Production info

Conquerors of the Future
USA, 1978

TV-series Challenge of the SuperFriends

Directed by Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano


The SuperFriends are shocked when and their arch-enemy alien supervillain Sinestro saves two Paris subway trains from a collision. Later, his ally Toyman stops a couple of bank robbers, and Gorilla Grodd and Bizarro prevent an airship disaster. The villainous group claims they are tired of battling the SuperFriends and losing each time. But they show their true colors when they do not come to the aide of the dying planet Santar, so it is too late for SuperFriends to save it. While on Santar, the SuperFriends get a message which leads them to a trap in an Egyptian tomb and finally to the year 3984, where the Legion of Doom has now conquered a domed city.

Episode 11 of season 1 of the animated series "Challenge of the SuperFriends" about a team of superheroes based on the 'Justice League' and associated comic book characters published by DC Comics. One of the characters is Hawkman, a reincarnation of ancient Egyptian 'prince Khufu' and an archeologist by trade who uses his archeological finds to combat evil. He has the power of flight and uses Nth metal weapons. The series ran for only one season in 1978. A later incarnation of this concept is found in the "Justice League Unlimited" series (see the 2006 episodes "Shadow of the Hawk" and "Ancient History" elsewhere in this list).

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