Production info

Poland, 1966

Jerzy Zelnik, Barbara Brylska, Piotr Pawlowski
Directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz


At the end of the XXth Dynasty the Egypt's might and prestige is sadly dwindling, and foreign invaders are threatening Egypt's borders. pharaoh's power has been weakened by internal power struggles and the growing wealth and influence of the temples and the high priests. Young crown prince Ramses soon finds himself in deadly conflict with the mighty priests as he tries to oppose their power.

This Polish epic (based on the 1897 acclaimed novel by Boreslaw Prus) was filmed in the Kazil Kum desert of Uzbekistan, and on location in Egypt where director Jerzy Kawalerowicz skillfully managed to use the scenery of the preserved monuments as a backdrop. Well-known egyptologist Prof. Kazimierz Michalowski and egyptian filmer Chadi Abdelsalam were advisors for this production. English title: "Pharaoh". Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Picture in 1966, though the award went to "a Man and a Woman" by Claude Lelouch. A video version of the original 180 minutes movie is only available in Polish. The English dubbed version which is available in the rest of the world is a shortened 140 minutes.

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