Production info

Egypt, 1943

Badr Lama, Amina Rizk
Directed by Ibrahim Lama (إبراهيم لاما)


Cleopatra, the beautiful Ptolemaic queen of Egypt, is surrounded by intrigues. She defeats her rival Heremakes but is soon threatened by the Roman danger. Antony is sent to make her pay the tribute to Rome. They fall in love and he convinces her to pardon Heremakes. Octavius discovers the love story between Antony and Cleopatra and warns Antony that if he does not give Cleopatra up, there will be war between them. When the war breaks out, the treacherous Heremakes, disguised as a soothsayer, convinces Cleopatra to withdraw from the battle, which led Antony to believe she had betrayed him. Heremakes then tells Antony that Cleopatra had repented and committed suicide, which makes Antony grieve and commit suicide himself. He is then led dying to her. They clasp each other and she puts the fatal asp to her breast. (source:

Movie by the Chilean-born Palestinian brothers Ibrahim and Badr Lama, who had settled in Alexandria in 1924 as photographers. They quickly converted to cinema and became responsible for a large number of productions in the 1930's and 1940's. The 1943 movie "Cleopatra" is the only one with an ancient Egyptian theme.

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