is, however, not known.

Antony and Cleopatra
UK/Spain/Switzerland, 1973

Charlton Heston, Hildegard Neil, John Castle
Directed by Charlton Heston


Impressive adaptation of Shakespeare's play. Likely due to insufficient funds, stock footage from Ben Hur was used, but doesn't cut together convincingly with the footage shot for this film.

The Cat Creature
USA, 1973

Meredith Baxter
Directed by Curtis Harrington


When a rich man dies, some items from a collection of his are stolen- an ancient Egyptian gold amulet and the mummy that was wearing it. The police consult scholars from the local University to help with the investigation, which is taking a more serious turn as people connected with the case are killed by wounds that seem to be from a housecat.

La Venganza de la Momia
Spain, 1973

Jacinto Molina, Jack Taylor, María Silva
Directed by Carlos Aured


ancient Egyptian mummified pharaoh Amenhotep is brought back to life by a modern high priest and starts a new life as Assad Bey in Victorian London. To achieve immortality he needs to kidnap young virgins for blood sacrifices.

Spanish version of The Mummy, where the ancient Egyption lovers are wicked sadists whose religion is filled with blood drinking and who can casually eat grapes while innocent victims are tortured in front of them. An uncut version with lots of nudity is rumoured to exist, but no copies are in circulation. English title: "The Mummy's Revenge".

The Mummy's Curse
USA, 1973

TV-series Inch High Private Eye


Inch High is on his way to Egypt to investigate reports of a mummy coming back to life and creating havoc.

Episode 6 from the animated tv-series "Inch High Private Eye" about an inch high private detective, made by the Hanna-Barbera studio's. The series ran for only 13 episodes in 1973.

Nefertiti y Aquenatos
Mexico, 1973

Geraldine Chaplin, John Gavin, Norma Jordan
Directed by Raúl Araiza


30 minute television short, presumably about the life of Nefertiti and Akhenaten. English title: "Queen and the Pharaoh".

Il Plenilunio delle Vergini
Italy, 1973

Mark Damon, Rosalba Neri, Enza Sbordone
Directed by Luigi Batzella


In the 1800s scholar Karl Schiller believes he has found the ring of the Nibelungen which holds great power. It is located at the dangerous Castle Dracula. Fortunately, he has an Egyptian amulet which may protect him. His brother Franz takes the amulet and starts off for the castle first. When Karl finally arrives, it happens to be the Night of the Virgin Moon, a night that falls every fifty years and draws five virgins from the surrounding village to the castle not be heard from again. It is up to Karl to protect his brother, find the ring, and rescue the women.

USA, 1973

TV-series Mission: Magic!


While on a mission to restore the 'City Of Antiquity', Miss Tickle contends with Nephren, an ancient Egyptian Queen who has come back to life. This Queen's magic proves so powerful that Miss Tickle ends up exhausted. But both women have to join forces to rescue Nephren's lackeys, who are trapped inside a pyramid. (source: tv.com)

Episode from the animated cartoon series "Mission: Magic!" (a spin off of the television show "The Brady Kids") starring pop singer and musician Rick Springfield. The series was primarily intended to be a vehicle to promote Springfield's career as a teen idol. He is joined by a cast of animated fictitious characters: Miss Tickle, a mild-mannered teacher, and six teenaged students. The series ran for only 16 episodes on US television network ABC.

Hazreti Yusuf
Turkey, 1973

Yaşar Yağmur, Bahar Erdeniz, Nuri Altınok
Directed by Nuri Akinc

The story of islamic prophet Joseph (the biblical son of Jacob) in Egypt based on the narratives in the Quranic tradition. One from a long line of 1960s/1970s Turkish religious-themed productions.

Kak kazaki nevest vyruchali
Как казаки невест выручали

Soviet Union, 1973


Short animation about the sea adventures of cossacks chasing a group of pirates who have the ability to timetravel their ship to historical periods. In ancient Egypt, the pirates rob various treasures, including the pharaoh's gold crown and regalia.

Al César lo que es del César
Spain, 1973

TV-series Estudio 1

Silvia Tortosa, Carlos Ballesteros, Francisco Rabal


Episode from the Spanish historical television drama series "Estudio 1" that ran from 1965 until 1984 and consisted of televised performances of historical plays by famous authors. Entitled "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar" this particular episode focuses on the story of Caesar and Cleopatra. It is probably based on the 1898 play by George Bernard Shaw, but I could not get this confirmed.

Egyptian Daze
USA, 1973

TV-series Mutt and Jeff

Mutt and Jeff travel to Egypt to discover the ruins of King Mutt. But the guards won't let this happen.

Redrawn version of "Mummy o' Mine" from 1926. The original Mutt and Jeff animated series ran from 1916 until 1927 and was based on a long-running and widely popular American newspaper comic strip created by cartoonist Bud Fisher in 1907 about 'two mismatched tinhorns'. In 1973, eleven of the original 300 were redrawn colorized for a feature film, that was eventually only released in the 16mm small theater circuit.

Antony and Cleopatra
UK, 1974

Richard Johnson, Janet Suzman, Patrick Stewart
Directed by Trevor Nunn, Jon Scoffield


Television version of the Shakespeare play.

El Secreto de la Momia Egipcia
Spain/France, 1974

Frank Braña
Directed by Alejandro Martí


Despite the title, the mummy in this film does not look Egyptian with his longish black hair, golden quarter shirt and matching skirt. He appears more like an Aztec or other Central/South American Native priest. He's also not bandaged like the traditional Universal Pictures mummies, but rather perfectly preserved when brought to a mad Egyptologist. The scientist uses an a-typical electrical stimulation device to revive the mummy. The very first action the mummy takes is to suck the blood of a wound the doctor's brutish assistant has just suffered. The rest of the film is basically a series of recapitulations. See the mummy torture a beautiful peasant woman with a hot poker, sexually molest her, suck her bloodless and send out for the next victim… Alternate titles for this film: "Love Brides of the Blood Mummy" (USA) and "Perversions sexuelles" or "Le Sang des autres" (both France).

The Story of Jacob and Joseph
USA, 1974

Keith Michell, Tony Lo Bianco, Colleen Dewhurst
Directed by Michael Cacoyannis


The biblical story about Jacob and Joseph. Betrayed and sold into slavery to Egypt by his brothers, Joseph meets and overcomes all adversity to become the Prime Minister of Egypt, second only to the pharaoh. (source: IMDb)

USA, 1974

TV-series Witness to Yesterday

Jayne Meadows


Episode from the series "Witness to Yesterday", by PBS broadcasts, profiling a famous historic individual portrayed by an actress or actor. The series features careful costuming and exhaustively researched scripts, to create a provocative and memorable series of encounters. In this episode host Patrick Watson interviews Cleopatra.

Pardon, Pharaohs!
Прощайте, Фараоны!

Russia, 1974

Nikolai Slezka, Lyudmila Alfimova, V. Yachminsky
Directed by David Cherkasskiy, Vyacheslav Vinnik


Merry history about how a couple of men, who get tired from the reproaches of their wives, change places with them. It turns out that 'female duties' are not entirely easy.

I have not seen this film, but from a number of pictures I found on the Internet it seems that the men in this movie dream about the 'good old days' of the Egyptian pharaohs when men were still getting the pleasures of life rather than the displeasures they get today. The title "Прощайте, Фараоны!" or "Proshchayte, faraony!" in English translates to "Pardon, pharaohs!".

The Illusion of the Cat's Eye
USA, 1974

TV-series The Magician

Bill Bixby


After an offer of one million dollars for the statue of an Egyptian cat believed to hold the spirit of a god is turned down by a museum curator, the statue mysteriously disappears, even though it has numerous obstacles protecting it. Professional magician Tony Blake is hired by the museum's insurance company to investigate the supposed impossible theft. Tony soon finds his suspects dead and torn apart by a large animal with large claws. Tony finds that battling this mystery of this revenge seeking spirit is a pretty tricky task.

Episode from the television series "The Magician" about a professional stage magician who uses his skills to solve crimes and help the helpless. Though the series ran only a single season, it had an influence on later series and is referenced in such series as The X-files, The Incredible Hulk and Quantum Leap.

De Dief
Netherlands, 1974

John van Leeuwarden, Ton van Duinhoven, Cox Habbema
Directed by Krijn ter Braak


Two brothers steal silver from a Pharaoh's burial in order to pay for their own father's funeral. One of the princesses, however, devises a plan to trap the thieves who thus dishonored her father.

Television movie based on a script by Jan Blokker after the Egyptian folk story about king 'Rhampsinitus' (Ramesses III) as recorded by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus (The Histories, book II, 121).

USA, 1975

Joanna Cameron, Brian Cutler
Directed by Earl Bellamy, Arnold Laven


When a archaeology teacher unearths an ancient Egyptian amulet, she learns that the item is a magic piece of great power giving superhuman powers to the wearer. Researching the amulet's past, she decides to use it for its original purpose. Now, whenever there is trouble, she dons the amulet and chants "Oh Mighty Isis". With that, she transforms into the Egyptian goddess Isis herself and is ready to do battle with all sorts of evil together with her crow Tut.

1970's Saturday morning TV show that ran 22 episodes from 1975 to 1977. Isis was seen as the female counterpart to Shazam (DC Comics' Captain Marvel). They had a few crossover episodes to each other's shows. Also known as "Secrets of Isis".

Les Douze Traveaux d'Astérix
France, 1975

Directed by René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo


This is the year 50 before JC. Gaul (modern France) is occupied by the Romans. All of Gaul? No! A little village populated by some irreducible Gauls manages to resist again and again to the invader. This situation obviously gets on Caesar's nerves, who starts to believe these Gauls might be gods. To have proof of this, he sets them 12 works. Astérix and Obélix are chosen as representatives of the village to take up the challenge.

Animated adventure of the gaul Astérix has a little but lovely scene involving a hypnotizing Egyptian magician as one of the twelve tasks.

Moses the Lawgiver
USA, 1975

Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quayle, Ingrid Thulin
Directed by Gianfranco De Bosio


Critics agree this tv-production is probably one of the lesser retellings of the well-known story of Moses and the exodus. Most notable are the music by Ennio Morricone and the fact that Burt Lancaster's son William (Bill) plays Young Moses (as did Charlton Heston's son Fraser in the 1956 film "The Ten Commandments").

Pyramids of Mars
UK, 1975

TV-series Doctor Who

Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Bernard Archard
Directed by Paddy Russel


The TARDIS materialises on Earth in the year 1911 inside an old priory owned by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman. Scarman has been possessed by Sutekh, last survivor of the god-like Osirans, who is held prisoner inside a pyramid in Egypt by a signal transmitted from one on Mars. Sutekh desires his freedom and instructs Scarman to construct servicer robots - which look like Egyptian mummies - to build a missile with which to destroy the Martian pyramid. The Doctor foils this plan by blowing up the missile. He then falls under Sutekh's control himself and is made to transport Scarman to Mars in the TARDIS. Scarman cuts off the signal but the Doctor, now freed of Sutekh's influence, realises that there will be a short delay before it ceases to have effect, owing to the time taken for it to reach Earth. He rushes back and uses the time control from the TARDIS to move the end of the space-time tunnel that links the priory to the Egyptian pyramid into the far future. Sutekh, travelling down the tunnel, is unable to reach the end in his lifetime, and dies. (source: BBC)

"Pyramids of Mars" is actually a sequence of 4 episodes from season 13 (1975-76) of the legendary cult BBC sci-fi series "Doctor Who", which ran a staggering 33 years from 1963 until 1996, and was revived again in 2005. The series is about a mysterious time-travelling adventurer known only as "The Doctor". The Doctor, like all Time Lords, has the ability to regenerate his body when he dies, something he can do twelve times. This episode features the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker.

The Adventure of the Pharaoh's Curse
USA, 1975

TV-series Ellery Queen

Jim Hutton, David Wayne
Directed by Seymour Robbie


Norris Wentworth buys and brings an Egyptian sarcophagus to display at the world famous Tremane Museum. Wouldn't you know it, there's curse on the darn thing. The six previous owners have all kicked the bucket under mysterious circumstances. Needless to say, Wentworth becomes victim number seven but is he really the victim of a mummy's curse or is there some other motive? (source: tv.com)

Ellery Queen is a mystery writer who assists his father, a detective with the New York Police Department, in solving baffling murder cases. Following several 1930s printed adventures and a number of movies in the 1940s, no less than four separate "Ellery Queen" television series were made from the 1950s through the 1970s. "The Adventure of the Pharaoh's Curse" is the 10th episode from the final 1970's Universal/NBC's version, which ran for 23 episodes.

The Mysterious Pyramid
Japan, 1975

TV-series Arabian Naito Shindobatto no Bōken (アラビアンナイト シンドバットの冒険)

Directed by Fumio Kurokawa


When Sinbad and his friends arrive at the pyramids in search of ancient powers, Ali Baba is caught by a bunch of thieves who want to steal the treasures.

Episode from the Japanese animated series "Arabian Nights: Sinbad's Adventures" (Arabian Naito Shindobatto no Bōken, or アラビアンナイト シンドバットの冒険), based on tale about Sinbad the Sailor from the '1001 Nights' (or 'Arabian Nights') folk tales. Throughout the series Sinbad journeys to different destinations and cultures together with his uncle and his friends Ali Baba and Aladdin. The series ran for 42 episodes in 1975-1976.

Caesar and Cleopatra
UK, 1976

Alec Guiness, Geneviève Bujold
Directed by James Cellan Jones


The story of Caesar and Cleopatra after the play by George Bernard Shaw.

A Story of Tutankhamun
UK/Egypt, 1976

Domini Blythe, Ezzat Elalaily, Seif El Din
Directed by Kevin Scott

A curse befalls a young 20th century girl and she is transported back to ancient Egypt to the times of Tutankhamun.

Low budget horror film made for television.

The Return of the Pharaoh
USA, 1976

TV-series Electra Woman and Dyna Girl


Electra Woman and Dyna Girl again battle the villainous pharaoh.

Episodes 15 and 16 are the sequel to the episodes 11 and 12 entitled "The Pharaoh" of the short-lived television series "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl", following the crime-fighting exploits of female caped crusader Electra Woman and her teen sidekick Dyna Girl. The program playfully lampoons the superhero combo of Batman and Robin, taking many of its cues from the Batman television series of the 1960's.

The Pharaoh
USA, 1976

TV-series Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

Deidre Hall, Judy Strangis


When the greedy, gruesome pharaoh steals a powerful pyramid prism from the town museum to take over the world, ElectraWoman and Dyna Girl are quick to confront the threat.

Episodes 11 and 12 of the short-lived television series "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl", following the crime-fighting exploits of female caped crusader Electra Woman and her teen sidekick Dyna Girl. The program playfully lampoons the superhero combo of Batman and Robin, taking many of its cues from the Batman television series of the 1960's. The evil Pharaoh from the current episode returns in episodes 15 and 16 entitled "The Return of the Pharaoh".

The Golden Pharaoh
USA, 1976

TV-series The Six Million Dollar Man

Lee Majors, Farrah Fawcett, Oscar Goldman
Directed by Cliff Bole


When it is discovered that a priceless golden statue of a pharaoh from a museum exibit has been replaced with a fake, Steve is assigned to track down the real one in order to prevent an international diplomatic incident.

Episode 54 of the television series "The Six Million Dollar Man", which ran for 101 episodes from 1974 until 1978. The series chronicles the adventures of Steve Austin, a cybernetically enhanced astronaut turned secret agent who has superior strength and speed provided by bionic implants.

Logan's Run
USA, 1976

Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan
Directed by Michael Anderson


Citizens in a futuristic society are only allowed to live until age 30, when they have to take part in an extermination ceremony called Carousel. Logan is a 26 year old police assassin whose job is to terminate all runners who refuse to die. He decides to try to escape to freedom himself and search for a mythical place called Sanctuary. He is pursued by his former friend, another police assassin, who attempts to terminate him.

The film contains some Egyptian symbolism without actual references to ancient Egypt. The underground network of runners attempting to escape their death fate all wear an Egyptian-style Ankh-pendant, symbolizing Sanctuary and life. A computer reveals the meaning of this sign to Logan. The scenes in Washington D.C., where Logan and Jessica find themselves after they escape, show some Egyptian features as a backdrop, such as the well-known National Monument obelisk and a pyramid with an owl perched atop the missing capstone within the street layout. The obelisk features prominently in several scenes.

London Tales: Night Ferry
UK, 1976

Bernard Cribbinsm, Graham Fletcher-Cook
Directed by David Eady


Master-of-disguise Pyramid plans to smuggle the ancient Egyptian mummy of Nematut out of the country. When young Jeff discovers the plan, a dangerous chase via London’s Victoria and Clapham railway stations ensues, coming to a climax aboard the night ferry to Paris.

One from a long line of films produced for the Children's Film Foundation. Established by film distributor and theater chain owner J. Arthur Rank, the foundation provided short, brisk and harmless entertainment for younger movie theater audiences from the '50s through the '70s.

The Spy Who Loved Me
UK, 1977

Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curd Jürgens
Directed by Lewis Gilbert


James Bond 007 teams up with a Russian female counterpart to stop a mad shipping billionaire from destroying the world.

Includes several sequences in Egypt, along the Nile and in several temples. The temple of Medinet Habu, the Ramesseum and the temple of Karnak serve as a single location. The temple of Abu Simbel serves as the Egyptian headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service, containing an office, a conference room and a laboratory.

The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb
USA, 1977

TV-series The Hardy Boys Mysteries

Parker Stevenson, Shaun Cassidy, Cesare Danova
Directed by Alvin Ganzer


The Hardy Boys, two brothers, are sightseeing in mysterious Egypt when someone in a crowded bazaar steals a handbag from a pretty American girl named Helene. The bag contains a figure of the ancient god, Osiris. When Frank finally manages to get the bag away from the street thief, Helene denies that it belongs to her, and the brothers are literally left "holding the bag" when the local police come onto the scene. It takes all of their bravery and skill to prove to the authorities that they aren't the true culprits in the case.

Episode 17 of the fine 1970's TV-series "The Hardy Boys Mysteries".

La Sierpe del Nilo
Spain, 1977

TV-series Mujeres Insólitas

Rocío Dúrcal, Luis Prendes, Víctor Valverde
Directed by Cayetano Luca de Tena

Episode from the Spanish television drama series "Mujeres insólitas" (Unusual women). This episode features the story of queen Cleopatra.

USA, 1977

TV-series Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics

The series "Scooby's Laff-A-Lympics", which was produced between 1977 and 1979, incorporates nearly every major Hanna-Barbera animation character from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. In this series the characters are separated into three teams that compete against each other in races and obstacles. The nineth episode is entitled "Egypt" contains two competitions, one being "touch the tip of the pyramid" and the other a "camel race" in the desert. The events around the pyramid involve the Yogi Bear and Really Rotten teams using several tricks such as a secret hoist in a wall and a trap door. Eventually they leave the pyramid with a sawn-off tip.

The Return of Anubis
USA, 1977

TV-series The Space Sentinels

The god Anubis, an alien imprisoned by superstitious Egyptians 5000 years before, is revived and seeks revenge on humanity.

Episode from the animated series "The Space Sentinels" of which thirteen half-hour episodes were made. It features the Roman mythological figures Hercules and Mercury who are joined by Astrea, a character created specifically for the series, to form a superhero team to protect mankind.

Tutankhamen's 3000-Year Curse

Japan, 1977

TV-series Lupin the Third (ルパン三世)

Yasuo Yamada, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Eiko Masuyama


In Cairo, Egypt, master thief Lupin the Third steals the death mask of king Tutankhamen from the Egyptian museum. As soon as he starts messing around by wearing it, Lupin ends up being cursed and thinks he actually is the late ruler of Egypt. His friends and allies Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko must find a way to undo the curse and cure Lupin.

Episode from the Japanese anime television series "Lupin the Third" (ルパン三世 or "Rupan Sansei"), based on the original manga series written and illustrated by Kazuhiko Kato under his pen name, Monkey Punch. It follows the escapades of master thief Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief of Maurice Leblanc's series of novels. The animated version appeared in four incarnations, in 1971-1972, 1977-1980, 1984-1985 and in 2012, followed by a number of specials and theatrical movies.

Death on the Nile
USA, 1978

Peter Ustinov, Jane Birkin, Bette Davis, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, David Niven
Directed by John Guillermin


Almost everyone on the S.S.Karnak, cruising the Nile, has a reason to want heiress Linnet Ridgeway dead. Her jewels are coveted by elderly Mrs. van Schuyler, her maid is upset because Linnet won't give her a promised dowry, writer Salome Otterbourne is facing a libel suit brought by Linnet, Salome's daughter Rosalie wants to protect her mother, American Andrew Pennington has been embezzling from the Ridgeway family, and former friend Jacqueline de Bellefort is upset that Linnet stole her fiance, Simon, away from her. Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot must unravel the mystery when Linnet (and some of the others) turn up dead.

Based on the 1937 Agatha Christie novel.

Cruise Into Terror
USA, 1978

Dirk Benedict, Frank Converse, John Forsythe
Directed by Bruce Kessler


The passengers on a cruise ship in the Mexican Gulf are terrorized by an unholy entity emanating from an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus being transported on the ship. The coffin's occupant appears to be none other than the Devil himself.

Apart from some odd Egyptian ruins in an underwater cavern, this film contains nothing else of egyptological interest.

Lost Planet of the Gods
USA, 1978

TV-series Battlestar Galactica

Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene
Directed by Christian I. Nyby III


After the destruction of the human colonies, the last major fighter carrier Battlestar Galactica leads a makeshift refugee fleet in a search for Earth.

Double episode (3 and 4) of the science-fiction TV-series "Battlestar Galactica" (1978-1979). There are numerous references to ancient Earth civilizations. The helmets worn by Colonial Viper pilots are based on Egyptian headdresses. The enemy Cylon force structure is based on Roman legions. This episode features the Pyramids at Giza and the Great Hall of the Temple of Karnak as ancient ruins of civilization on the planet Cobol.

Néfertiti et le Rêve d'Akhénaton
France, 1978

Valia Boulay, Patrick Feigelson
Directed by Jean-Marie Coldefy, François Dupeyron

Based on the 1974 book by Andrée Chedid.

The Tomb
USA, 1978

TV-series Fantasy Island

Ricardo Montalban, Herve Villechaize, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Barry Sullivan
Directed by George McCowan


There is even an Egyptian theme in the legendary television series "Fantasy Island", which ran for 156 episodes from 1978 to 1984. The series centers around a mysterious island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean where people from all walks of life come and live out their fantasies for a price. In the episode "The Tomb" an archeologist and his daughter live the ultimate fantasy of confronting an ancient Egyptian curse! For other ancient Egyptian content in this series, see the 1980 episode "My Fair Pharaoh".

The Muppet Show
USA, 1978


The popular television series "The Muppet Show" from the 1970s contains a few references to ancient Egypt in its sketches. Episode 319 (1978) contains a sketch with Elke Sommer as Cleopatra. In this episode, Beauregard and Beaker are building the set for the final number, a big ancient Egypt production, and Beauregard asks what shape Kermit wants the pyramids to be. Kermit is alarmed when Bo tells him Beaker's getting the power saw, crying: "He's dumber than you are!" Beaker is dragged around by the power saw and the set doesn't get finished, so Bo is still hammering while the number goes on. In the final sketch Elke Sommer, as Cleopatra, sings "Row, Row, Row". Another episode, number 409 (1979; guest star Beverly Sills) contains a sketch with miss Piggy as Cleopatra. Episode 516, with guest star Gladys Knight, contains a sketch where a group of Egyptian archeologists, sarcophagi, and mummies (including a mummy Gonzo) together sing a spooky version of "Night and Day".

USA, 1978

TV-series The Incredible Hulk

Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Edward Power, Sondra Currie
Directed by Sigmund Neufeld Jr.


Dr. David Bruce Banner is travelling aboard a plane to meet a scientist who offers a potential cure for his Hulk condition, only to run into a hijack attempt by the cabin crew in order to steal ancient Egyptian antiquities stashed aboard the jetliner's cargo hold.

Episode 7 from the tv-series "The Incredible Hulk" which lasted for four seasons between 1977 and 1981.

King Tut
USA, 1978

TV-series Saturday Night Live

Steve Martin

"He gave his life for tourism!"

"I'd like to talk seriously just for a moment. One of the great art exhibitions ever to tour the United States is the Treasures of Tutankhamen - or King Tut. But I think it's a national disgrace the way we have commercialized it with trinkets and toys, T-shirts and posters. And three months ago I was up in the woods, and I wrote a song. I tried to use the ancient modalities and melodies. I'd like to do it for you right now. Maybe we can all learn something."

Comedy song performed by Steve Martin and the "Toot Uncommons" (actually members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band). The original performance was telecast on the April 22, 1978 episode of Saturday Night Live. A live performance of the song was included on Martin's LP A Wild and Crazy Guy. The song paid homage to Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun and presents a caricature of the sensational Treasures of Tutankhamun travelling exhibit that toured seven United States cities from 1976 to 1979. The exhibit attracted approximately eight million visitors. In the Saturday Night Live version of "King Tut," loyal subjects appease a joyful King Tut with kitchen appliances. An instrumental solo is delivered by a moustached saxophone player (played by Lou Marini) who steps out of a sarcophagus to great laughter. (source: Wikipedia)

I Wants Me Mummy
USA, 1978

TV-series Popeye: The Continuing Adventures

Popeye and Olive travel to Egypt to look for Cleopatra's treasure.

Episode from the animated television series "Popeye - The Continuing Adventures".

Rupan Sansei: Rupan tai Fukusei Ningen

Japan, 1978

Directed by Yasuo Ôtsuka, Soji Yoshikawa, Richard Epcar


Created by manga artist Monkey Punch in 1967, Lupin III is a master thief. His off-the-wall escapades spoof the adventures of James Bond and similar rakish heroes. This first anime version of the popular manga comic tells the story a policeman hunting a criminal who has stolen a valuable ancient Egyptian amulet that promises its possessor eternal life.

Antony and Cleopatra
UK, 1978

TV-series Morecambe and Wise

Sketch from an episode of the 1978 popular show "Morecambe and Wise", one of the best known double acts of UK television history. Their typical show was effectively a sketch show crossed with a sitcom. Some sketches had the form of staged historical drama, which usually parodied genuine historical television plays or films such as Napoleon and Josephine, Stalag 54 and Antony and Cleopatra. Guests who participated included many big names of the 1970s and 80s. In this particular sketch Glenda Jackson appears as Cleopatra: "All men are fools. And what makes them so is having beauty like what I have got…".

Conquerors of the Future
USA, 1978

TV-series Challenge of the SuperFriends

Directed by Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano


The SuperFriends are shocked when and their arch-enemy alien supervillain Sinestro saves two Paris subway trains from a collision. Later, his ally Toyman stops a couple of bank robbers, and Gorilla Grodd and Bizarro prevent an airship disaster. The villainous group claims they are tired of battling the SuperFriends and losing each time. But they show their true colors when they do not come to the aide of the dying planet Santar, so it is too late for SuperFriends to save it. While on Santar, the SuperFriends get a message which leads them to a trap in an Egyptian tomb and finally to the year 3984, where the Legion of Doom has now conquered a domed city.

Episode 11 of season 1 of the animated series "Challenge of the SuperFriends" about a team of superheroes based on the 'Justice League' and associated comic book characters published by DC Comics. One of the characters is Hawkman, a reincarnation of ancient Egyptian 'prince Khufu' and an archeologist by trade who uses his archeological finds to combat evil. He has the power of flight and uses Nth metal weapons. The series ran for only one season in 1978. A later incarnation of this concept is found in the "Justice League Unlimited" series (see the 2006 episodes "Shadow of the Hawk" and "Ancient History" elsewhere in this list).

Piedone d'Egitto
Italy, 1979

Bud Spencer, Enzo Cannavale, Baldwyn Dakile
Directed by Steno


Police Commissioner Rizzo, Bigfoot (Italian 'Piedone' by nickname) and Marshal Caputo go to Egypt and look for Professor Cerullo, who is missing. The professor has discovered an insect that can smell where oil is and lots of criminals are interested in it.

Alternate English titles: "Flatfoot in Egypt", "Flatfoot on the Nile".

USA, 1979

TV-series The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse

Oilcan Harry and Swifty are in Egypt, and Pearl Pureheart is there too. Somehow, Oilcan Harry and Swifty wake up a mummy. The mummy captures Pearl. Mighty Mouse comes to Pearl's rescue and captures Oilcan Harry and Swifty, ultimately putting the mummy back to rest.

Episode 1 from the animated tv-series "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse", which ran for 48 episodes in 1979.

Pyramids of Terror
USA, 1979

TV-series Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman and Spider-Man investigate a strange pyramid that arises in Egypt and the alien mummies that dwell within. It appears to be a sophisticated alien spaceship under the control of an alien mummy called Kufu from the planet Hotep.

Episode from the animated series "Spider-Woman" about a woman who has spider-like powers. Based on the Marvel Comics character.

Johnny Chan and the Treasures of Tutankhamen
Canada, 1979

TV-series The Wayne and Shuster Show

Comedy duo Wayne and Shuster present their version of a famous detective in an Egyptian mystery, apparently dealing with the 'treasures of Tutankhamen'.

Episode from the long running "The Wayne and Shuster Show" by comedians Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster, who ran this show on Canadian television from 1955 until 1983, with a few extra sketches in the following years until 1991.

The Kitty Katt Caper
USA, 1979

TV-series The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show

The evil Kitty Katt discovers an ancient Egyptian serum that can turn people into cats. She uses the serum on several important people including Plastic Man. Plastic Man must find the antidote to save himself and the rest of the world. (source: tv.com)

Episode from "The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show" that features various adventures of the DC Comics superhero Plastic Man. The Kitty Kat character appears to be based on the Batman villain 'Catwoman'.

City of Death
UK, 1979

TV-series Doctor Who

Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, Julian Glover
Directed by Michael Hayes


Second episode (in four parts) of the 17th season of the British science fiction television series "Doctor Who". It features an alien called Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth, whose many incarnations pushed the human race forward through time, appearing as a god in ancient Egyptian times and ordering the pyramids built. The long running "Doctor Who" series contains various references to aliens who were revered as gods by the ancient Egyptians, for instance in the four 1975 episodes listed elsewhere in this list entitled "The Pyramids of Mars" which feature an alien called Sutekh (Seth).

USA, 1979

Charles Ludlam, Michael Burg, Peter Evans
Directed by Mark Rappaport


Two magicians plot to steal an ancient Egyptian artifact.

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb
USA, 1980

Eva Marie Saint, Robin Ellis, Raymond Burr
Directed by Philip Leacock


After the discovering of King Tutankhamun's Tomb, the archeologists seem to become the object of the pharaoh's curse.

The Awakening
UK/USA, 1980

Charlton Heston, Suzannah York, Jill Townsend
Directed by Mike Newell


"They thought they had buried her forever!"

When Egyptologist Matthew Corbeck opens the long forgotten tomb of bloody princess Kara, her awakened soul secretly takes possession of his newly born daughter Margaret. Eighteen years later she starts showing signs that Kara's soul has taking possession of her, and Corbeck sees no other option than to use ancient occult rituals to oppose this predestined plan.

Third film based on Bram Stoker’s novel "The Jewel of Seven Stars". It was earlier preceded by "Curse of the Mummy"(1970) and "Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb" (1971). In 1997 followed yet another film, "Legend of the Mummy" or "Bram Stoker's Legend of the Mummy".

Mummy's the Word
USA, 1980

TV-series Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Doo

Directed by Ray Patterson, Oscar Dufau, Carl Urbano

Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy are driving through the Egyptian Desert. They are so hot, they see a mirage of a refreshment stand. After getting buried in a sand storm, they soon discover a pyramid. Shaggy is worried because that's "a real dead place", where the ancient pharaohs were buried, but Scrappy runs in ahead. Inside, Scooby and Shaggy are horrified by a living pharaoh's head that turns out to be Scrappy wearing the mask. They do however, encounter a moving mummy who comes after them. Scrappy wants to attack, but Scooby grabs him. They hide in ancient paintings, and then try to escape on a boat in an indoor lake, but what looks like stepping stones are actually hungry crocodiles. Shaggy and Scooby narrowly escape their jaws, which Scrappy is able to simply snap shut. The mummy appears again, and Scrappy simply unwinds him ("See, I knew he was nothing but hot air"). But upon leaving the pyramid, the mummy's spirit follows them outside, leaving footprints in the sand. The gang drives off into the desert. (source: www.bcdb.com)

Episode 7 from the "Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Doo" animated cartoon series, season 1 (1980-1981).

Wholly Moses
USA, 1980

Dudley Moore, Dom Deluise
Directed by Gary Weis


Harvey and Zoey, two tourists travelling through Israel, discover an ancient scroll describing the life of Herschel, the man who was almost Moses. Herschel receives the command from God to free his people from Egyptian slavery, but Moses keeps blundering by and taking all the credit. (source: IMDb)

Comical approach to the biblical story of Moses and the exodus by the director of television's Saturday Night Live show.

My Fair Pharaoh
USA, 1980

TV-series Fantasy Island

Ricardo Montalban, Herve Villechaize, Joan Collins, Michael Ansara
Directed by George McCowan


Lucy Atwell travels in time to ancient Egypt in the role of Cleopatra, only to find her life in grave danger.

Joan Collins plays the lead role in this episode 63 of the legendary television series "Fantasy Island", which ran for 156 episodes from 1978 to 1984. The series centers around a mysterious island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean where people from all walks of life come and live out their fantasies for a price. For other ancient Egyptian content in this series, see the 1978 episode "The Tomb".

Homes, $weet Homes
USA, 1980

TV-series Charlie's Angels

Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, David Doyle
Directed by Allen Baron


When a wealthy Beverly Hills couple is robbed of valuable ancient Egyptian artifacts, Charlie's Angels are set on the trail and soon suspect a real estate baron.

Episode from the legendary television series "Charlie's Angels" about three women who work for a private investigation agency. The series was was one of the most successful series of the 1970s and was broadcast from 1976 to 1981.

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