Production info

Cleopatra's Bondage Revenge
USA, 1985

Michelle Bauer


An archeologist and his female assistant have dug up a mummy, but they didn't open the sarcophagus yet. The archeologist is constantly sexually harassing the female assistant, but she resists his advances. He leaves the tent and leaves the assistant in charge of watching the mummy. But she decides that she's going to open up the sarcophagus and unwrap the mummy. It turns out that Cleopatra herself is the mummy. When the assistant accidentally burns one of the scrolls found in the tomb, Cleopatra comes to life. Well, Cleopatra, being used to having servants, makes the pretty blonde assistant her handmaiden and shows her the meaning of discipline by stripping her, and then spanking her with a paddle. Cleopatra then shows the handmaiden a little love and affection. When they're done, the handmaiden tells Cleopatra about the lecherous archeologist. Cleopatra tells the handmaiden to go retrieve the guy so they can exact some revenge. She retrieves him. They strip him, put some bondage gear on him, and then take turns paddling him. After that, they tickle him with some feathers. Then morning arrives and the archeologist opens up the tent flap, and the sunlight causes Cleopatra to melt into a pile of what looks like beads.

Porn movie.

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