Production info

Logan's Run
USA, 1976

Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan
Directed by Michael Anderson


Citizens in a futuristic society are only allowed to live until age 30, when they have to take part in an extermination ceremony called Carousel. Logan is a 26 year old police assassin whose job is to terminate all runners who refuse to die. He decides to try to escape to freedom himself and search for a mythical place called Sanctuary. He is pursued by his former friend, another police assassin, who attempts to terminate him.

The film contains some Egyptian symbolism without actual references to ancient Egypt. The underground network of runners attempting to escape their death fate all wear an Egyptian-style Ankh-pendant, symbolizing Sanctuary and life. A computer reveals the meaning of this sign to Logan. The scenes in Washington D.C., where Logan and Jessica find themselves after they escape, show some Egyptian features as a backdrop, such as the well-known National Monument obelisk and a pyramid with an owl perched atop the missing capstone within the street layout. The obelisk features prominently in several scenes.

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