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Felix in Egypt
USA, 1959  TV  

TV-series Felix the Cat

After surviving a shipwreck, Felix and his bag of tricks wash up on the shore of the Sahara desert. His nemesis, the professor, is still after his bag of tricks, kidnaps him and brings him to Egypt. With a special device he turns Felix into a flat painting on the wall of a pyramid "for a million years", so he can finally own the bag. The bag, however, plays a trick on the professor and follows him around barking like a dog. Felix manages to pump himself from the wall with the help of a bicycle pump from the bag, and manages to retrieve the bag from the professor. In the subsequent chase the professor slides down the side of the pyramid and ends up on the mouth of the sphinx.

Episode 11 from the first animated series "Felix the Cat" by Trans-Lux Television (1958-1961), about a clever cat and his magic bag of tricks, based on the Felix daily newspaper strips by Otto Messmer.

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