Production info

USA, 1981  TV  

TV-series Into the Labyrinth

Simeon Andrews, Suzi Arden, Mark Buffery
Directed by Peter Graham Scott


In this episode the children look for the good sorcerer Rothgo in ancient Egypt at the time of Tutankhamun's burial, and seek a final desperate solution to Belor's evil powers. Upon arrival the children are immediately accused of being grave robbers and are taken before Princess Nataken, a disguised evil sorcerer Belor. Nataken transforms Helen and Terry into birds and locks them inside a small cage; she then threatens to leave them like this forever unless Phil helps her with her plan to become empress of Egypt. Elsewhere, Lord Ai – the late king’s Chamberlain, a disguised Rothgo – busies himself with overseeing Tutakhamun’s burial; Ai is deeply concerned that the deceased pharaoh’s widow, Queen Ankhensepaten, will lose her rightful claim to the throne due to the machinations of her sister, Princess Nataken. Recognising Rothgo, Phil attempts to call out to him, but Nataken steals his voice and imprisons him within a statue. Lord Ai finds Terry and Helen trapped inside the aviary, but his magic is not enough to break Belor’s evil spell. Ai confronts Nataken, who now has Phil under her spell, and is calling him her son; ignoring her sister Ankhensepaten’s protests that her real son died stillborn, Nataken decrees that Phil be made pharaoh, an act that will allow her to rule through him as empress. Rothgo tries to stop the evil witch, but her power is too strong; all seems lost – has Belor finally won the fight for supremacy over Rothgo? (source: adapted WikiPedia summary)

Episode from the British children's television series "Into the Labyrinth" (1980-1982), based around the struggle of two timeless feuding sorcerers - the noble Rothgo and the evil Belor. The first two seasons followed a group of modern-day children (Phil, Helen and Terry) who find Rothgo, almost lifeless, in a labyrinthine cave. Rothgo sends the children through different periods of time to search for the Nidas, a magical object of limitless power and which is disguised as a different object in each time period. Thus the children arrive at various points of history.

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