Production info

USA, 1917

Theda Bara, Fritz Leiber, Thurston Hall, Alan Roscoe
Directed by J. Gordon Edwards


Leading his conquering forces into Egypt, Julius Caesar falls madly in love with Cleopatra and the two rule Egypt jointly. When Caesar is assassinated after having returned to Rome to be crowned king of the civilized world, Mark Antony journeys to Egypt to secure Cleopatra's submission to the ruling triumvirate in Rome. Although Antony and Cleopatra are passionately in love, Antony returns to Rome and marries Octavia, sister of Octavius, to cement the triumvirate politically. When he discovers that Cleopatra still loves him, Antony joins forces with her but is vanquished by the forces of Octavius at Actium. Antony stabs himself, and when Cleopatra learns of his death, she applies a venomous asp to her breast and dies. (source: AFI)

No copy of this film survives. The film is, however, legendary for Theda Bara playing the famous part. Said to have been born in the shadow of the pyramids (no doubt a studio promotional stunt), she was one of the most successful and glamorous stars of the 1910s. Of more than 40 films she made between 1914 and 1926 only three remain. Her stage name, Theda Bara, is said to be an anagram of 'Arab Death'.

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