Production info

The Mystery of Ancient Egypt
USA, 1952

TV-series Space Patrol

Ed Kemmer, Lyn Osborn
Directed by Dick Darley


3000 AD. While on a dig in Egypt, archaeology professor Cartwright has found a strange piece of metal. He asks Space Patrol to travel back in time 6000 years to 2700 BC to find out more about its origins. As soon as they arrive in ancient Egypt, they set out in search of the temple of Amun where the metal was found. There, in the ‘House of Kemet’, they find an underground chamber containing more such pieces of metal that appear to belong to a spacecraft from an even older lost civilization. From the ship’s log they learn that the spacecraft survivors used their technology to control the Egyptians, which also accounts for the building of the great pyramids. While studying the log they are captured by the Egyptians and put in sarcophagi in a sealed tomb. With some difficulty they manage to break out, hurry back to their spacecraft and travel back to their own time. In the meantime, prof. Carwright has found a new object in between the remains of the temple: a raygun that one of the crewmembers lost during a fight with the Egyptians!

Episode from the early television sci-fi series "Space Patrol" that ran from 1950 until 1955 for a total of 210 half-hour episodes. The stories follows the 30th-century adventures of Commander Buzz Corry of the United Planets Space Patrol and his team.

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