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Joseph in the Land of Egypt
USA, 1914

James Cruze, Marguerite Snow, John Lehnberg
Directed by Eugene Moore


Joseph of Canaan is sold into slavery by his brothers who are jealous of their father's affection for him. They dip his coat into goat's blood and tell the grieving old man that Joseph was slain by a wild beast. After many years, Joseph has become prominent in the pharaoh's house because of his gift for prophesy and dream divination. Because Joseph has foretold a seven-year famine, Egypt has prepared by setting aside stores of grain, but Canaan is struck hard by the blight. Joseph's brothers go to the pharaoh's steward seeking aid, unaware that Joseph is their benefactor. In return for his help, Joseph insists that they bring their youngest brother Benjamin to him, and then, during the visit, Joseph hides a valuable cup with him. The brothers are then seized for theft, after which Joseph reveals himself and proclaims his love and forgiveness for his family. (source: AFI)

Also known as "Joseph and His Brethren" and "Joseph, Son of Jacob".

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