Production info

The Stackhouse Filibuster
USA, 2001  TV  

TV-series The West Wing

The president's staffers, most of whom have weekend plans, are blindsided when an elderly senator begins Friday-night filibuster on a bill they had thought was a done deal. Meanwhile, Toby is puzzled when the Vice President, normally known as a champion of the oil industry, volunteers to attack it for price gouging. Assistant CJ tries to locate a valuable Egyptian cat goddess statue given to the President on a visit to Cairo, but accidentally breaks it, and fears that the ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bast has cursed her.

Episode from the highly acclaimed television series "The West Wing" which ran for 156 episodes between 1999 and 2005. The sequence involving the status of the cat goddess is the so-called C-story of the script which is usually lighter in tone than the A (main) and B (subcharacter) stories and serves as comic relief.

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