Production info

Le Secret de la Pyramide
France, 2001  TV  

TV-series Oggy et les Cafards

Directed by Olivier Jean Marie


Oggy's trip to Egypt takes the usual twist when the cockroaches show up to cause mayhem. The chase takes Oggy and the roaches into a time vortex inside a pyramid, leading to ancient Egypt. There our blue feline is taken into slave labour, whereas the roaches are all treated like Emperors.

Episode 73 from the 2nd season of the French animated series "Oggy et les Cafards" (Oggy and the Cockroaches) about Oggy, a content and lazy, albeit very tender fat blue cat. He would usually spend his days watching TV and cooking, if it wasn't for three pesky roaches in the household who seem to enjoy making Oggy's life miserable. English title of this episode: "Pharonuf".

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