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The Curse of Anubis
USA, 1964  TV  

TV-series Jonny Quest

Directed by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera

Ahmed, an unscrupulous chieftain, plans to become the leader of a new nation. Capitalizing on Dr. Quest's archaeological interests, Ahmed lures him to Egypt. Ahmed defies the gods by stealing the statue of Anubis and hiding it in the Ghivan ruins. There he traps Quest in a catacomb of the ruins and tells them that he they is found, the fact that a foreigner planned the theft of an ancient treasure will unite all his people and he will be the leader. Jonny manages to escape through a secret passage while the Mummy of Anubis finishes Ahmed and his plans. (source:

Episode 3 from the animated "Jonny Quest" cartoon series. Made by the Hanna-Barbera Studios. Made for television. Running Time: 30 minutes. Color.

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