Production info

The Daleks' Master Plan
UK, 1966  TV  

TV-series Doctor Who

William Hartnell, Peter Purves, Jean Marsh, Derek Ware

Upon arriving by Tardis on the planet Kembel, Doctor Who finds a message left by Marc Cory, detailing a Dalek's master plan to use a time destructor to take over the universe. The Doctor steals the Taranium core needed to fuel the destructor, and is then pursued across time and space by the Daleks. In the course of these events, the Tardis also arrives in ancient Egypt where it materialises in a tomb. While the Doctor tries to repair the Taris' damaged door lock, his companions Steven and Sara are arrested as looters by the guards of the nearby pyramid and accused of being in league with the Daleks, who have killed a number of other guards. After a successful escape Steven and Sara, looking for the Doctor, find the Tardis inside a pyramid, but the Doctor is nowhere to be found. They are captured by The Daleks and thus force The Doctor to hand over the Taranium in exchange. The doctor and his companions manage to escape while the pyramid guards disable some of the Daleks. They then time travel back to the planet Kembel in a bid to recapture the Taranium form the Daleks.

The Daleks' Master Plan is the fourth story of Season 3 of the legendary cult BBC sci-fi series "Doctor Who". This particular story consists of a total of twelve episodes. The ancient Egyptian sequence take place in episodes 9 "Golden Death" and 10 "Escape Switch" and features several Egyptian warriors and 'slaves', as well as persons called Tuthmos and Hyksos. The 1st episode "The Nightmare Begins" is one of the still missing episodes of the series, with no known film or videotape copies existing.

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