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Bubba Ho-tep
USA, 2002

Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis
Directed by Don Coscarelli


Elvis appears alive as an elderly resident in a Texas rest home, having switched identities with an impersonator years before his 'death'. He teams up with fellow resident John F. Kennedy to fight off a 2000-year-old cowboy hat-wearing mummy named Bubba-Ho-Tep, who is prowling through the old folk's home.

Based on the Bram Stoker Award nominee short story by cult author Joe R. Lansdale.

The Scorpion King
USA, 2002

Chuck Russell, Grant Heslov, Dwayne Johnson
Directed by Chuck Russell


An egyptian peasant whose town is massacred becomes the revenge-seeking Scorpion King.

A spin-off of the successful recent mummy films. It has "Return of the Mummy" star 'The Scorpion King' in his own Conan-like adventure. Contains only few sparse egyptian elements.

Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopatre
France, 2002

Gerard Depardieu, Christian Clavier, Monica Bellucci
Directed by Alain Chabat


Cleopatra makes a bet with Caesar that she can build a palace in three months. Our Gallic superheroes Astérix and Obélix travel to Egypt to help her architect Numérobis accomplish the task against opposition from Caesar's Roman legions and a rival architect.

Based on the popular French comic book series about the Gaulish character "Asterix" by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

Queen of the Damned
USA, 2002

Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah
Directed by Michael Rymer


After many years of sleeping in his coffin, the vampire Lestat wants to be a part of the new world so he gathers a following and becomes a rock star. His music awakens the ancient Egyptian queen Akasha, who is so peeved about male violence that she might just have to kill most of them.

Almost nothing of Egyptological interest in this vampire film. Some set pieces and the queen's dress are made to look exotic, but are only very remotely Egyptian in style. Based on the Anne Rice novel.

The Mummy's Kiss
USA, 2002

Ava Niche, Sasha Peralta, George Thomas
Directed by Donald F. Glut


An ancient Egyptian princess comes back to modern times, unwrapped, mystically transformed into a moden-day babe... using her sexuality and supernatural powers in an erotic quest to claim the reincarnation of her time-lost lover.

Soft porn film produced for video. Interestingly, the film opens with the same fragment from the ballet "Swan Lake" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky as was used in the 1932 production of The Mummy. It contains many further references to that film. Followed in 2005 by "The Mummy's Kiss - 2nd Dynasty".

Natale sul Nilo
Italy, 2002

Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi, Max Cavallari, Bruno Arena
Directed by Neri Parenti


A Christmas Nile cruise seems the perfect escape from every day trouble for Enrico Ombroni, General of the Carabinieri, whose daughter desperately wants to become a showgirl. Lawyer and womanizer Fabio Ciulla has his own reasons for being in Egypt, as he is on the trail of his wife who fled him. And there are Max and Bruno, just on holiday but in the possession of two misterious rings. All this inevitably leads to hilarious complications.

Comedy filmed on location.

A Pharaoh to Remember
USA, 2002

TV-series Futurama


After delivering an enormous sandstone to Osiris 4, Fry, Leela and Bender are forced to work as slaves assisting the construction of the great pharaoh Hamenthotep's tomb -- a pyramid. When Bender experiences an identity crisis because he has never been an over-achiever, he becomes extremely motivated, working harder and faster than anyone for the completion of the tomb. While the pharaoh acknowledges the crew's diligence, Bender's efforts accidentally kill him, and Bender proceeds to the throne.

Episode 7 of the 4th season of the popular animated tv-series "Futurama", playing 1000 years in the future. From the creators of The Simpsons.

Julius Caesar
USA/Germany/Italy, 2002

Jeremy Sisto, Richard Harris, Samuela Sardo
Directed by Uli Edel


Mini-series telling the story of the rise and fall of Gaius Julius Caesar. He falls in love with beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra and brings her to Rome, where he is murdered.

Shop Like an Egyptian
USA, 2002

TV-series Time Squad

Time cop Tuddrussel and robot Larry 3000 are going good together, then along comes the mission to Cleopatra. Cleopatra decides to convert King Tut's pyramid into a mall, but all Tuddrussel and Larry care about is getting her to like them-- just one of them. Things seem to be going good for them and bad for the mission untill they meet Cleopatra's real boyfriend -- Julius Caesar! (source: www.bcdb.com)

Episode 13 from the "Time Squad" animation series. Originally Aired on Cartoon Network. Running Time 12 minutes. Color.

Mumya Firarda
Turkey, 2002

Tarik Pabuccuoglu, Maged El-Masry, Nurgul Yesilcay, Teoman
Directed by Erdal Murat Aktas


Frustrated in various attempts to find a sexual-potency aphrodisiac, gangster Cahit hears of the supposed powers inherent in the powdery remains of Egyptian mummies. This nicely coincides with a plot hatched in Cairo by Hasan to arrange a robbery of Ramses IV. All of this soon involves good-guy cop Ahmet, who's told by authorities to track beautiful half Egyptian and half Turkish Fatima from Istanbul to Cairo, as they wrongly suspect she's involved with the crooks. That day on the plane, however, there are two coffins: one of Ramses IV and the other of Yahya, an archeologist who died on a dig in Egypt. Of course the two coffins get mixed up, the pharaoh is sent to Yahya's grieving family and Yahya is sent to the impotent gangster. Chaos erupts. Alarms go off in Istanbul and Cairo, and secret agents, gangster bodyguards and a bumbling commissioner add to the wild mix.

Caper comedy following nutty adventures through wide swathes of Turkey and Egypt did very nicely on Turkish screens and elsewhere in the Middle East. Arabic title: "Heroub Momyaa". English title: "Runaway Mummy".

Cleopatra does Hollywood
USA, 2002

Cheyenne Silver
Directed by Ralph Parfait

Due to a freak accident the ancient queen Cleopatra is dropped right in the middle of the 21st century with a lust that is hundreds of years old.

Secretul Reginei Cleopatra
Romania, 2002

Maria Dinulescu, Tudor Chirila, Andi Vasluianu, Mihai Bendeac
Directed by Catalin Saizescu


The Threat of the Mummy
USA, 2002

Darin Kerr, Dawn Kidle, Paul Kelly, Sarah Davis
Directed by Christopher P. Jacobs

A small Midwestern university’s collection of antiquities has been all but ignored, until a graduate student wins approval to unwrap an ancient Egyptian mummy for her dissertation. Events heat up when her plan provokes extremists to steal the body in protest, causing national news media to descend on the town. Then a clandestine attempt to perform the ancient funeral liturgy unwittingly brings the mummy back to life—revealing secrets lost for two millennia and unleashing a threat no one ever imagined.

Low-budget horror movie, heavy on the camp melodrama. Christopher P. Jacobs produced and directed The Threat of the Mummy on digital video from his own script, as well as photographing and editing the production.

Clock like an Egyptian
USA/Canada, 2002

TV-series Cyberchase

Directed by Larry Jacobs


Dr. Marbles finds the encryptor chip (the computer chip that will enable Marbles to delete Motherboard's virus) in an ancient pyramid. But the Mummy who guards the pyramid finds Marbles. When the kids and Digit arrive, they must work their way through the chambers of the pyramid – find Dr. Marbles – and escape before a trap set by the Mummy seals them inside forever. How much time do they have? Unfortunately, they have no clock or watch to tell them how much time has gone by. How can they be helped?

Episode 9 of the Emmy Award-winning series Cyberchase, which teaches kids aged 8-12 math concepts in a fun way they can understand. Every episode concludes with a "For Real" live action segment in which a young comic actor encounters a situation which reinforces the math concept explored in the animated story line. The episode "Clock like an Egyptian" centers around the topic of timekeeping: measure the passage of time by chosing a starting point and count up the beats of something that repeats at steady, regular intervals.

Mummy Scares Best
USA, 2002

TV-series What's New Scooby-Doo?

While in Egypt on an archeological dig with Melbourne O'Reilly, the gang encounters pharaoh Scamses the 15th, a mummy who has a knack of turning tourists into his zombie minions. So the gang sets out to solve the mystery - that is, until Fred, Daphne and Velma get turned into zombies too!

Episode 15 of the animated series "What's New Scooby-Doo?", yet another Scooby spin-off about the teenage detectives solving mysteries across the country. The series ran for 3 seasons, totalling 39 episodes (30 min. each) and a few specials.

I Love Mummy
USA, 2002

Kelly Turner, Neil Crone, Mark Caven

Thirteen-year-old James and his wacky, working-class family inherit a 3,250 year-old mummy who promptly comes to life, puts his spoiled, regal, ancient Egyptian feet up on the coffee table and proceeds to hog the remote. There's really nothing like a teenage pharaoh in the house to fill the place with hijinks, crack an introverted boy out of his shell and give a new perspective to the sheer craziness of our overly technical, hyperactive, new millennial lives. (source: www.tv.com)

TV-series that ran 1 season with a total of 26 episodes.

Love Mummy
USA, 2002

TV-series Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Directed by Jay Edwards


In this episode Frylock, a box of french fried potatoes that possesses magical powers, discovers a mummy in the crawlspace under the house. The mummy begins to exhort his bratish favors from Frylock by threatening him with an ancient Egyptian curse.

When there is trouble, pick up the phone and order a milkshake, a meatball, with a side of fries. Yeah, call the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the most elite human-sized food crime solving team in the greater New Jersey area… "Love Mummy" is episode 13 of the animated tv-series "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" that (so far) ran a total of 67 episodes of 10 minutes from 2000 until 2007.

Pain King vs. Cleopatra
USA, 2002

TV-series Kim Possible


Kim and Ron get tickets to the big match between wrestlers Pain King and Steel Toe. Ron, unable to get Kim excited about the event, fears that a new friend has come between them. However a new challenger plans to crash the match with the help of a magical ancient Egyptian amulet. The amulet, according to myth, was a gift to Cleopatra herself from a High Priest of Anubis, Egyptian God of the dead. Allegedly, whoever wears the amulet is granted superhuman strength. Obviously, Kim has a hard time solving this one!

Episode 12 from the televison Disney Channel hit series "Kim Possible" about a high school teen, balancing herself between the role of cheerleader captain on one side and saving the world from villains on the other. The series ran for 3 seasons between 2002 and 2005, with 65 episodes made.

Der Schatz des Pharao
Germany, 2002

TV-series Briefe von Felix, ein Hase auf Weltreise

Directed by Hanan Kaminski, Alan Simpson


Felix has arrived in Egypt, where he is immediately recognized by a small girl as the Genie who will fulfill all her wishes. Not wanting to disappoint her, he takes her to an underground cave to seek the treasures of a pharaoh. Once there they are confronted with some evil tomb robbers.

Episode from the German children's animated series "Briefe von Felix, ein Hase auf Weltreise" about the adventures of a stuffed Hare on a trip around the world.

Canada, 2002

TV-series Mentors

Brian Martell, Barbara Mamabolo, Jane Sowerby


Anson and Simon’s landscaping company has its first customer - a wealthy but impossible woman. When she vetoes all their ideas, Simon brings back someone he believes is a design expert, King Tutankhamen. Tut isn’t quite the experienced builder they were hoping for but that doesn’t matter to Glae, who gets a crush on the boy king. Unfortunately for Glae – and Simon and Anson – King Tut has a curse on him that affects everyone around him. Trying to remove the curse, they build an elaborate ceremonial structure that not only works but turns out to be exactly the lawn ornament their client wanted. All would end well…except that Anson discovers the time machine. (source: tv.com)

Mentors is a show about a teenage boy named Oliver Cates who has his own invention called Visicron, which is a machine that can bring historical people from the past back to the present for 36 hours. The series ran for 52 episodes between 1999 and 2002.

Jack in Egypt
USA, 2002

TV-series Samurai Jack

Phil LaMarr


Samurai Jack must read hieroglyphs, solve riddles and assemble a sacred scarab to call upon the sun god Ra for help in fighting the evil wizard Aku. Aku has this time unleashed the power of the ancient Egyptian shadow warriors of the god Seth.

Episode from the animated television series "Samurai Jack" about an ancient samurai warrior who is determined to overthrow the evil reign of the shape-shifting wizard Aku. This episode is also known under the name "Jack and the Scarabs".

Raiders of The Lost Arse: The Mummy's Hand
USA, 2002

Bryce Pierce, Jeff Allen, Simon Cox
Directed by Chris Ward, J.D. Slater

Gay porn movie by Raging Stallion Studios. Super-stud Jeff Allen leads a team of sex-crazed explorers on a search for the long lost tomb of a pharaoh.

Curse of the Mummy
UK, 2002

TV-series Pets

Episode from the British puppet series "Pets", a sort of flatmate situation comedy about the everyday lives of four household pets who live in a filthy, rundown house. The events of the episodes tend to be very bizarre, with supernatural occurrences such as appearances by archangels, poltergeists and aliens. In this particular episode the parrot JP unwittingly puts an ancient curse on his hapless housemates. Psychopathic blue persian cat Davina has to call upon a few ancient Egyptian connections in order to tackle the problem.

Orion in the Sky
USA, 2002

TV-series ER

Directed by Jonathan Kaplan


This episode 18 from season 8 of the popular hospital series "ER" features an Egyptologist among its patients who is brought to the hospital with a rare and possibly ancient disease.

From Egypt with Love
USA, 2002

TV-series Phantom Investigators

Kira visits an ancient Egyptian exhibition at the Natural History Museum, which proves so impressive that it leaves her literally speechless.

Episode 8 of season 1 of the children's animated series "Phantom Investigators" by Sony Pictures Television about a team of 12-year-old investigators probing paranormal problems. The series ran for only one season in 2002.

The Curse of Anahki
USA, 2002

Directed by Mako

Dr. Steinberg, a college professor and archeologist, travels to Egypt to excavate a tomb believed to belong to Anahki, a powerful Queen who was hated among the Egyptian bureaucrats. The doctor takes his reluctant son Tim along for the ride. However, they are not prepared for the supernatural forces still living inside the tomb. (summary adapted from thesirensong.net)

Animated short movie made for the Internet market by Mako Pictures, a small production company that specializes in short stories that fit into the horror and sci-fi genres. Their clips can be found on video sites like YouTube (albeit sensored) and can be ordered on DVD.

When Pyramids Were Square
Canada/UK, 2002

TV-series Seriously Weird

Ryan Cartwright, Lucinda Davis, Ricky Mabe

In order to get more slaves for building a pyramid, an ancient Egyptian sorcerer travels to the future and offers wiz kid Harris a secret ingredient that will make his new soft drink irresistible - and highly addictive. (source: tv.com)

Episode from the children adventure series "Seriously Weird" about a 15 year old school nerd named Harris who gains the respect of his contemporaries when he becomes embroiled in a world of magic, aliens and witchery. For this he relies on an ancient relic called 'The Stones of Stephano' which has turned him into a magnet for everything weird in the universe.

Interchange Intrigue
USA, 2002

TV-series Mona the Vampire

A disguised ancient Egyptian pharaoh plans to enslave the town.

Episode 44 (second part) from the animated series "Mona the Vampire". The series follows the extraordinary adventures of 10-year-old Mona 'The Vampire' Parker and her friends as they battle a new foe of the supernatural in every episode. A total of 65 episodes were made between 1999 and 2002. Based on the original French series "Mona le Vampire" by Louis Piché and Jean Caillon, and the short stories of Sonia Holleyman and Hiawyn Oram.

Grave Danger
Canada, 2002

TV-series Earth: Final Conflict


Renee receives part of an old manuscript from an associate of her Harvard professor, who believed that ancient Egyptians were visited by aliens. He claims he has discovered proof of this and then disappears. Renee visits the Giza plateau and fins she must hook up with an old flame, in fact her love, Raleigh Sinclair, who's a dashing British scoundrel and a rogue archaeologist. The two must work together to search the pyramids to locate the tomb of Askenaton, a grand vizier to the pharaohs and possible ancient Atavus who had mystical powers.

Episode from the series "Earth: Final Conflict" which follows a race of aliens, the Taelons, who take refuge on Earth in exchange for their advanced technology. As a result, disease, war, and pollution are nearly eliminated, but some believe the Taelons have a hidden agenda. This science fiction television series is based on ideas created by Gene Roddenberry and is produced under the guidance of his widow, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.

Martin l'Égyptien
France, 2002

TV-series Martin Matin

Upon awakening in the morning Martin is visited by the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra who announces that today he will be transformed into prince Martintankhamon. When he offers his beautiful royal gold necklace to his friend Roxanne, he offends the sleeping gods of ancient Egypt. As punishment Roxanne is carried back in time and Martin must find a way to rescue her.

Episode 13 from the first season of the French animated children television series "Martin Matin" (also known as "Martin Morning") that ran for 78 episodes between 2002 and 2005. It centers around a nine-year old boy with red hair and blue eyes who finds himself transformed every morning into extraordinary forms and has subsequent adventures with his school friends.

The Pharaoh's Curse

Japan, 2002

TV-series Cyborg 009 (サイボーグ009)


Dr. Gilmore, 009, and 003 enjoy the historical landmarks of Egypt when it appears a mysterious illness is spreading that has already claimed many victims. Suspecting a new curse of the pharaoh's they soon discover a terrorist society is behind it all. They hold both the world's deadliest virus and its only known vaccine. Dr. Gilmore contacts the other cyborgs to help stop the terrorists.

Episode 34 from the Japanse anime television series "Cyborg 009" based on a 1960's manga by the same name by Shotaro Ishinomori. It features the adventures of 9 cyborgs who, with the help ofg a scientist, battle the evil forces of the world. A total of 51 episodes were made in 2001 en 2002.

Past as Prologue
USA, 2002

TV-series Mutant X

John Shea, Victoria Pratt, Victor Webster
Directed by T.J. Scott


In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Ashlocke revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist who poses a lethal threat to the Mutant X team.

First episode of the second series of "Mutant X", a science fiction television series about the genius geneticist Adam Kane and his heroic team of human mutants. The series ran for 66 episodes between 2001 and 2004.

Italy, 2003

Fabio Ferri
Directed by Gabriele Albanesi


A man enters an Egyptian Museum to escape the summer heat. The museum is incredibly empty and as the man wanders around with curiosity his attention is drawn by a mummy in a glass reliquary. Soon his mind is drawn back into Egypt's horrible past…

Low-budget ($25000) horror movie.

Sweden, 2003

Julia Taylor, Bobbie Eden, Jessica May
Directed by Antonio Adamo


A group of archaeologists excavating in modern day Egypt raise rather more than just a cloud of dust from the tomb they are investigating. We are sucked into a sexual sandstorm of the most ardent sex action imaginable as the ancient queen Cleopatra bewitches all those she meets with her extraordinarily potent sexual powers.

Hardcore sex movie made for the porn video market by Private. The chaste outdoor scenes were shot on location in Egypt, but all nude scenes were recorded in a studio. The Egyptian elements are not the best we've seen in this type of production… DVD collectors edition contains documentary material showing the lead actresses and actors visiting various sites in the Luxor area. Also a tourist shop is visited where statues of Min-Amon are admired.

Imperium: Augustus
Italy/Germany/Spain, 2003

Peter O'Toole, Charlotte Rampling, Anna Valle
Directed by Roger Young


Two part mini-series about the life of emperor Augustus. After the death of Julius Caesar he has to share the power with Marc Anthony. The Egyptian setting limits itself, of course, to Marc Antony's stay in Egypt as lover of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Augustus finallly declares war on both of them, with the well known dramatic ending.

USA, 2003

Jeannie Elias, Walter Lang
Directed by Jay Stephens (creator), Bruce Johnson (prod.)


12-year-old Cleo's knowledge of ancient Egypt is turned on its head when a bolt of lightning awakens the mummified body of child pharaoh Tut-ankh-en-set-amun on display in a local museum. Together with her pet cat Luxor, she attempts to help him adjust to life in the 21st Century. Not an easy task: short in stature, but long on attitude, King Tut-ankh-en-set-amun believes he is the supreme ruler of the world. Together they embark on various adventures based on real Egyptology.

Educational 'Discovery Kids' cartoon series about ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology. Based on the comic book character created by Jay Stephens in 1996. The Tutenstein animated cartoon has gone on to win an Emmy Award and is now shown in countries all over the world in several languages. Dr. Kasia Szpakowska, an Egyptologist from the University of Wales in the U.K., worked with the series producers to ensure that the written and visual aspects of the series were appropriately informed by Egyptian content. The production team received Emmy Awards for the first and second season.

Evil Unleashed: The Mummy
USA, 2003

Heather Chase, Brian Guest, Perrine Moore
Directed by Joe Castro


Goofball college kids and their professor unleash centuries old evil in the form of the deadly but beautiful mummy Nefertesia. She's back to wreck havoc on the present day world. But how do you stop something that's been dead for thousands of years?

Brainless low budget horror movie where ancient Egypt looks just like the California mountains combined with shots of a tacky miniature golf course pyramid. Presented in 2D and 3D.

Mummy Dearest
USA, 2003

TV-series Kwoon

Onassis and Todd accompany Nate to a museum so Nate can work on his history homework. Here they find themselves at the opening premiere of the mummy of a long lost Egyptian king. On the coffin is a text cursing anyone who dares speak ill of the deceased. Unknown to the kids, they crack jokes and speak of the mummy’s bad odors. Not long after they find themselves at the mercy of the mummy.

Episode 4 of the matrial arts series "Kwoon", where university students get themselves in and out of all sorts of mythological trouble by means of kung fu.

Czech Republic, 2003

Monika Absolonová, Martin Posta, Zbynek Fric
Directed by Filip Renc


Musical version of the story of Cleopatra from the Czech Republic. Released on video only.

Ancient Egyptians
UK, 2003

Omar Berdouni
Directed by Tony Mitchell


Dramatized documentary series in 4 episodes (each 50-minutes) about extraordinary moments in ancient Egyptian history, with 'real' Egyptians playing all roles. The episodes are (1) The Battle of Megiddo, (2) Tomb Robbers, (3) Murders in the Temple and (4) The Twins. "Despite its numerous flaws, the series is quite an entertaining and innovative approach to making historical documentaries with a attention to detail and a certain amount of storytelling. The main question is whether ancient Egyptians is a historical documentary or a Gladiator-like series - but that's up to the viewers to decide." (source: www.dvdtimes.co.uk)

The Mummy's Tomb
USA, 2003

TV-series Charmed

Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs


Phoebe falls prey to Jeric, an Egyptian demon of mummification in search of the perfect body to hold the spirit of Isis, his dead lover. To trap the spirit, Jeric mummifies Phoebe's body. Cole tries to save Phoebe by making a deal with the demon.

Episode 98 (season 5, episode 10) of the highly acclaimed tv-series "Charmed" about three sisters (Prue, Piper and Phoebe) who have reunited and unlocked their powers to become the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches to exist. They vanquish evil and save innocents while living their lives as normal women in the real world… The series has so far ran a total of 178 episodes in 8 seasons from 1998 and still continues. The episode "The mummy's Tomb" was originally named "Y Tu Mummy Tambien". See also episode number 11 "Feats of Clay" (1999).

Attack of the Virgin Mummies
USA, 2003

Violet Blue, Hanna Harper, Nikki Love
Directed by Daryl Carstensen, Andrew Schrom


In ancient Egypt, the three young and beautiful daughters of the pharaoh are murdered and mummified by a maniac. But when the criminal returns in the 21st Century as a mummy on a path of destruction, the three princesses are the only ones who can stop him. Reincarnated as go-go girls in a strip club, they are only too happy to extract justice for the fate that befell them long time ago.

Comic porn B-movie with lots of mummy nudity, featuring porn stars Violet Blue, Hanna Harper and Nikki Love.

World of Adventure: Mummy's Breath
USA, 2003

Eric Bender, Kenneth Gould, Mark Sellin
Directed by Michael Schmitt


Three drunken spelunkers gallivant through the unexplored tomb of Almondhotep the XXXV, the oldest mummy ever to be discoverd.

Comedy by small production company Mikeflix.

I Want My Mummy
USA, 2003

TV-series Totally Spies


An Egyptian archaeologist fakes his disappearance, then plots to use ancient magic to give himself eternal life and power. The spies, with the help of the professor's assistant, must stop him.

Episode 28 of the animated series "Totally Spies" which ran for 130 half-hour episodes between 2001 and 2007. It is a fast-paced and fun show that depicts 3 girlfriends ('the spies') who have to cope with their daily lives at high school as well as the unpredictable pressures of international espionage.

Beach Party Mummy
USA, 2003

TV-series Jimmy Neutron

Bored by a class documentary on mummies, Jimmy decides to take Carl, Sheen, Libby, and Cindy along with him to see the real deal. But when his Electro-Life gizmo accidentally brings the mummies to life, Jimmy's got to keep himself and his friends from becoming the latest addition to Queen Hazabataslapya's Tomb. (source: tv.com)

Episode from the animated series "Jimmy Neutron" about a boy genius whose amazing inventions make his life easier and more interesting… when they work the way they’re supposed to. For Jimmy, his robot dog Goddard and his pals, every short-circuit is a new adventure.

Le Reveil de la Momie
France/Belgium/Canada, 2003

TV-series Kid Paddle

On a school visit to the local history museum, Kid and his friends are fascinated by the ancient Egyptian display and especially mummies. They decide to run an experiment to see if they can revive a mummy by way of translating a magical papyrus to make a strong revival potion. On the day after the experiment they discover the mummy has indeed disappeared from its coffin and are pretty impressed by their accomplishment. Later on a news bulletin they hear it did not walk off by itself, but was probably stolen.

Episode from the animated series "Kid Paddle" based on the long running popular Franco-Belgian comic series of the same name created by Michel Ledent.

Clone High
USA, 2003


Short lived animated television series (13 episodes) about a high school that is secretly being run as an elaborate military experiment. The school is populated by clones of famous historical figures that have been created and raised with the intent of having their various strengths and abilities harnessed by the United States military. This includes a clone of the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII. In het 'new' life Cleo is a self-absorbed, vain, and often mean-spirited popular cheerleader who is the object of desire for every male in the school, most notably Abe Lincoln and JFK.

The Eye of Rom
Canada, 2003

TV-series Cyberchase


Hacker steals the powerful Eye of Rom from Binky the Cat's pyramid, placing the Ancient Egypt cybersite in jeopardy. The kids and Digit set out to retrieve the Eye from Hacker, but the journey is packed with a maze of exciting, action-filled gambits that force them to first do and undo a series of complicated steps (source: IMDb).

Seventh episode from the second season of the animated children tv-series "Cyberchase", designed for children of ages 10-12. The series stars three Earth children in the real world who get warped into the Internet using a library computer. They then have to stop the dastardly Hacker in a number of mathematical and scientific ways.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light
遊戯王デュエルモンスターズ 光のピラミッド

Japan/USA, 2004

Voices: Amy Birnbaum, Wayne Grayson, Dan Green
Directed by Ryôsuke Takahashi


Based on the trading card and television series phenomenon, Yu-Gi-Oh! is the story of Yugi, a boy captivated by the card game sweeping the nation: Duel Monsters! But there’s more to the game than meets the eye, for it contains ancient mystical energies that can change the course of history! Deep below the sands of Egypt, an old evil has awakened. Anubis, who was defeated centuries ago by Yugi’s mysterious alter ego – the pharaoh – has returned for revenge to destroy Yugi and take over the world! Can Yugi and friends conquer their most powerful foe yet before the planet is buried in the sands of time?

Based on the Japanese animated television series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" (see the episode title "pharaoh's memory" listed on this site). English title: "Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Movie".

Pharaoh's Memory
Japan, 2004

TV-series Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊戯王)

Yugi is finally able to use the Egyptian god cards to discover the memories of the pharaoh, but when doing so the spirit of the pharaoh, along with the dark spirit of the Millenium Ring, is sent to the memory world. Back in ancient Egypt, the pharaoh has to re-live the past with his knowledge of the present, but so does the spirit of the Millenium Ring who turns out to be thief-king Bakura. Bakura is once again trying to obtain all 7 Millenium Items so that he can summon the Dark Ruler Zorc. The pharaoh now has to stop the evil that threatens Egypt for the second time.

"Pharaoh's Memory" or "Dawn of the Duel" is the collective name of the very last 25 episodes, numbered 199 to 224, of the Japanese animated (or Anime) television series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" (遊戯王). The series is based on the japanese printed Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon (or Manga) born in the mind of artist Kazuki Takahashi in 1996. It follows the adventures of Yugi, a young boy who possesses the Millennium Puzzle that allows him to transform into his alter-ego, the Game King, whenever he is challenged. 3000 years ago the ancient Pharaoh Yami Yugi fought against darkness and sacrificed himself by sealing his soul in the Millennium Puzzle. 3000 years later, the little boy Yugi solves the millennium puzzle, and finally Yami Yugi can again express himself sharing the body with little Yugi. Yet, Yami Yugi has lost all of his memory as Pharaoh and even his real name that is a key to open the gate to the world of death. When Yami Yugi can gather three god cards, it is time to recover his memory. His past is going to be rerun and all secrets about Pharaoh and his six priests are going to be revealed in this "Pharaoh's Memory" series.

Cleopatra 2: The Legend of Eros
Sweden, 2004

Julia Taylor


Following the discovery of mummy of the ancient queen, genetic wizardry is put into play in a secret laboratory hidden in the depths of the sinister "Astrick Corporation" in order to bring her back to life.

Hardcore sex movie made for the porn video market by Private. Sequel to "Cleopatra" (Sweden, 2003). Continues the torrid tale of the steamy sex adventures of Cleopatra. Who else…

Death on the Nile
UK, 2004

TV-series Agatha Christie's Poirot

David Suchet, James Fox
Directed by Andy Wilson


Hercule Poirot investigates murders on board a 1930's luxury cruise ship on the river Nile.

Double episode (tv-film) of the popular UK tv-series "Agatha Christie's Poirot" starring David Suchet. Adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous novel.

Immortel (Ad Vitam)
France / Italy / UK, 2004

Linda Hardy, Thomas Kretschmann, Charlotte Rampling
Directed by Enki Bilal


New York 2095. The gods of ancient Egypt have sentenced Horus of Hierakonopolis to death. His last wish is to see once again planet Earth, a world he helped to create. He arrives in Manhattan in a giant pyramid-shaped vessel that floats majestically above the city. But Horus has a hidden agenda. He must find a very unique girl with blue hair and tears who has the power to make him immortal. He has seven days to do so…

Film adaptation of director Bilal's own 1980 graphic novel "The Carnival of Immortals" ("La Foire aux Immortels") uses an incredible amount of computer CGI mixed with live action. Many plot elements were changed from the comic book.

Ancient Evil 2: Guardian of the Underworld
USA, 2004

Victoria Campbell, Adam Lipskey, Don Sandeen
Directed by David Kann


"An ancient evil has returned..."

Terror crosses the searing sands of time when five young friends, dabbling in black magic unwittingly, release an ancient evil - the Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis, guardian of Hell. With the head of a jackal, the body of a man and the spirit of the devil, this horrifying monster is a relentless creature of destruction with an unquenchable thirst for blood. Now, in a sleepy New England town, the creature has been reawakened and he is determined to slaughter them all - and steal their souls.

Low budget horror production by Darkside Films. Also known as "Ancient Evil 2 - Guardian of the Underworld". Sequel to "Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy" (USA, 2000) which featured not an Egyptian mummy, however, but an Aztec one.

National Treasure
USA, 2004

Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha
Directed by Jon Turteltaub


Benjamin Franklin Gates descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: an unbelievably rich treasure trove from an Egyptian temple. According to legend, this treasure was hidden by the secret society known as the Freemasons, which counted among its members some of the men who signed America's Declaration of Independence. Now, Ben has learned of a plot to steal the Declaration, and has only one option: steal it himself. Even if he pulls off this monumental task, keeping the treasure safe is still going to be incredibly hard, especially since the FBI has also gotten wind of the scheme.

The treasure room is huge, filled with all sorts of Egyptian artifacts, papyrus scrolls from Alexandria, and billions in gold…

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear
USA, 2004

Noah Wyle, Sonya Walger, Bob Newhart
Directed by Peter Winther


When a magical artifact is lifted from his library, a meek librarian sets out to ensure its safe return. To do so, however, he enlists the service of a woman with exceptional martial arts skills - who becomes the enforcer in the relationship. (source: IMDb)

The film opens in the chambers of an Egyptian tomb, which on the outside happens to be a scaled down version of the Great Pyramid complete with gold-encased capstone. It is part of a museum display. The rest of the film does not contain any further Egyptian elements, but deals with the Amazon and the fabled kingdom of Shangri-La, high in the Himalayas.

Power of the Pharaoh
Canada/France/USA, 2004

TV-series Atomic Betty

Directed by Ridd Sorensen, Virginie Jallot

The mother ship of the Ancient Pharotines, the alien race that built the Egyptian pyramids, has been discovered and now their secret may fall in the hands of the evil overlord Maximus. Betty follows Maximus to the ship, where they must battle booby traps, alien mummies and an enormous pharaoh.

Episode of the animated series "Atomic Betty" about a little red-haired girl who is recruited by a galactic peace-keeping organisation and turned into a superhero.The series is remarkable because it uses Macromedia Flash computer animation instead of traditional cel animation.

T-Shirt Of The Living Dead
USA, 2004

TV-series Aqua Teen Hunger Force


In this episode an ancient Egyptian t-shirt gives Meatwad unfathomable powers, which he mainly uses to summon Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

When there is trouble, pick up the phone and order a milkshake, a meatball, with a side of fries. Yeah, call the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the most elite human-sized food crime solving team in the greater New Jersey area… "T-Shirt Of The Living Dead" is episode 53 of the animated tv-series "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" that (so far) ran a total of 67 episodes of 10 minutes from 2000 until 2007.

The Key to the Nile
USA, 2004

TV-series The Backyardigans

Tasha envisions herself the Queen of Egypt, CleoTasha. She demands complete subservience from her underlings Tyrone, Pablo, and Austin. When Egypt is struck by a horrible draught she is forced to go on a voyage in search of three precious gifts for the sphinx Unica that will help unlock the waters of the Nile. During the trip she learns she cannot do this alone.

Episode from the educational series "The Backyardigans" which chronicles the make-believe adventures of five preschool-aged animals (playing in their backyard) who love to sing and dance. In this episode children learn about saying "please" and "thank you" as the authoritative (Cleo)Tasha character discovers she needs the help of others to succeed.

That's My Mummy
USA, 2004

TV-series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy


Billy finds out that Irwin's mom is actually a mummy, but Irwin and his dad are quick to deny it. Mandy and Grim don't believe him either. The three investigate, and find that she actually lives in a sarcophagus in the basement of Irwin's house, which for unexplained reasons looks like an Egyptian tomb. As Irwin's dad puts it: "You can't help who you fall in love with".

Episode 33 from the animated children's tv series "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", a spin off from the animated series "Grim & Evil" which originally ran from June 2003 to 2007.

USA, 2004

Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins
Directed by Oliver Stone


Sweeping historical saga that charts the life and legend of Alexander the Great, who by the age of 32 had amassed the greatest empire the world had ever seen. The story is told in retrospect by old Ptolemy, his half-brother and former general who ascended the throne of Egypt as Ptolemy I after Alexander had died. Apart from Ptolemy and Alexandria, Egypt plays no further part in this movie, which focusses mostly on the campaigns in the east, the conquest of the Persian empire and the extension as far as the Punjab.

Operation J.E.W.E.L.S.
USA, 2004

TV-series Codename: Kids Next Door


Numbuh 5 heads to the Suhgar Desert to retrieve a stolen candy known as the Blurpleberry Supreme. She quickly discovers that she is not the only one craving the candy; an old rival of hers has plans to use the candy to unlock a candy pharaoh's tomb.

Episode from the animated children's series "Codename: Kids Next Door" about five 10-year-old children who join forces on missions throughout their neighborhood against adult tyranny. From 2002 the series has so far ran for 6 seasons and several 'television movie' specials.

Ejiputo-fumbo no Nazo

Japan, 2004

TV-series Agasa Kurisuti no Meitantei Powaro to Mapuru

Hercule Poirot examines whether a curse from an Egyptian tomb was responsible for the deaths of several members of an archaeology team.

Double episode from the series "Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple" (アガサ·クリスティーの名探偵ポワロとマープル), a Japanese anime adaptation of Agatha Christie stories that uses her characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. A new character named Mabel West, Miss Marple's great-niece, who becomes M. Poirot's junior assistant, is used to connect the stories of the two detectives. This particular episode is based on Agatha Christie's "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb", which was first published in 1924 in the short story collection "Poirot Investigates".

USA, 2004

TV-series Smallville


Episode 67 from the series "Smallville", which tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. In a part of this episode, Superman's Nemesis Lex Luthor is in Egypt where he obtains an ancient statue. He pays a large amount of money to erase all the evidence of him visiting Egypt. While in his airplane returning from Egypt, they hit some turbulence and the statue breaks, revealing a powerful Kryptonian crystal.

Secret Mission
USA, 2004

TV-series The Backyardigans

In this episode the Backyardigans imagine being secret agents. Their mission is to sneak into the Treasure Museum and return a mystery bone to its owner. One of the rooms they pass through on their quest is the "Hall of Egyptian Treasures".

Episode from the educational series "The Backyardigans" which chronicles the make-believe adventures of five preschool-aged animals (playing in their backyard) who love to sing and dance.

Revenge of the Mummy
UK, 2004

TV-series The Basil Brush Show

Molly's homework on the ancient Egyptians leads to the discovery of a burial chamber under the flat. Basil and the gang are keen to raid the tomb and get their hands on the famous jewel that once belonged to King Tutenbek. But are they wise to ignore the jewel's curse?

Episode from the children's BBC sitcom named "The Basil Brush Show" about the adventures of a mischievous character called Basil Brush (portrayed by a glove puppet).

Tutenhawken's Curse
USA, 2004

TV-series Power Rangers DinoThunder

James Napier, Kevin Duhaney, Emma Lahana, Jason David Frank
Directed by Andrew Merrifield


When the Power Rangers are on a fieldtrip, Ethan translates some Egyptian hieroglyphs, which unleashes Tutenhawken's curse on him. Awakened, Tutenhawken plans to take control of the city, and tries to make Cassidy ('Cassipatra') his queen. When Ethan learns that Tutenhawken can only be defeated in the air, he uses his new Hovercraft Cycle to destroy him.

Episode 25 from the children's television series "Power Rangers DinoThunder". This series features a soccer player, a computer expert, a singer, an artist, and a teacher who join forces to become Power Rangers and help save the Earth from the scheming of Mesogog, a dinosauric villain who wishes to eradicate all human life and return Earth to the age of the dinosaurs. It is part of the American "Power Rangers" franchise which is based on the Japanese "Super Sentai" franchise.

Dog Called Wonga
UK, 2004

TV-series All About Me

Jasper Carrott, Nina Wadia, Peter Bourke


Sitcom about life in a mixed-race Birmingham family as seen through the eyes of a teenager with cerebral paralysis. In this episode, among other dealings, Colin and Billy find an apparently priceless Egyptian artifact of a porcelain dog in a salvage yard, which they try to auction on ebay. The series ran for 38 episodes between 2002 and 2004.

PharaohMan Reborn!

Japan, 2004

TV-series MegaMan NT Warrior (ロックマンエグゼ)

Directed by Takao Kato

Internet operator Lan Hikari is shocked to find his 'NetNavi' MegaMan destroyed by PharaohMan, who has awakened from his slumber to claim the internet as his own. But maybe MegaMan isn't gone after all, since Lan and his friends find strange data on their personal terminals. While they try to figure out how to rebuild MegaMan, PharaohMan, angry because he was imprisoned for twenty years and had his 'kingdom' taken from him, residing in his pyramid uses the Cyber Network to cause disasters in the real world. Lan and his friends wil need to find ways to weaken and capture PharaohMan.

Episode 23 from the first "MegaMan NT Warrior" (or "Mega Man Battle Network") anime series known in Japan as Rockman EXE (ロックマンエグゼ or Rokkuman Eguze), based on the Mega Man Battle Network video game series. The series focuses on Lan Hikari and his NetNavi (responsible for helping the operator search, use, and surf the internet ) called "MegaMan.EXE" as they build their friendship while dealing with threats from various NetCrime organizations. The battle to overcome PharaohMan started in this particular episode continues in episodes 24 ("Rebuilding MegaMan") and 25 ("MegaMan Lives!").

Escravos do Egito
Brazil, 2004

Directed by Leo Botelho

Men in (supposedly) ancient Egyptian attire perform various sexual acts.

Gay porn movie made for the video and DVD market. English title: "Slaves of Egypt".

USA, 2004

Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, Sharon Stone
Directed by Pitof


After having been killed, a woman is mysteriously brought back to life by an Egyptian Mau cat and soon develops catlike abilities and an insatiable desire for justice. When a researcher explains to her that Mau cats served as messengers of the Egyptian goddess Bast, she begins to understand she is becoming a "catwoman" reborn with abilities that are both a blessing and a curse. Wearing a mask to disguise her true identity, she stalks the night as seeking the answer to who killed her and why.

K3 en het Magische Medaillon
Belgium, 2004

Kathleen Aerts, Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke
Directed by Indra Siera


The girls of girlband K3 start renovating their new house that previously belonged to a famous adventurer.What they do not know is that hidden in the house is an ancient Egyptian 'Washabi' Medallion that hold poweful magic that is able to fulfill all wishes. Italian crook Gazpacho wants to get his hands on the medallion, and the girls have to go through all sorts of trouble to prevent this.

Children's comedy film starring Belgian girlband K3 in their first full-length theater movie.

USA, 2005

Leon Blum, Melissa Bubela, James Cunningham
Directed by Stacy Davidson


When a mysterious drifter reluctantly takes a job with a roadside haunted house, he quickly discovers that the attractions locked up in the basement are far more dangerous than plastic skeletons in rubber chains. Together with a mixed-up young woman in search for her lost nephew, and a host of liquored-up, live-remote radio deejays, Jerrod will have to solve the mystery of an ancient Egyptian amulet and face the wrath of the Angel of Death before he can be free of his curse: Necrophobia. (source: IMDb)

Bat Hound's Bad Luck
USA, 2005

TV-series Krypto the Superdog

Directed by Scott Jeralds

Catwoman's cat, Isis, steals a cursed Egyptian diamond that causes Bat Hound to run into a string of bad luck. Krypto discovers that they will need a second diamond to reflect the bad luck. Krypto tries to capture her at the museum where she's attempting to steal the second diamond, but fails when he falls through a floor. Isis is distracted by this and Bat Hound, with the other diamond, reflects his bad luck off to her and she is captured.

Episode 12 (of a total of 26) from the animation series focussing on the adventures of the super-powered white dog from the planet Krypton that is the pet and canine companion of Superman.

UK, 2005

Stuart Graham, Lynsey Baxter, Matthew Kelly
Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax

6-hour dramatized BBC series about the exploration of ancient Egypt, seen through the eyes of three of the finest Egyptologists, adventurers and scholars: Howard Carter, the man who finally uncovered the resting place of Tutankhamun; Giovanni Belzoni as he battles with his French counterpart to be the first to discover lost tombs and fantastic treasures; Jean-François Champollion as he struggles to be the first to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics…

UK/USA, 2005

TV-series Rome

Lyndsey Marshal, James Purefoy, Max Pirkis, Ciaran Hinds
Directed by Stephen Shill

Having pursued Pompey into Egypt, Caesar arrives in Alexandria and meets the boy king Ptolemy XIII, who offers the general a surprise gift. Vorenus and Pullo play liberators again, freeing Ptolemy's incarcerated sister, Cleopatra. Caesar seeks payment from Egypt for past debts, and ends up forging a strategic union to ensure his legacy.

Episode 8 of the epic British-American television series "Rome", set during the last years of Julius Caesar's reign. The series centeres on two Roman soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, and their families. The episode "Caesarion" derives it's title from the name of the son of Caesar and Cleopatra, whose nickname was Caesarion or "Little Caesar" and who is only seen at the end of the episode. Production company HBO approved a $100 million budget for the first season's production of a total of twelve 1-hour episodes. HBO has already announced that Rome will get a second season for 2007.

Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy?
USA, 2005

Directed by Jim Stenstrum


Archeologist and super sleuth Velma is in Egypt for the unveiling ceremony of the restored Sphinx - a mysterious mythical creature with the head of a man and the body of a lion - only to discover a hidden tomb belonging to Cleopatra herself! But beware the ancient pharaoh's curse: "The Nile will fall, the desert shall rise and all who dare enter will be turned to stone!" Of course that won't stop Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. team from going inside and finding something even more mummifying...a cursed army of the undead! (source: Warner Bros.)

Scooby-Doo is a popular and long-running animated series produced for television by Hanna-Barbera Productions, now Cartoon Network Studios. "Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?" was, however, not produced for television but is a so-called direct-to-video movie. These movies feature the original five-character cast from the early "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" days, not including the later Scrappy-Doo character. The success of the video movies led to Scooby's return to television in the "What's New, Scooby-Doo?" series, which in 2002 also included a mummy feature called "Mummy Scares Best" (USA, 2002).

Night of Anubis
USA, 2005

Andy Dallas, Meagan Benz, Ben McDuffee
Directed by Ed Glaser


The mummy of a 3000 year-old criminal has been resurrected and is wreaking havoc in a large university town. An Egyptology professor and two of his students are the only people with the ability and know-how to destroy it. Their only hope is to race the undead creature to find the Amulet of Anubis, an ancient artifact instilled with absolute power over life and death. (source: IMDb)

Micro-budget independent film by Dark Maze Studios (formerly Mobled Queen Entertainment).

The MummyX
Spain, 2005

Mya Diamond, Ramon Nomar, Carmen Vera, Veronica da Souza
Directed by Giancarlo Candiano

Attractive archaeologist Mario is having supper in a luxurious restaurant with a beautiful girl who he tries to conquer. He tells her the 2500 year old story of Imothep, an Egyptian magician fallen in disgrace because of his forbidden love for Neferkefir, the wife of the pharaoh. Mario, however, is Imhotep and through his magic powers he wants to reincarnate Neferkefir in this girl.

X-rated version of "The Mummy".

Legion of the Dead
USA, 2005

TV-series Paul Bales

Bruce Boxleitner, Zach Galligan,Claudia Lynx


"An ancient tomb unearthed... An underworld army unleashed!"

A group of students discover an ancient Egyptian tomb in the Southern California hills. The Egyptologist who comes to invesitate finds it contains the remains of the evil priestess Aneh-Tet and unwittingly brings her back to life. Once risen, she raises an army of the undead to fulfill a prophecy that will give her the power to rule both the dead and the living.

Curse Eternal
USA, 2005

Kaylani Lei, Jessica Drake, Eric Masterson
Directed by Brad Armstrong

When Samantha reopens the tomb of Egyptian queen Neferkala first discovered 20 years earlier by her father, she releases a sexual animal that has survived for more than 3000 years.

Porn movie made for the video market. Nice settings and props, but it is doubleful whether the ancient Egyptians really had condoms!

Die Like an Egyptian
USA, 2005

TV-series Killer Instinct

Johnny Messner, Marguerite Moreau, Kristin Lehman, Chi McBride
Directed by David Straiton


A naked and completely hairless body is found in a car on a busy downtown street. There are phosphorescent hieroglyphs on the car. During the autopsy, a live cobra is found in the dead man's stomach. The killer's manual, it seems, is the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. Detectives Hale and Carter are thrust into the dark underworld of Egyptian mythology as bizarre crimes involving ancient hieroglyphs and rituals have the Deviant Crimes Unit on a hunt for one person’s quest for the impossible.

Episode 5 of the short-lived FOX Network television series "Killer Instinct" of which only 14 episodes were made in 2005 and 2006. The show centers around Detective Jack Hale of the San Francisco Police Department Deviant Crimes Unit, which has the mission to track down the perpetrators of unusual crimes within the city.

The Mummy's Kiss: 2nd Dynasty
USA, 2005

Kylie Wyote, Elyse Lam, Mark Bedell
Directed by Donald F. Glut


"She's back… wrapped… and ready to unwind!"

Museum director Dr. Zita Furneaux, empowered by the Egyptian goddess Nephthys, regains her lost youth by dispatching a living Mummy to kidnap sexy young women from whom she steals their ka's (souls)," turning them into zombie-like love slaves. Reporter Elyse Lam, investigating the case of the missing women, also falls prey to Zita's lusts.

Soft porn movie. Sequel to "The Mummy's Kiss" (USA, 2002).

Talk Like an Egyptian
USA, 2005

TV-series Zixx: Level Two

Reece Thompson, Jeffrey Hirschfield

Zixx and the Team enlist the help of an infamous Archaeologist to help them in their quest, involving hieroglyphic riddles, a tomb, and a mummy in a sarcophagus holding a key to decypherment.

Episode 19 from the tv series "Zixx: Level Two", which combines live action and game animation in a kids' sci-fi series that chronicles the adventures of an unlikely team of heroes who join forces in a quest to save the universe from evil.

The Legend of the Golden Pyramid
USA, 2005

TV-series Little Einsteins


Quincy finds a harp that plays a song that can open anything! The harp has a picture of a golden pyramid on it and the team makes it their mission to find out who lives inside the golden pyramid. It's off to Egypt! The team and Rocket go through the Egyptian desert, take a trip down the Nile and even make it past the Sphinx to find the golden pyramid. Once they open the pyramid with the golden harp, the team gets to have a dance party with the ancient hieroglyphics inside! (source: IMDb)

Episode from the animated tv-series "Little Einsteins". Based on a direct-to-video movie, it is an educational preschool series designed to teach art and music appreciation by integrating famous or culturally significant art works and classical music into the events of each episode. It centers around four children and their intelligent and transformable space/air/water-craft. The series ran on Playhouse Disney channel between 2005 and 2007. In the episode "The Legend of the Golden Pyramid" children learn about Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The Fallen Ones
USA, 2005

Casper Van Dien, Kristen Miller, Robert Wagner
Directed by Kevin VanHook


The 'Fallen Ones' were an ancient cult in Egypt that worshiped giants. One such giant was Aramis, whose father is a fallen Fallen Angel who had Armamis mummified to save his spirit from the great flood. Time passes, it is 2005 and a team of Archaeologists led by clues in an ancient text have found the tomb. But one of them is not who he appears to be! He is the Fallen One and has plans on resurrecting Aramis and start a new race of giants to destroy all of humankind. Matt and his team must find a way to take down a hundred foot mummy before it is too late.

The Mummy
Canada, 2005

TV-series Prank Patrol

André Simoneau, Fung Ying Man
Directed by David Hansen


Freddie Watkins wants to create an ancient spell that will awaken the undead and unleash it on his best friend. In doing so, he makes a mummy come to life in the Egyptian Museum, but will his friend be prepared for the shock of seeing it come to life?

Episode from the children's television series "Prank Patrol", in which Andy and a team of 'ninjas' help kids pull off the prank of a lifetime on an unsuspecting victim. With the help of talented experts, pranksters convince victims of big-time pranks like incredible super powers, alien landings, or -in this case- a living mummy.

The Sleeping City
USA, 2005

TV-series Kong: The Animated Series

The heroes of the story travel to Egypt to foil evil professor De La Porta's scheme to find the legendary Staff of Seth. He plans to use it to activate one of the so-called Primal Stones (that gave original King Kong his power) and resurrect Seth, the ancient Egyptian God of Evil. Pursuing the Professor, the heroes and (newly cloned) Kong are forced to fight a giant Crocodile monster. They follow De La Porta to the lost city of Akur Vash, where the professor raises Seth from his long sleep. Kong must battle the God of Evil to save the world. Armed with the magical Flail of Osiris, he destroys Seth.

Episode from "Kong - The Animated Series". It follows the evens that happened after the movie King Kong: the giant ape Kong has been cloned by a brilliant scientist who had taken DNA samples from Kong’s body after he fell to his death from a skyscraper. This was possible with the aid of a collection of ancient powerful artifacts called the Primal Stones. When Professor De La Porta steals the Primal Stones from Kong Island, it's up to a group of heroes to keep the world safe.

Return of the Pharaoh
Canada/France/USA, 2005

TV-series Atomic Betty

The Ancient Pharotine pharaoh (see the 2004 episode "Power of the Pharaoh") returns and builds a pyramid beacon on Namimbulah to resurrect a giant-sized mummy- right on the property of newlyweds Snotalus and Fadoopyah. Betty and her crew are sent to investigate.

Episode from the animated series "Atomic Betty" about a little red-haired girl who is recruited by a galactic peace-keeping organisation and turned into a superhero. The series ran for 79 episodes (3 seasons) between 2004 and 2008.

Germany/Austria/Switzerland, 2005

TV-series Tatort

Directed by Miroslav Nemec, Udo Wachtveitl

Police detectives Ivo Batic and Franz Leitmayr investidate the murder of an Egyptology student.

Episode from the long-running German/Austrian/Swiss crime television series set in various parts of these countries. Since 1970 more than 800 episodes of this series have been made. Another episode, "Der Fluch der Mumie" (The Curse of the Mummy) from 2010, also features some Egyptian elements.

Tut Tut
USA/Canada, 2005

TV-series Time Warp Trio

Fred, Joe and Sam accidentally warp to ancient Egypt where they meet the young Pharoah Thutmose and —thanks to his evil minister Hatsnat— get a little too up close and personal with the mummification process.

Episode 4 from the animated television series "Time Warp Trio", based on the children's book series written by Jon Scieszka. The series features Joe who in the first episode received a magical book from his uncle that can instantly transport him and his friends Fred and Sam to a variety of different times and places. The series ran for 26 episodes in 2005 and 2006.

Le Temple Oublié
France, 2005

Directed by Olivier Boillot


In the library of Alexandria, Carla reads her father's notes, an archaeologist who spent all his life searching for a lost temple in Egypt. Suddenly, a power outage propels Carla into darkness, and mysteriously transports her three thousand years back in time in the middle of the desert. That is the starting point of a palpitation story which will lead Carla to discover the secrets of the Egyptian calendar (source: IMDb).

Animation short of 30 minutes made in co-operation with the planetarium of Saint-Etienne in France, providing an educational view on the astronomical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians through the discoveries that Carla makes.

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